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Love Horoscopes – November 9, 2012

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Aries: Some of you may be dating someone is much more reserved than you are. He or she is quiet and often times the one who thinks every scenario through before acting. You truly care for this person and think that they might the one for you but when you making more of a commitment than you have thus far seems to be something that your loved one isn’t concerned with. That is until now as he or she strikes up a conversation with you that ends in a firm pledge for the future. You just needed to patient while they figured out that your awesomeness is natural and will always be there. If you are unattached, let the social butterfly take you where it may. You may find someone who will make you a happy person while on your journey.

Taurus: Your thought process runs faster and smoother than others; you will be reminded of that today. Besides the depth of the conversations with others and thoughts you have, your loved one can’t seem to get what you are trying to say or do. They will display a certain ambivalence that will make your love life much more difficult than usual. The more stressed you become the harder it will be to break down this barrier erected. It might just be better for you to walk away for some time and let your loved one figure out things for themselves. They will reach the necessary conclusions on their own. Those of you unattached may find yourselves quite the talker today. You will enjoy the conversations you have and even the ones you have them with.

Gemini: Your attitude is determined today so do not be surprised if this paves the way for a serious conversation or two with your sweetheart. Be careful that you are not too demanding or so emotionally driven that you force your desired outcome into the situation. The more you push the more something is likely to explode and that is not the intention of this energy surrounding. You both are stubborn people and this is meant to help you two clear the air and put this ridiculous issue behind you. This relationship can be deepened and renewed by your willingness to reveal yourself completely to your loved one. Don’t be afraid to talk from the heart or be open up to greater possibilities within the relationship. It is well worth persevering!

Cancer: You have been feeling left out in the cold lately in your relationship and may have thought about walking away from it completely. You have no idea what is going on and your sweetie won’t talk to you. There will be a few unexpected twists in your relationship so these challenges will take you by completely surprise. If there are any new people in your lives, the source of these problems may be through one of them. Though this would be a potentially awkward conversation with your sweetheart, figure out a way to bring this up so you two can talk this out. You are tired of seeing your loved one brood and get angry with everyone in their path. Step in before something is done that one of you may regret.

Leo: Most of you are feeling this compelling and intense draw to the one you are attracted to. Whether or not you are in a relationship with this person is irrelevant, you have this magnetism today that can be denied. If you are not attached, your attractive power is high. You notice being noticed and you noticed being desired. If the feeling is mutual then you need to make a move. If you are attached, expect your sexual or romantic needs to be strong and urgent. You and your loved one will be able to satisfy each other’s desires and fill that need for closeness you had. This won’t be just a one night deal either as you two may spend this upcoming weekend intensely loving each other.

Virgo: Things may be developing as quickly as you would for them to be in your current relationship. You want so much more than what you have right now and have thought about giving up and moving on. Before you do, think about where you two are now and how long has it taken to get this far in the relationship. You two have put a lot of work into this for you to leave now. Why not take a few days and give each other some space. What you should realize is that not everything moves at the speed of light and that there is so much more to this relationship yet to discover and enjoy. Do not give up altogether; otherwise you will watch all that hard work go down the drain.

Libra: If you are unattached, expect your charm to work overtime on your behalf. You are on everyone’s mind and everyone wants in on your action. In return you are feeling rather sexy and passionate, why not make your urges and desire a reality. If you are attached, things may be a bit tense in your relationship putting you in a position where you will have to discuss an issue that you two have literally swept under the rug for so long. This talk is likely to be tense so why not take some time away today and get your thoughts in order and think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. You do not want to lose this relationship so taking the time now will be well worth the trouble later.

Scorpio: You may feel as though you are being ignored on purpose. You are to an extent, but only because your partner is taking time out to get some much needed space. They want to make the relationship between you work even better, and are taking time to attend to their own issues so that they can give to you more fully and freely. Don’t interfere and more importantly don’t worry. Use this time to explore your own feelings, or satisfy your restlessness for new emotional experience if you are unattached. For those of you who are unattached, indulge your feelings that anything is possible if you set your sights high enough. Capitalize on your optimism and faith in order to take chances at your deepest emotional levels.

Sagittarius: This is a good time to simply express your viewpoint to the people who matter the most in your life. You and your loved one have been very busy on your individual ventures and have not have much of a chance to spend quality time with each other. This concerns you deeply because you both are starting to feel the stress that the different demands of life of life bring on. You will be given the opportunity to talk with your partner and sit down to share your thoughts and feelings on anything and everything. Your general attitude and willingness to communicate openly will impress your sweetheart and encourage him or her to do the same. Your honesty will be able to bring you both close together and strengthen your bond.

Capricorn: If you are attached you may find your relationship a bit off centered today. Part of you may be feeling smothered or restrained in some way and you could use some air. Take some “me time” and do something new and exciting on your own. Regain your personal freedom by proving to yourself that are still you despite having someone in your life. Maybe all you need is a little adventure to repair this disconnection you feel. If you are unattached and invited to a gathering, you may meet someone who will become a rather special someone in your life. However, this may not happen the way you are normally accustomed to. This person will attract you through a rather thought-provoking and possibly disturbing conversation.

Aquarius: Those of you unattached may be in for roller coaster ride where your intimate affairs are concerned. Some of you may feel in control of your destiny and taking all the attention and confidence that comes with it. Others of you may be confused but intrigued by the mystery the object of your affection seems to have become. Those of you strutting your stuff, there should be no problem you having fun and getting a little wild. Just know that there are people watching you and someone may not find your actions prudent. Be prepared for a bit a jealous gossip, especially if you went home with someone absolutely delectable. Those of you dealing with the mysterious one, if you pay attention, the clues are all right in front of you.

Pisces: If you are attached, you may not have the slightest clue on how to explain what your loved one is thinking, let alone feeling at the moment. You feel as if it is all falling apart and that this relationship is doomed to fail. It does look that way but it isn’t what you think. Instead of worrying or feeling abandoned, use this time to do some thinking of your own. Clear your mind, indulge in some of your move crazier desires and just enjoy life for a moment. Then you will be able to focus on the issues in your relationship. If you are attached, indulging in your wilder side sounds like a good idea for the day. This may lead to a fabulously spontaneous tryst with someone special. Go out, let your hair down and have some fun

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