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Love Horoscopes – November 4, 2012

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Aries: Some of you may have been going through a period of self analysis and questioning the directions you have taken in your life. During this cycle you will still continue to do so but you see a light at the end of the tunnel, you are getting closer to what you are looking for. Because you feel a little lighter, you may be in the mood to host a small get together, inviting those who have been helping you through this time. These are same people in your life who have been very supportive over the years. Along this mini trip into your personal desert, you have realized that you have taken many things for granted, especially your close relationships. It is time to show your appreciation and give thanks.

Taurus: Seems like everyone needs your broad shoulders today. Friends and lovers both present and past need your advice and kindness. Your compassion will be stretched to the maximum and your heart will be kicked wide open. While this is a good thing in many ways, it is draining your reserves. You need to re-boost and if you are attached, your sweetheart is more than willing to oblige a night out on the town.  Spending a little quality time with your romantic interest is exactly what you need at the moment. Leave the weight of the world behind you and just enjoy the present. When you get home, calm your restlessness by having plenty of sexual fun. All night and maybe all of tomorrow morning as well since you are very, very tense.

Gemini: If you are attached this is a favorable time to put your house in order. You may be at the crossroads where you may want to deepen your commitment but have a few concerns that could change your mind depending on the outcome. The energy of the day is open and cleansing so now would be the time to discuss those needs as well as what you are looking for out of this union. By making the slightest bit of effort, you can easy resolve this and continue to move forward. If you are unattached, someone near you may be hatching a scheme to get you back into the dating game. It is entirely possible that a party you are invited to may not be just your normal get together, it might be a set up. Will he or she be the right one?

Cancer: You want a break from your usual routine and in doing so could experience a refreshing change of pace. Refreshing and maybe a bit quicker than what you are used to but you can feel the change in the air around you. With this swiftness comes a few unexpected pleasures for your trouble. You will likely meet new people and have some sort of adventure with old friends. If you are attached, expect a new romance to form with that delicious person you recently met. The attraction between you two is obvious but neither of you have made a move. With the intensity growing, you might be surprised at who takes that first step. If you are attached and things have been stale lately, look for this energy to help things pick up.

Leo: This is positive day for all of you Leos but a few of you may endure some bumps in the road. For those of you that do, be prepared to deal with what are really minor annoyances. But because you are pissed that some one dared to rain on your parade, you are aggravated more than usual and aiming real low in the insults you dish out. It is not the most ideal but it is really one of those days where you want to hold your temper and think things through before opening your mouth and saying something you may regret later. This will pass. On the bright side, it’s entirely possible that if you are single, this may be the conflict that introduces you to someone quite delectable. If you are attached, forget the bullshit of the day, focus on your lover.

Virgo: The energy surrounding you brings with it clarity and heightened influence. Need or wants something, today is the day to try and get it. Trying to get someone to understand what you are trying to accomplish, today is the day to have that conversation. In fact, all communications today are likely to be in your favor. Besides the heightened influence the clarity brings with it the confidence to be honest with your emotions. Problem in your relationship, bring it up to your loved one. Looking for someone to love, open up and be sincere. If you have someone in mind, go ahead and tell him or her what you truly feel. You will get a response much better than you had ever hoped for. Don’t let this power get to your head.

Libra: There is a lot of real emotion surrounding you today. There may be a lot of heartfelt talk between you and your loved one, which can only be a good thing. An enthusiastic give and take in your relationship, can really lead you up to full fledged interaction on many levels. If hurt or resentment has been building concerning a past problem, then clear the air while you have the chance. If you are unattached, you may find that others, some who you may not even know, are opened to connecting with and sharing their emotions with you. The one you hoped would share the feelings you are hoping for is still a bit shy. You don’t know if you should make the first move or let them. Put yourself in their line of sight and see what happens.

Scorpio: Your mind may be a muddled mess today. Nothing negative, it’s just you have a lot of your mind and regardless of your relationship status, your love life is among the most pressing. Not only are you unsure how to put what you feel into words, it is hard for you to say what you mean to say. This day is less than ideal BUT if you wait it out, an opportunity you have been waiting for just might fall into your lap. If you are unattached, the muddle miscommunication is still there but you will have the desire to overcome it. Through concentration and focus, you will regain enough confidence to shine outward and attract someone worthy of all you have to offer. Let nothing break your stride once you get your groove back.

Sagittarius: Like your fellow fire signs, you may have come out of or still on the fringe of a very introspective cycle right now. Many things have become clear to you and you now understand things that have been nagging at you for some time now. Though your overall demeanor may not be as warm or loving as it normally is you feel a lot the weight that once hold you down, begin to fade away. You are still torn between emotions but it is not as demanding as it was once. If you are unattached, you will see that someone close to you has grown some rather intense feeling toward you. If you return the sentiment, now is the time to act. You no longer need your daydreams to warm you; he or she will do a perfectly good job of doing so.

Capricorn: Your love life may have it a brick wall but it is nothing you can’t handle. By using the energy surrounding you today, you can whip it back to shape and but your intimate affairs back on track. If you are unattached, simply opening yourself and being friendlier would do the trick. You will meet someone who is of like mind, spirit and heart. He or she is definitely a keeper. Now if you are attached, things may be a little trickier for you. You are fed up with things but you feel bad because you said yourself you no longer want to fight. Right now, your loved one needs your infamous candor so say what you need to say. You are fed up with excuses and you are fed up with their half hearted attempt. You can make positive changes by being truthful.

Aquarius: Well, well, well… someone seems to have it the passionate jackpot today. You feel everything around you today, even more so than usual. Not only are you exceptionally attractive today but everyone you pass seems to take a good long look at your assets. You are feeling rather friendly and can feel the harmonious energy building all around you. If you are unattached, do not be surprised if you are stimulated and energized by your casual interactions. The intense passion that you feel for this person is compelling and but you are still holding yourself back. Think about opening up to this person; let this him or her know just who you are. You will find that this person is rather loyal and very trustworthy.

Pisces: Personal relationships in your love have really challenged you during this period. If you have been through a difficult relationship and recently emerged from the other side, soon you will regain your confidence and not look back! You will benefit by getting out as much as possible and broadening and expanding your circle of friends. Within the new connections made, you will meet an opportunity to leave your past behind you. Because of your mood, expect some unconventional ideals and adventure. What you want is different from your neighbor and within you it exchanges from one person to many others. Turn your attentions to the new and exciting future today.

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