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Love Horoscopes – November 1, 2012

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Aries: If you are unattached, you may have decided that you should try a different approach to your love life. You can be bold and boisterous but you are thinking something milder may be the way to go. You just need to figure out how subtle you want to be. Doing things differently excites you and when you are excited you are glowing. People see this and are attracted to your light. This experiment may open new doors for you and maybe even teach you a few new tricks. If you are attached watch out for what could be mixed emotions. Things are going on that maybe your sweetie doesn’t have a handle on yet. Give him or time before you press for answers. When they are ready they will come to you for help.

Taurus: If you are unattached, you may be called upon for your expertise. Now this isn’t something you are normally asked about, this is more of a personal nature. Whoever this is that has come to you values your opinion and feels you are the one who can help them through. You have a way that allows people to free with themselves and their surroundings; this person needs you to help him or her and their loved one find their way back to each other. You will be able to open their hearts once again. For some of you, things may be a little tense in your relationship. You need to have some patience with anything that upsets you today. Try hard not to push them for answers that you will end up getting in due time.

Gemini: As a free agent, you are free to meet with or speak with whomever you choose. Though you ARE looking for someone special, lately it seems you are getting yourself into situations that are devoid of any real stimulation. Sure you enjoy meeting people who are much ballsier than you, but no one and nothing has made a significant impression on you. Thankfully, you have a “plan b”. There is someone you’ve been feeling out. He or she has become rather special to you but you just aren’t sure how to approach.  Things are heating up so you are running out of time and options. The best thing to do is be practical. You do not want him or her misunderstanding your intentions. Simply ask them out for dinner, movie or whatever and let it go from there.

Cancer: Your intimate affairs may undergo some abrupt changes at this time, but they are positive. You are driven by your impatience and restlessness. You have this compelling need to experiment and try everything you can think of. There will be some of you reluctant to let your guards down. But think about it like this, routines are like living in a cage where your spirit and desire for spontaneity are broken. You don’t want to be broken; you don’t want to stop living life! You want to embrace this. Besides, your sweetheart is on board with this and wants to do it all with you. For those of you that are hesitant, just for once be a little crazy! Get out there try all kinds of new things! Think of all how to enjoy each other in new ways.

Leo: Those of you unattached are in for a lesson today. Most of you have someone in mind. Those of you that do not, but are on the prowl, need to think outside of the box in order to find a new lover. Your usual haunts or even first thoughts are not where you need to be. You need a totally new and different experience. Go for something completely unexpected that no one would ever think synonymous with you. Your love life is certain to improve. For those of you who have someone in mind, you need to tread carefully. You may have built this person up in your daydreams that your expectations may not be met in real life. Enjoy your wishes and fantasies but leave room for human frailties.

Virgo: Many of you are going through some emotional issues that have been weighing on your mind. The more you pay attention to others, hoping you may find your answers, the more you may find yourself in a disapproving mood. To make matters worse, either what you are thinking or what others are thinking are opposite of all you valued. Listen, you are tense and upset which is causing you to be short tempered with everyone. Let’s not be hasty with these emotional matters, rethink your thoughts later when you have relaxed a bit. If you are looking for someone new, leave your old come on lines at home. Why not be original in your approach, speak from your heart. You may be embarrassed but someone will appreciate your efforts.

Libra: You are your own rollercoaster ride today. Your sex drive is high, very high but your relationship has hit a snag. Since you are more concerned with satisfying your own desires, the selfishness in you is looking to resolve the problem because you are also in THAT mood. What most do not know about is in under that shy and adorable exterior is a person who loves to push the sexual envelope. You do not mind a little experimenting. You are dying to try out some exciting new techniques and these tangles are hindering your fun. In order to fix things you need to be genuinely sensitive towards your partner. Once you do that, you can mask your fun under the guise of “make-up” sex.  Genius! Now, get to making up with your lover.

Scorpio: Today you will be reminded what makes your intimate relationship work as it is being inadvertently tested by your sweetheart. He or she has adopted a more adventurous approach to life and has decided to experiment with different things about themselves. You may see a new hair style or some new clothes that may not very flattering but they like it. Part of you will really want to say something while the other part of you will think it is just a phase. Though the latter may very well be true, if you let them be to explore the full range of their unique being, you will benefit from it later. He or she will show their gratitude for the freedom to be who they are, in all the ways you like. This is why so many are truly envious of what you have.

Sagittarius: You need to relax a bit and rejuvenate yourself. Start by doing the things you enjoy most. That is list is a little short huh? You need a change. It is time to explore the wide open world out there and see what is out there for you to get into. For this you will need to be completely open-minded. Yes that means let go of all your usual likes and dislikes including those preconceived. In order to broaden your horizons and gain a larger perspective on your life, you really need to go all out, nothing holding you back! Use your good humor and eternal optimism to see you through. Not only will your life improve but your love life will by leaps and bounds. If you are admiring someone from afar, now is the time to make your move.

Capricorn: The energy around you is cool but not quite even. There may be a few bumps in your road that may knock you on your ass today. Now don’t worry, yes the energy is a little dreary but it is not unpleasant at all. Today depends on you and how you handle yourself. Now the majority of the energy surrounding you is a bit unconventional, just like everyone else. You can do so much with it if you would open your eyes to a more refined way of doing things. Sure original and new is good but you can make it better if you mix the proper amount of tradition along with it. You can do this and when you do, it will improve all of your close relationships, even those more intimate ones. Mend your fences, make things right and love deeply.

Aquarius: Usually your intuition is right on the money. If you are attached, you have known there were things to your loved one that you didn’t know but you never imagined how fantastic it would be. Now you understand that many people like to keep certain things hidden but if you were your loved one, this would be something you wouldn’t hide. Never the less, as you get to know your loved one in a absolutely new and different way, you love for him or her grows more and more. If you weren’t already rather passionate for your sweetheart, you will be very deeply in love when this is over.  This is also a good time to make plans or goals for your relationship. Any agreements now will benefit you greatly for the future.

Pisces: You should focus on your personal life today. The energy is behind you today so you can take things to the limit. If that means going all out and experimenting with various facets of your life then so be it. You need to be happy with yourself before anyone so if it feels good, why not do it! New recipe, try it out. New sexual position, try it out. New book, read it! Whatever it is, do not be afraid to try it out. You’ve always love to expand your horizons, nothing or no one should stop you from setting your sights higher. Your love life can only improve with the more you want and the more you put in. Listen, your feelings, needs and desires for closeness is what this is about. You need to satisfy these things in order to be happy so weird looks be damned!

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