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Love Horoscopes – November 12, 2012

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Aries: You’re likely to feel a bit withdrawn during this period. Those close to you may be perplexed by your distance and wonder what they did that made you retreat from them. It isn’t your friends, for many of you it is your sweetheart and your desire to break away from your relationship. Right now you are thinking to give into the practical matters that have taken over your day rather than deal with your emotional needs. You need to make the time Aries to deal with this break up, it needs to happen. Have an honest conversation about it with your partner, forgive each other and move on. Your partner may have already moved on and has been waiting for you to catch up.

Taurus: Today is a lighthearted day that should be filled with pleasant interactions and harmonious relations. Your charm and diplomatic abilities seem to shine today so if there is something you want or need, now is the time to get it. That does include your love life. If you have been looking for the confidence to ask someone out on a date or up the commitment level in your relationship, this would be time to do so. Go ahead and let that someone you care for know how you feel, make the most of the energy surrounding you today. By just going with the flow and trusting that what happens is meant to be, you will be rewarded with much more than what you desired to accomplish.

Gemini: Your spirits are high at this time and life has given you a fresh outlook. After what was an intense period for many of you, you could use this reprieve. While you are feeling generally optimistic and happy, some of you may be experiencing some lingering tensions in your relationships. Maybe you are both getting on each other nerves or it is about to come to that. If this is the case then you might want to spend some time away from each other. A few days to reconnect with the lives you had before you two met. You need to reach some level of clarity about your relationship and catch up with people or do things you haven’t done in quite some time. Otherwise, things between you may get ugly.

Cancer: The energy surrounding you is tense and confrontational. If you are attached, expect your relationship to be more strained than usual today and near its breaking point. You are both in disharmony with one another which will likely lead to feelings of hurt and distrust if they are not already there. The upside to the likely emotional confrontation is that both of you feel the need to speak your mind. While this is normally a good thing, you are worried about what you want to say and how you want to say it. What you need to do is cast this aside for the moment and rearrange your priority. You should be getting to the bottom of why this tension and conflict is between you in the first place, then figure out how to say what you need to.

Leo: You may or may not realize this but for many of you, your relationships are beginning to suffer and you are partially to blame. By not standing up for your principals and values, you are suppressing your real emotions and allowing the problem to grow out of control. If you continue to keep quiet about some of the attitudes and patterns of behavior that your partner has been displaying recently, it will only continue to get worse. Rather than get angrier, you need to step up and say something. If you are unattached your spirituality is heightened and has opened you up to expressing more compassion than you are used to. This will likely attract someone that you will form a mutually appreciative relationship with.

Virgo: You may find it hard to express your true feelings about anything right now. Try to keep conversations light during this period but allow your actions to speak for you. When words fail then it is time to do and right now you need to do something to show your sweetheart that you genuinely do care about your partner’s needs and welfare. Things have become a bit challenging in your personal relationships after too many promises may have been made then broken. These differences will be difficult to resolve, it will be a long road back to what you two once had. Your sweetie won’t give an inch until they see some concrete and tangible demonstration of your love. Make this a priority and you will feel far more connected to the one you love.

Libra:  Many of you may be feeling this need to distance or detach yourself from your relationship. You are upset over something you think is going on which has sparked the need for freedom and complete independence from the one you are with. Before you do anything to disrupt your relationship, you better make sure that the suspicions you have been harboring are correct. Turn this rebellious attitude into a confidence that lets you speak up with conviction. Confront your sweetheart and get to the bottom of this problem. Do not let your anger and resentment leak through when you speak otherwise, this will go nowhere. If you are unattached, you may meet someone who challenges and excites you. Enjoy this encounter.

Scorpio: You will have your fair share of communication overloads today. Everyone is trying to reach you for something and no one seems to want to wait their turn. This is something you can understand because personally you are pretty upset over something or someone that you can’t have but want right now. This has made you show your more evil side and has let your malicious temper out of its box. What you need to do is just vent; get it off your chest and then calm down. Once you have gotten it out of your system, and then take a good look at the situation before you. Thankfully the energy of the day is on your side and those who you felt have wrong you, will make amends.

Sagittarius: Over all this is a happy time for you where you may gain a bit of good fortune along with the joy you are currently feeling. When you are in this kind of mood you are quick to do so much for everyone. As long as you do not over extend yourself, there will be enough for everyone you care for. If you have a date tonight, you may spend the evening with a person that has a feisty streak. He or she is quick to get riled up and make a fuss about nothing important. For tonight, humor this person. Just this once be polite and ignore their imbalance. If it gets too much then give them something to be upset about by initiating a spirited conversation about a topic that you know will get them going but that you have extensive knowledge about.

Capricorn: Your intuitive levels are high right now and if you are attached, it will come in very handy. If your lover seems to be short, irritable and prone to arguing, you may want to help them find an outlet that doesn’t involve you being the punching bag. They will likely be determined to argue with about that and disregard your suggestions but you by using your harm with your heightened intuition; you can show them that your idea is really the best one right now. There will likely have been some harsh words spoken during this time and there may be a few things you want to address. Let them vent all of their frustrations out then say what you feel. It will be a lot easy to have a civilized discussion once they have released this stress.

Aquarius: For those of you unattached this is a very social time for you. You will likely spend the next few days with people who really know how to have a good time. Your extroverted behavior could make you feel as if you have won a prize since your friendships could become beneficial during this time. One of those friends may become a lighthearted rival at one of these gatherings you attend. You two have your sights set on the same attractive person and you both seem to have developed a rather witty and competitive banter. It is all fun and games but make sure that whichever one of you loses this person’s affections, promises that this doesn’t come between you two. Your friendship doesn’t need to sink to those depths.

Pisces: It just seems as if nothing will go your way today. If you are attached, you should use this energy to speak your mind about the elephant in the room. You feel it, your lover feels it and the resentment is building between you two. Regardless of how emotional things may get it is better than all this tension and animosity you are feeling. Put it all out on the table and fight it out. Put this matter behind you two and move on. If you are unattached you may be chasing someone but it seems as if the closer you get the more complicated things become. This fantasy person maybe more trouble than he or she is worth. You can either settle for not all you desired or wait it out and see if it all comes together as you had hoped for later.

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