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Love Horoscopes – November 3, 2012


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Aries: For many of you, you may not want to get out of bed. You are comfortable, happy and just don’t feel like moving. If you do, you may miss out on a great day. Once you get moving, you will likely find yourself motivated to go somewhere where you can truly relax and have some real fun. By going out and mixing with new people, you will lift your spirits and introduce yourself to some very interesting people. It is entirely possible that a new romance or friendship may occur or an old or current one may take a turn for the better. The energy surrounding you today is geared more towards love and relationships. But regardless of your status, the warmth you radiate is noticed by others. You may find more than one person attracted to you today.

Taurus: If you are hosting or attending a gathering, prepare to not only meet new and very different people but have a few intimate conversations. Right now, these are friendships and relationships you want to encourage so go ahead and share your memories and reminisce about topics that you normally deem very personal.  By opening up, you will make deep connections with people who may turn out to become lifelong friends and maybe one who could be a potential partner. He or she is drawn to you; you are both on the same wavelength as you two finish each other’s sentences and thoughts. Some of you may receive a communication from someone who is deeply apart of your history. This may give you perspective on past emotional matters.

Gemini: Some of you may have a desire for pleasure and the need for love and approval. The energy surrounding you is focuses on social gatherings and personal relationships. If you are unattached, this is a good time to expand your social horizons so get out and make some new friends. For many of you, regardless of relationship status, may encounter someone you knew from your schools days. Not someone you ever expected to see again but also not an unhappy coincidence either. As you two catch up you will likely find that you two have a lot in common, more so than in the past and he or she is rather appealing. If you can do something about this, be open to see where it leads. If not, you never know what the future holds; keep him or her in mind.

Cancer: As love and pleasure dominate the energy of the day, you are feeling sexy and attractive as well as friendly and open. The positivity you radiate is noticed by everyone you meet. Someone unexpectedly will show their appreciation for you. Do not be surprised if a friendship turns into a romance sometime soon. Because you are taking a more lighthearted approach to love, your intimate affairs are taking a turn for the better. Though this is happening around you, internally there is a war between your heart and mind. Your question of the day is which side do you choose but why bother choosing. Make them work together. If your mind is all for someone your heart wants, then go right on ahead and pursue this person. If not, check yourself.

Leo: Your mind has been racing; you have goals you want to reach and opportunities to take advantage of. Over the last few days you may have realized that you miss your sweetheart or miss not having someone to share with. Things are beginning to come together so why not devote some time to your love life. Not saying to have to completely shift your focus but you can spare a bit of concentration. If you are attached, you and your loved one agree that you should go out and do something different. So try a new restaurant to take in a show but make up for lost time. If you are unattached, spend time with close friends and keep your eyes open. You will soon find that the one in your fantasy may soon become a reality.

Virgo: Love comes through sharing your interests with others, and allowing them into your world. If you are unattached, there will be a few great and lively conversations are in store for you if you are attending some sort of social gathering. And there is NO reason for you not to attend every party you get invited to. You have been home too much lately and inside your own headspace for too long, get out and get some fresh air, talk yourself hoarse. If you are attached you may find yourself in a situation where something innocent but exciting may turn out to be risky and worthless. Before you know it, there will be a line tempting you to cross it. Think before you make any moves.

Libra: For those of you attached, things may have been heavy for you lately. You and loved one have worked through some emotional issues and settled any differences you may had. Thankfully you both were effective in expressing your emotional needs and finding a way to meet in the middle. With that behind you, today would be an ideal day to do something special, maybe a combination of a few different activities. You both may enjoy going out to visit an art exhibition or something educational, followed by a truly romantic dinner for two. Make today about what you both like to do in order to reconnection on and intimate level. Once you spend the whole day together, it should be easy to figure out how to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Scorpio: Internally you may be a in a foul mood. Someone close to you pissed in your cheerios and you are not doing all you can from unleashing your temper on some poor soul. Somewhere along the way today you will drop the attitude, and forego any emotional outbursts. The day has started well and you want it to end that way so you are leaving anything that may cause friction alone. And if that means leaving your sweetheart behind, well so be it. If you are unattached you will turn this negativity into something magnetic. The energy will make you stand out and heighten your sex appeal. People will be drawn to you and try to seduce you. They can try their luck but you will know the moment you look into someone’s eyes, if this is the one.

Sagittarius: Although you generally like to stay behind the scenes and make sure that things run smoothly from there, today you will be forced to come out of the closet and enjoy being yourself. A little fantasy can keep you together at this time while you are out of your element. If you are looking for love, then don’t sit quietly in the corner; get up and dance, talk to people and have a great time. You will benefit by being more open and up front! Share your fantasies with someone special and see if you might make them a reality. You’ll be surprised at the responses you might get. While you are being extroverted, get used to being flattered and the effects on you. It will get that someone special a lot farther than you normally would consider.

Capricorn: If the social bug hasn’t bitten you today, pretend it did. Today is not the day to be stuck indoors watching television, you would be wasting a day of good energy. If you are attached, aspects of your partnership may have grown stale and redundant. Be willing to spend some time working on your relationship but not by having a conversation. Spend the day together, maybe with friends or even by yourselves but pay attention to how you both interact with one another. You will be better prepared to discuss keeping what really works and letting go of what doesn’t later. If you are unattached, this is a great day to host a party or go to one that will have a lot of people. Your charm and buoyancy will draw people to you.

Aquarius: If things have been somewhat dark and dreary, today will be the complete opposite. Today you want to feel the sun, you want to get out and mingle with people and you want to forget about what has kept you in the shadows recently. What you need to do is go somewhere where you can cheer yourself up and have a good laugh. If you were a little down in the dumps because of your relationship problems, they will still be there tomorrow if you haven’t already resolved them. Today you need to enjoy what life has to offer not trying to force your sweetheart to see your point of view. If you are unattached, you may have been down in the dumps for other reasons but today you should get out and meet some new people. You will feel better.

Pisces: You may feel frustrated as to where you are headed in life just now. It has been hard to figure out the right move with your sweetheart if you are so attached. If not, you are questioning the state of intimate affairs. Today is not the day to make plans or decisions, maybe tomorrow you will have the perspective to do so but today you need to clear your mind. Luckily, you will enjoy the energy surrounding you, it is cheerful and optimistic. You will feel compelled to simply leave it all behind you and have some fun, see people and just be somewhere that isn’t home. If you are open to it, you will have the opportunity to meet someone special who is understanding, funny and very appealing. See… why stay in?


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