The Universe loves screwing with you.. What did she say?

(young sonny – about to blow it up in T.)

“I think I over-qualified an Ace.”

“That’s serious. How do you know?”

“I saw the Oracle on the way home.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.. in the middle of the night.. walking home in the rain. ”


“I don’t know how this happens to you. But it’s really funny.. the Universe loves screwing with you. What did she say?”

“Blue was cheating on me.”

“She would never say that. What did she really say?”

“All I know is.. when I turned the corner and saw her all I could think was.. FUUUUCK!!!!”

“Amusing.. what really happened..”

“I honestly thought I was going to bump into S a block later.

“She’s been asleep for about two hours so..”

“So I over-qualified someone else 10 mins ago in the elevator.”

“OMG – you’re hilarious”

Sometimes lost among the smiles and beautiful days is personal magic. It’s always there.. for everyone. Whether you’re looking for it, hiding from it, playing with it, or just hanging out.. There’s always magic. & For someone  magical – this is an essential part of LOVE.


“11th floor.. you’re not stalking me are you?”


“Too bad.. you’re cute.”

I know it seems like game on but I just saw the Oracle and I was shaken on the inside. I see magic all day, everyday with the kids. Little bursts of inspiration and challenges met head on – then overcome. I believe 100% in love. And I know it’s all around us. But it still has to come from within and shine outward.. If only as a light for your destiny to find you.  


This conversation will take place via skype on Sunday.

“OMG.. still? Who cares? It’s boring. Get over it.”

“That’s not the point.”

“I get it you’re bored. Go write a song or jog or something. What do you think about my last blog?”

Ok.. well I guess little sisters have a way of putting problems into perspective. Love yourself  a little more and that spark will eventually light a fire inside of you. And believe it or not.. the fire of your inner-lover will always spark your magic alive.

Sugar and spice


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