Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning November 13, 2012

Astro-Week November  11-18


Dear Aries

There’s still a little love left in the stars for you this week but the expiring shift is squarely on joint finances. Dropping the hint is not going to be enough. Spit it out. You’re ideas are being listened to closer than you realize. You’re more than good enough. Money surprisingly does not come from work but joint projects. Ie. a partners hobby makes money with your help.


Dear Taurus

Everywhere you look right now you see your lover. It’s weird but that’s love I guess.. or stalking. Either way you’ll begin to feel connected with people close to you and you’ll push for bigger commitments. Remember, just because you’re in the mood doesn’t mean everyone else is.


Dear Gemini

Why so slow this year? It’s your time to play. One more week of lucky sex then things shift back to the gym. When you talk to anyone right now all you should be thinking is “this person wants to have sex with me”.


Dear Cancer

You are so hot right now but I’m not sure that you really know how much? Perhaps recent events have you a little shy but believe it or not, it was partly your fault for not communicating. We all know that Cancers don’t like to talk but your message still gets across loud and clear. Do you realize what you’ve been saying?


Dear Leo

Love is waiting at the party but it’s not time to go yet. Be cool and finish up at home. Everyone is waiting for your public appearance but you’re going to have to wait one more week for your full effect to take place.


Dear Virgo

If you’ve been spending a lot of time fixing up around the house, it’s now time to enjoy all of your hard work. Your personal energy is shifting from “home life” to “personal expression, creativity, and love”. Finances will be busy.


Dear Libra

Thoughts shift late this week from money to “what’s next?” Your mind will be alive with new idea. Expect to put a little time into home repairs. Note: it doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s more like getting ready to spruce things up for the upcoming holidays.


Dear Scorpio

Here comes the love Scorpio. But it’s not exactly how you hoped. It feels somehow less, and more formal. What exactly happened to the world while you were away? Don’t be fooled. The kids have changed the game a bit so be careful. How to be successful right now.. Look deep. I think you still know how to win when your team is slipping all around you.


Dear Sagittarius

I strongly encourage you to cut the BS right now. You are clearly hiding. It could be behind anything but you put it there and you are the one behind it. The planets continue to clear out your 12th astro-house of you past, subconscious, and mental health. But it’s up to you to break free. When these planets move into your 1st house soon, you’ll be in the spotlight with all warts on display. So.. use this time to get rid of them.


Dear Capricorn

As Saturn moves deeper into Scorpio, you’ll notice your friends beginning to change. Look for haircuts, new purchases, etc.. There seems a general darkening in the air and it’s being played out through your casual friends and associates. These are the people who are responsible for helping your dreams come true so I recommending you doing everything you can to keep peace at all times.


Dear Aquarius

Work seems more restrictive than usual and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. On the plus side, this week Venus will help with retraining. If you put everything together with a little hard work (Saturn rewards hard work) you should come out on top. Be prepared to dig in for this challenge.


Dearest Pisces

Energies shift late this week from “working hard” to “working hard @ getting paid”. It’s about time. Expect a bonus from hard work. The shifting energies will help recent ideas to be put into public. Hobbes and recent studies can become a new job. Love is waiting in an old occult bookstore.

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