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Love Horoscopes – November 10, 2012

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Aries: Right now you need to guard yourself against your natural aggressions. You may be catching yourself coming on too strong, or trying to force your own will on others. If you don’t get a handle on this quick, you may find yourself standing alone rather than being with the one you care about. Avoid situations that will provoke or irritate you by planning activities that are focused more on love, fun and humor. Take this wonderful opportunity to get out and see a show or meet up with friends. If you are attached, this will be a welcomed change of pace or if you are unattached, you may find the warmth and love you did not realize you were missing.

Taurus: For those of you who have someone of interest in your life, now may be the time to make a move. You are feeling social so why not invite them over for the little get-together you are planning with friends. You two have been quietly flirting with each other for some time now and if you weren’t sure before that is this person was right for you, you will be this weekend. If you are so inclined, your words will not fail you should you choose to put your feelings into words. By tell this person how you feel about them. It may open the doors for love to finally take over. Thanks to the energy of the day, honesty pays off now so take a risk and vocalize how you really feel. Don’t be afraid to say what you mean from the heart.

Gemini: If you are attached, pressures in your life may have caused you to lose your confidence and sense of security. You need to feel it is ok to have needs and that you are worthy enough to be needed by those you care about. Right now expect your family and lover to play a bigger part in your life. Your need to feel secure and get back to your roots is not unheard of and is sensed by those you care close to. Your need to be belong to someone on a very intimate and private level will be satisfied by your lover while your need to reconnect to home and nostalgia will be taken care of by your close family. By the time this weekend is over you will feel relieved and thankful that those in your life care enough to take care of you.

Cancer: Communications of all kinds will play an important role now. Things between you and your loved one may have been tense lately but introducing some good humor and genuine warmth should put your relationship back on track. For right now, allow each other some space to just be yourselves. This may be hard in some instances but you should both be a little more tolerant of each other’s pitfalls.  Do expect to have a significant conversation with your loved one about this wall between you to so get your ideas and perceptions together and be prepared. You may also hear from someone who has important information for you, or you may feel a pressing need to email or call someone else in order to bring some matter in the open.

Leo: Things are good. You have this brand new attitude today that is leaving you optimistic, self-confident and generous. You have left any negativity behind, forgave any mistakes of the past and are focused on bright new avenues for growth and accomplishment. This isn’t just in your general life but your intimate affairs as well. By adopting this positive perspective you have opened your mind and heart to love and energy surrounding you. This would be a good time to meet someone new that will bring you a great deal of pleasure. If you are attached, you should really consider reconnecting and spending some quality time with your sweetheart. You both should rest your overworked bones together.

Virgo: We are just a bumbling ball of energy now aren’t we? Socially, your phone is constantly ringing with people checking in on you and wanting to hang out. Personally your emotional and sexual energy is certainly heightened. Anyone you encounter this time – be it sexually or friendly, will be fireworks in more ways than one! If you do go out with your friends and you are unattached, you will likely gain a new group of friends as well as few more admirers. It is possible that nothing may happen tonight BUT you certainly have their undivided attention and they want to have yours. If you are attached and things are not happy at home, you should be careful of things becoming too turbulent. Do not let this get out of hand.

Libra: Have you been engulfed in a romantic covert operation? We non-spies call this dating. Is there a reason why you have decided to keep your latest liaison a secret? Secrets can be a dangerous enterprise causing you to do things you may not normally do for the sake of the cover up. Why not test the waters and see what is like to take them out and show them off. Go somewhere, completely away from whomever or whatever you are hiding from and enjoy your time together. Remember that love is a continuous chain of changes and risks. If this clandestine relationship means something you and this person both, maybe it is time to come out of shadows. Perhaps taking this risk will pay off!

Scorpio: For you attached Scorpios this may prove to be a frustrating time for you and your loved one. You want so much, you want it now but not sure exactly what you want. What makes matters worse is that your relationship seemed to be going in one direction and now it feels like it is changing course. Instead of venting your frustrations to an equally frustrated loved one, why not put it aside and spend some time out with friends. Maybe you two have been a social as you would like and maybe outside of your little world is where you both need to be right now. After some time away from the confusion, you two can get a better grasp on what you want for yourselves and this relationship.

Sagittarius: You have been on the go, for a while now and it is starting to show. If you are attached, your sweetheart is growing impatient and if not attached, your love life has come full stop. All work and no play makes a Sagittarian a dull Archer. If you are attached, change this by clearing up and misunderstandings and work on reconnecting. Your loved one at some point has to think they are to blame or make sure they understand what is really going on. If you are unattached, you need to put EVERYTHING aside and go have some fun. Do you remember what that is? Call up your friends, go somewhere familiar and push your boundaries. You deserve this after all your hard work. Someone may be watching and wanting in on your action.

Capricorn: You might be a little cranky today. You are so focused on your task that you have become cool and detached to everyone you encounter. Worse yet is that for those who do not understand or just not in tune with you, will likely feel your wrath. You can either leave whatever it is alone for the time being and come back to it later or you can continue to isolate yourself to finish whatever it is that is so important it must get done now. If you choose letting it go, then you may be in for a few romantic surprises. If you are attached, your loved one will help you de-stress through a series of mini adventures. If you are unattached you will find someone who appeals to you on many levels and revives a few interests you forgot you had.

Aquarius: For those of you Aquarians who are unattached, some of you may want to change your attitude about those who are attracted to you. First of all, they can’t help it. While we do not need to run down the list of your positive traits, let me just remind you that you attract ALL KINDS of people. This isn’t a bad thing. No, it really it isn’t so do not argue with me! Secondly, stop thinking that everyone approaching you is the enemy or wants something. Yes, you have been hurt, maybe even abused and taken for all you thought you have but not everyone is out to destroy you. Thirdly, do not give up on love. There is someone out, who is thinking just as you are and looking for someone just like you. In time, soon we hope, you two will find each other.

Pisces:   Your restlessness has overcome you today. If you are attached, your heightened emotions will make it easy to get into easy to get into pointless arguments today. So do not be surprised if you throw around some pretty harsh words, you get a few thrown back. If you would rather not think before you speak then at least attempt to agree to disagree. These arguments will likely turnout to be stalemates. If you are unattached, your restlessness has left you stir crazy and a bundle of energy. Whatever you do, don’t use this energy for something mundane, get out and see the sights or go places you have been meaning to go. Do things you keep saying you are going to do. You might find someone who is impressed by your “get up and go” attitude.

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