Where was I when…?

Was I with you, Sonny?

How could I have forgotten?  It could not possibly have been that long ago.  The moral of this post is coming right at the beginning, folk.  Write it down.  Or is it…

Was I with you or was I with our sister when I saw that movie?

How could I forget?  That’s a rhetorical question.  I forgot because at the time I didn’t think it was important.  I know that was a frivolous mistake.  Everything is important.  Take it from me, readers, every moment is worth its weight is Fluevog shoes.  Don’t waste it.  I’m talking red leather shoes.  Don’t forget.  You will regret it.  I want so badly to remember who I saw this movie with.  My special brain can only do so much.

Time takes over and we live our lives.  We walk in our red shoes.  Maybe I don’t need to remember who I saw this movie with the first time.  Maybe I should think about who is waiting for me in the living room to watch it with me right now.  He wants to watch it with me.  I’m coming.

Living in the moment.

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