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Love Horoscopes – November 5, 2012

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Aries: This is another day where communication will get you everything. First off, if you receive a message that is cryptic or confusing, do not be alarmed or become suspicious. Someone may be trying to tell you something without actually telling you directly. If it sounded as if it was a compliment, from someone you have chemistry with, you might want to consider paying closer attention to this person and maybe making a move.  If you are attached, there may be some minor tensions or confusions between you and lover. If you can communicate face to face, ask to understand what’s being said rather than make an assumption. Remember assuming things makes and ass out of you and me.

Taurus: If you’re attached and things have been a bit stale, this could be a great time to change a routine or try a new routine. Surprise them with something special, on a day like this it should be easy. Take your lover out somewhere exciting or maybe do something competitive, you need an activity that will remind you both how much fun you two can have together.  Whatever it is, it will do you both good and may rekindle that original spark. If you’re looking for someone special, consider putting your reservations on the back burner today and take a risk. You secretly love the exhilaration you feel and you really want a date with that delicious object of your affection. Go ahead and ask. Would you rather spend your time wondering what might have been?

Gemini: You might be distressed over the recent disharmony in your personal relationships. You have been trying to avoid any serious discussions or real disagreements with those closest to you. This was a good plan but not something you can continue to do for the duration. There is a lot of energy around today, it can be positive if you cultivate it properly. Take a break, focus and allow all of the stress you leave your body. Once you accomplish this, the answer will be clear. Your answer is likely to include taking your loved one out somewhere exciting, like a mini adventure together. Wherever you two go, make sure that it is somewhere special and beautiful, a place where the atmosphere can be cozy and romantic for two. Enjoy!

Cancer: Emotional well being and contentment are your focus for today. You are disturbed by things going on in a very personal relationship and it is leaving you seeing red. What you need to do is take some time to calm down and put enough space between you two to think things through. There is too much at stake for things to go badly because you can’t control your temper. When you feel ready, do some real talking and do not take no or any form of a superficial response as answers. In general and regardless of relationship status, you may experience a few carefree and relaxed moments but beware of being overly generous. Make sure the people in your life aren’t there because of what you can give to them.

Leo: Many of you regardless of your relationship status may have an overwhelming and unexpected encounter with someone that may lead to an intense emotional or sexual attraction. This is truly a surprise and you honestly do not know what to do about it. If you are in the position to act on this attraction, do so as it is very hard for the lightning that comes with a “love at first sight” moment to strike twice. If you are attached, some of you may have an ongoing problem that puts you and loved one at odds with other. You both disagree on how it should be taken of but time is running out. You want to act but you do not want to upset your partner. Gather the facts and sort things out together. Maybe they will see your way to do things.

Virgo: You may have feelings that you’re above the petty dramas and nonsense but you playing games today. You are open, talking frankly and being honest with those around you but only up to a point and they can tell. You are trying to dodge the truth without looking like you have something to hide and you are failing miserably. Quit beating around the bush and just come out with it. This is only way to a solution of the problem at the present moment. Some of you may make a few social or romantic connections in a very unconventional manner. Those of you who will experience this couldn’t be happier as things have been a bit dull and boring. Just be careful not to get in over your head just because love the excitement.

Libra: Emotional security and the need to feel like you belong are felt instinctively now. You crave that feeling of an intimate connection that many of you have lost in your relationship.  In order to get it back don’t hide away from the situation currently brewing with your loved one. This is really something of great importance and you need to confront it head on. Talk from the heart and although there may be a lot of emotion involved it will be better in the end. If you are unattached you are still having those same feelings and needs. You are looking for something that will last beyond the moment, someone that will watch your back as much as you watch theirs. It will happen soon enough.

Scorpio: If you are unattached, you are likely to have a long laundry list of what you want in a partner before you give up your rather enjoyable single status. The problem is that your “perfect” romance is not likely to start that way. Think about, when has anything ever gone the way you wanted it to? Oddly enough what may happen this time around may be like the romance novels, you both annoy the hell out of each other until you realize that it is sexual attraction and you both have amazing chemistry. You are annoyed already and it hasn’t even happened yet! When it does, it will intense and lasting so there is a bright side. If you are attached, spend some quality time with your loved one. Reconnect and enjoy each other.

Sagittarius: Because of your quiet and reserved image, you are usually too polite to say something that might create a scene. But the energy of the day has embolden you, enhanced your devil may care attitude and left you to just be as brutally honest as you please. Thankfully this energy gives you the strength to deal with any fallout that may follow and there will some. Your loved one is not pleased that you have mentioned certain problems publically and is likely to be sorely embarrassed. There is no way to smooth talk over this so as long as you deal with it with integrity, the solution will emerge through your rather heated discussion. Good or bad this was coming and needed to happen.

Capricorn: You are fired up making your emotions high both positively and negatively.  Like your Archer neighbor, things can get a little heated as your honesty may come out a little harsher than normal. You should be careful with what you say so please think before you speak. Because the energy is nowhere near calm, any disagreements are likely to get out of hand and escalate further than need be. Try to agree to disagree rather than engage in a pointless argument. Save yourself the stress later. If you are unattached, you may feel so bold to actually approach the person you have been admiring from afar. You won’t have to be sexually aggressive as this person will be more turned on by your intelligence. This is what will get you that date.

Aquarius: Matters of the heart weigh heavily on your mind but you can feel how positive and bright the energy of the day is. In order for you to enjoy it, you need to sort out a particularly awkward situation with your lover. What you need is to have a frank and honest discussion and allow the chips to fall as they may. As the more difficult emotions are released, forgiveness will come and you two can move forward in your relationship. If you are unattached, this positive energy may have you wanting to play match maker for yourself. If you are invited to any social gatherings, it is likely you will find someone that you feel a spark with. It will be a near instant connection that is about more than what you to have in common. Don’t let this energy pass you by!

Pisces: For those of you unattached today is all about you. If you are unattached and looking for someone special, you may have an unexpected encounter with someone you can imagine spending the rest of your life with.  It could be from someone you’ve known for quite some time or a stranger you literally bump into but do not hesitate to talk to this person. Be friendly and take a risk, it could pay off with a long term romance fit for the history books. If you have your eye on someone, you know you are not the only one. In fact, people you may be friends with are eying the same person. Time for an unofficial winner takes all scenario. Put yourself in a position where you can have a little private time.Come across assertive, not aggressive or desperate.

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