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Love Horoscopes – November 14, 2012

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Aries: Your love life may be stressing you out a bit right now, so much that you are having a hard time concentrating or even getting anything done. Since it is likely you can’t just relax all day, avoid any serious discussions or real disagreements with others. If you are unattached, do avoid that one your heart is set on. It is possible you will have a conversation with this person and he or she will lift your spirit through humor and topics of conversation more personal in nature. Do not rush the conversation or ask any really deep questions, you may just scare off your love interest. If you are attached, before you have any conversation with your sweetie, consider their feelings and what is going on in their life before you try talking to them.

Taurus: Progress will be made today in your love life. If you are unattached, your gift for gab may help you develop a more fruitful and possibly intimate relationship with someone you are admiring. It may feel like your fairy godmother waived her magic wand. The two of you seem to get along very well and have an innate understanding of each other. If you are attached, you will be reminded that giving is just as good as receiving. You give an awful lot but when have you ever gotten anything in return. For once, let your needs and desires come before someone else’s. It isn’t being selfish if you let others dote on you every once in a while like you do for them.

Gemini: The energy around you is very harmonious but also friendly. Both of which could very well bring you much closer to your someone special. You are looking to enjoy yourself so now would be an ideal time for hosting or attending any social gatherings. For those of you unattached, the opportunity to talk to the one you have been admiring will practically fall on your lap and help pave the way for future developments between you two. It is possible that your first ate will come soon enough.  If you are attached, any issue you two may have had to talk to about will be easily resolved one the conversation is initiated. Once things have smoothed over you two have some time to make up for.

Cancer: Cancer, when will you learn? You cannot have everything your way regardless of how right you think you are. The more controlling you are in a relationship the more it will slip through your fingers. You are demanding your own way, certain rights and withholding who knows what so you can gain any sort of edge you can find. Keep this up and conflict you are currently enduring will feel like a walk in the park. Conversation is a two way street and you may not be hearing everything being told to you. If you want to make the right kind of decisions concerning your love life, open up your ears and your heart. The best way to communicate in a relationship is from your heart.

Leo: Things may not go exactly as you thought they would today when it comes to your intimate affairs. Do your best to not fly off the handle when they do because the wounds from harsh words are harder to heal. Now, do be prepared for some spirited conversation between you and the special someone who has your heart. If you begin to feel it isn’t going your way, negotiation will get things back on track. Your verbal battle is merely a tool to insure that you both get what you know you deserve from your relationship. The bright side is that you two are being completely honest with each other and laying down some good ground rules. Just remember things you say in the heat of the moment should passionate and sexual not hurtful.

Virgo: For some of you, things have not been on solid ground in your relationship. This has caused you to withdraw from your relationship and shaken your level of trust in your sweetheart. Your shortness and reservations in recent conversations have not really help the situation and will not until you decide to be honest about it all. Be honest with yourself and then be honest with your sweetheart. Say what is on your mind and in your heart, do not let it fester inside you and grow to toxic levels. The energy of the day has a certain stability within that can help you turn things from one side to mutually supportive. This is your chance to work on your trust issues and restore the strength in your relationship.

Libra: Now is not the time to question the inspiration and opportunity that have presented itself today. Fix things in your relationship now, think about how and why later. The opportunity is a partner open to making an effort in this partnership and the inspiration is your mastery of language and how you speak to your sweetie. Making the first move though, will be the most difficult part of this whole process. Yes this conversation will likely get tense at some point and the topic of conversation will not get any easier but actions and words have already been misinterpreted. You have to have this conversation now before any other misunderstandings happen. You can do this and you both will come out better on the other side.

Scorpio: Most of you will be in touch with your more sensitive and spiritual side today. This energy will give you a way to express yourself and show compassion much easier than you have lately. If you are unattached, this will work in your favor as you will people who are understanding and thankfully nonjudgmental. You will be able to form a deep bond with these people based on mutual respect and understanding for each other’s good and bad traits. If you are attached, you and your love may not see eye-to-eye on a subject that you know in your heart that you are right about. Your sweetheart wants to believe but it will take deep communication and patience to make this happen.

Sagittarius: Mutual investment and mutual trust is really what today’s emotional energy is about. Problem is that you feel the need to secretive about something which will deeply affect the relationship between you and your loved one. And you are not the only one as your sweetie may be hiding a few things as well. It is absolutely imperative that you both get the right perspective on this situation otherwise any further fears or tensions can lead to your relationship dissolving. The energy of the day can be used to bring each other back to center and see eye to eye about what is really going on. Starting this conversation is only a small step but it will make a big difference by clearing up any misunderstandings you two have.

Capricorn: You may have been doing some personal reflection lately. Thoughts of the direction your life has taken weigh heavily on your mind as you can’t help but compare them to the past choices that have brought you here. You have decided that for the foreseeable future, the one you are with will be the one by your side but there are some difficult details you want to discuss in order to make life easier. But some of you may have some level of hesitation about this because this “difficult details” may be more than difficult to resolve. Talking about this now will be very worthwhile in the long run. You can gather up the courage to stand your ground and get through this. Do the right kind of talking and see your relationship grow from it.

Aquarius: The energy of the day brings about inspiration and brings out your eccentric streak. You not only feel the urge to do something a bit crazy but your emotions are certainly front and center right now. There is no need to fight your urges unless they could cause any harmful consequences. Your feelings on the other hand, need to be dealt with before the negativity sets in and your thoughts towards consequences are out the window.  You are angry and feel justified in this anger but because your loved one doesn’t know how you feel, this issue will keep coming back up. You thought you could get over and it is obvious you cant so be open and honest with your sweetie. It will bring with it some real healing.

Pisces: It is likely your relationships have some level of tension to them today. This may be in part because you are able to tell who is being genuine with you and who is not. Because you are hearing more than what is actually being said, you will be able to see any difficulties or short comings clearly at this time. Go ahead and mend fences with those who are being real with you, speaking from your heart will do wonders for you both. For those that are a bit superficial towards you, say what you are feeling and do not pretend otherwise. What is going on needs to be acknowledged and put on the table. Whether you loved this person or thought you could be able to, you do not deserve this treatment.

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