Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning November 6, 2012

Astro-Week November  5 – 11

Dear Aries

Your team doesn’t exactly know what’s going on. Normally, you could blame it on them being slow but the real problem this week is that you’re not being clear. The team wants to succeed but they don’t really know how. Help them out.

Dear Taurus

This week, you and your love settle into a proper routine. Keep things simple, organized, and physical. It’s a good week for love.

Dear Gemini

Keep going. There’s a general feeling of stop then go with no real reward in sight. Just keep going. It’s slow but it’s definitely happening. Remember, your feelings are important. You didn’t get blow out, you just used the wrong line.

Dear Cancer

There’s something about this time of year that just gets you in the mood. It’s a little dark, depressing, and a touch gloomy – all things that seem to turn you on. Have fun.

Dear Leo

Make love not war. Mars may be the God of War but he also knows a bit about sex. Right now he is giving your libido a positive charge in the “yes plz”. Get out and make some new friends.

Dear Virgo

There’s a sense of reorganization when it comes to your thoughts, and how you communicate them. This is a year of dropped calls and lost emails but try not to worry too much. You could just as easily be making an upgrade to all of your services. Stay late at work.

Dear Libra

Your astro-ruler Venus is visiting one of her home signs, Libra. This means our most beautiful sign is extra attractive right now. This will naturally bestow accolades, and public declarations of romance. The question now boils down to, who’s joining you on your next adventure.

Dear Scorpio

Embrace the dark side. Come on. Seriously.. it’s time. Saturn is beginning to exert it’s control over your very identity. This is naturally making people dramatically alter their appearance to the dark. Hidden personalities are being transformed and are coming to the surface. Your dark side is going to say hello and stick around for a while. It’s up to you to embrace it and get the best out of your new total self.

Dear Sagittarius

I had my Jupiter opposite my natal Sun for all of last year and even though something good was supposed to happen, nothing ever did. Actually, when I look back, there was a lot of good happening to those close to me.  Right now I encourage you to just cheerlead and be happy for those close to you. Advice.. this is the time to be close to people who really deserve your natural luck. Not those who will drain you.

Dear Capricorn

This week you’ll be haunted by someone from your past. Not in a post-Halloween hangover or early Christmas scare, it’s just time to clear some air. Be calm but not too cool. Go ahead and rock the boat if it will progress your overall plan. After all.. you’re the one who initiates the contact.

Dear Aquarius

This may be a year of “no stopping” when it comes to personal expressions of affection and creativity. The problem is with your friends. Everyone wants everyone else to just get to the point but not everyone is wired for fast action. Use a little tact as you logically extract want you want from those in a position to grant it.

Dearest Pisces

Every so often I look at your chart and wonder why you’re not with more of a Scorpio type. Then I remember how soft you really are. You wear so many faces to the world it’s easy to get confused. With Venus in Libra, it’s time to find some balance in your relationships. You’re giving too much financially. Watch out for people who try too hard to convince you.

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