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Love Horoscopes – November 13, 2012

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Aries: Those of you in a relationship need to cool your jets today. Your mind is going a mile a second after hearing or seeing something that you honestly have no clue what it is really a part of. Right now you should tread carefully and not be so quick to accuse your partner of doing something when they may actually be completely innocent. You need to get a grip before you make a fool of yourself. Don’t confront your sweetie today, sit back and watch how things play out. In a few days, see where things are. By then you might find out what is really going on. Take your mind off of this by focusing on some ideas you have recently formed. Attached or unattached, indulge in your fantasies and see which ones you can turn into reality.

Taurus: This should be a rather productive day for you. Friends and social gatherings are plenty while your intimate affairs are looking good. If you are unattached you may meet someone at one of these parties you were invited to. He or she may seem to be all you could possibly want and more but do not let yourself get too carried away. There may be some things you do not see that you will want no part it. Enjoy yourself and this person you seem drawn to, but do not give your heart away just yet. If you are attached, your relationships should be affectionate as well as harmonious. Expect a few intriguing events and some deeply romantic quality time over the next few days. It will feel good to be this close again to your sweetie.

Gemini: Regardless of relationship status, this is a good time to clear the air, mend any fences and lay down some ground rules. As this is happening expect of few conversations to become rather personal, may more so than you wanted to share. You could have a very romantic day, if you can play your cards right. For many of you, your emotions or prejudices may have gotten in the way recently and your connection with someone special is strained. You may be very objective right now so do not rush into any situation about which you have the slightest hesitation. If you feel you can push your issues aside, then you must set things right. If this is someone new in your life, make sure you make certain things clear before your relationship progresses.

Cancer: You may be having problems in your current relationship that is leading you on a trip down amnesia lane. You will likely find yourself reliving memories about past relationships looking for similarities. While this isn’t a bad idea, you need to look at your past objectively if you want to improve your current situation. Be very careful that you do not get caught up in a few ‘what might have been’ scenarios and hoping for things in your current relationship that may never be. You cannot change your past but you can improve your future. Focus on that. If you are unattached you may find your enthusiasm for life is wildly high now. The more alive you feel the more you will attract someone to you. This could become a very exciting time for you.

Leo: Some of you have been riding this wave of mixed emotions and you still haven’t found what you are looking for. You are trying to talk or think your way through it and it has become an exercise in futility. The problem may be that you are thinking far too much about this potential lover and less about actually turning your desires into reality. Change your focus and it will all fall into place. If you are attached and find yourself arguing yet again, this time it might just be your fault. Rather than brood, try to patch things up as best you can and let circumstances take care of the rest. It may take him or her a day or two to come back around but your efforts will not go unnoticed.

Virgo: Right now it is all about what you are not seeing or hearing. If you are looking for emotional gains you need look towards implied understandings and arrangements. It is all about the action and not the words for you. Which is why you need to think twice before you do anything that may jeopardize your relationship. Not everyone may be on the same page and part of that may be because you are not seeing the big picture. Before you make any moves in your love life, wait at least another day or two before making any decisions. Within this time, you will see what you have been missing and everyone involved will be on the same page. Just be patient a little bit longer, you have wait this long already.

Libra: Your love life seems to be looking up, you should really enjoy and appreciate this time rather than waiting for the other shoe to drop. If you are unattached, take advantage of this energy and make a move towards getting the won your heart desires. If you are attached, have a romantic evening together. Whether it is at home or at your favorite restaurant, create a warm and inviting atmosphere where you two can make it a night to remember. Open yourself up and allow conversation to draw  you two closer together. Things may come out that never knew before like differences in personal style, tastes, and ways of expressing affection. What you thought you knew, you will learn you didn’t quite know it all.

Scorpio: It is time to slow things down before you go too far. Whether regardless of your relationship status, if you continue on the path you are barreling down, things may get out of control. In your relationship, there is some tension that keeps getting brushed under the rug. It is time to sit down and discuss the actual problem. Once you two have, you need to go of issues that have been holding you back from really achieving the peace and harmony you both deserve from this relationship. If you are unattached, you have a potential lover in your grasp and it is looking as if potential will turn into actual. Things are going well but are they may be going too well? Are you sure that you know who this person is? Take some time first before making that move.

Sagittarius: You may find yourself being carried away by passion today, both in the good and in the bad sense. The good will surprise you and your lover. Don’t think too much about it; allow your emotions to guide you two. Sadly many of you may be frustrated in your love life over any obstacles you continue to face in achieving who and what you want. You may get to the point where your anger may drive you to do something rash and very regrettable. If the bad begins to outweigh the good, you should consider being alone may be the best thing for you today. Otherwise conflicts and confrontations may be unavoidable. If you can’t be alone and avoid these problems then try to count to ten a few times before saying anything you’ll regret later.

Capricorn: If you have a solid emotional base in your life, now is not the time to lose sight of its benefits. Some of you may have someone in your life that you want more from. If this person isn’t already your partner then you have been fantasizing a lot about this person so much that is the desire is becoming almost unbearable. You crave them, you crave the potential intimacy and you are beginning to not be able to think past your fantasy. You need to focus on what is real and true about the type of relationship you have with this person, otherwise all this wishful thinking could lead you to some trouble. If you are happily attached, this is the time to enjoy the emotional satisfaction and harmony that is now a part of your relationship.

Aquarius: This should be a rather positive, upbeat and refreshing time period for you. These progressive changes that you make in your life not should do wonders for your intimate affairs and any future connections. Though these changes are nowhere near extraordinary, they will help make this an enjoyable and exciting time. If you happen to be having a first date soon, you might want to curb your enthusiasm just a bit. Yes you two are quite a match but you may be drawn into something that isn’t as certain as you thought it would be it. Though this evening may not be all you had hoped for this person is still someone who should be in your life. Allow the relationship to develop naturally and see where it leads. There is hope for love yet.

Pisces: If there is ever a time where you should listen to your intuition, now is that time. Focus your abilities on your love life as someone is trying to fool you in a particular situation. Thankfully your instincts are heightened right now so if anything at all feels even the slightest bit uncomfortable, do not stick around and see if it will subside. Whoever this is attempting to mislead you is determined. Remove yourself from the equation otherwise the price you may have to pay will be higher than you would ever be willing to go. There is a good chance that for all of the negative attached to the above mentioned situation there is a positive. You may gain a great deal of emotional harmony and support in your life as the result of getting away from it.

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