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Love Horoscopes – November 15, 2012

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Aries: Right now you may care less about your love life; you have so much on your mind. You need time to focus on your family, your life and yes, your love life too but you need time to think and you are not getting it. Yes, you do need to spend some time on you but if you go about the usual way, completely ignoring everyone… expect your relationships to come under a lot of strain. As you know well enough, this will make things worse in the long run. Why not be nice, explain the situation you are in so no one assumes the worse. Once you to that then take the time to figure out what makes you happy so then you can make your relationships happier too. This would be a win/win all the way around.

Taurus: This would be a good time for you if you can get past this mind block you have when it comes to your love life. You have been trying to get a few priorities of your own sorted out and clarified but it hasn’t been easy. Thanks to the energy of the day you an easily express yourself confidently and openly which will give you the space you need to focus on your feelings and where your emotions are taking you. Now when you are done, good or bad, you need take this sense of clarity and use it to make a final decision that will ultimately bring about the best for you and the one who has your heart. By doing so, regardless of the outcome, your will have the respect and admiration of the other person involved.

Gemini: Regardless of your status you may feel as if the one who has your heart is distancing themselves from you. Things feel as if they have cooled off and you mind may have started running in circles. Don’t let your feelings get wound up over the assumptions that they’ve decided they no longer wish to be with you. Don’t take the signs too seriously as the energy flowing through the zodiac right now is focus on introspection and thoughts of the future. Don’t waste too much time if he or she doesn’t respond to you during this time. Give them the time and space they need to do whatever it is they need to do. When he or she is done, they will come back to you even more in love than ever.

Cancer: You need to handle things in your love life very carefully today regardless of your status. If you are unattached, you better know what you really want before you declare you have fallen in love. While this may be the chance you are looking for, it will go to waste if you don’t have an idea of what you want from your potential lover. Think about it this way, inner conflict now or screw up your relationship later. If you are attached, you may have some ill will towards your sweetheart because you think they have done something against you. Do you know this for sure though? Think things through, make sure you have all the facts and then confront them calmly. This will clear the air and create the way for a fresh start.

Leo: This would be a very positive time in your relationship if you could get past a few minor details. You care deeply for your sweetheart and the feelings you two share are very strong but there are some things you need to discuss that could put damper on those emotions. Because you think this, you feel apprehensive about even bringing this up. If you can find a way to do so with gracefulness and tact, you can truly make a difference in their life and in your relationship. Give your sweetheart and love a chance. If you are unattached, you may meet someone as you are out with friends or loved ones. This person is attracted to your spirit and will likely be a good for you in the long run.

Virgo: Your love life may be going through a rough patch right now. This tension has caused some bridges to crumble as the communication between you and your sweetheart fall apart. Things are at a standstill and will likely stay this way unless you start focusing on rebuilding bridges and letting your sweetheart know how much you really do care. In the grand scheme of things this issue dividing you is not really anything to worry about but if you can put it behind you two, this will pass. In general this is a good time to contact those you haven’t spoken too in a while. Remind those close to you that you still love and care for them. Take the time to catch up.

Libra: You may feel as if everyone is keeping their distance from you, even the one who has your heart. You may be in a state of confusion or panic but don’t take it too seriously. There is a planetary influence that may last a day or two where some in your life have issues that need immediate personal attention. These things may be too private to share or maybe things that haven’t been quite thought through yet. Either way, allow them some much-needed space. If and when they need you, you will know otherwise, things will just flow back together like normal. In the upcoming weeks expect these relationships to grow to a very personal level. This may be prompted by a talk that will lead to a much deeper understanding and bond between you.

Scorpio: Things may not be going the way you want or as fast as you want them to in your love life. If you are attached, you may have to deal with a few of your ego problems that have lead to the breakdown in communication between you and your sweetheart. You have been demanding rather than asking and acting like a tyrant in general. Your sweetie is tired of it and if he or she hasn’t already, will decide not to deal with you anymore. What you need is an authentic heart-to-heart to quickly bring a resolution and get things back on track. If you are unattached, you may form relationships with people that you will come to deeply respect and appreciate. There may be future love interest somewhere here.

Sagittarius: You are in damn good mood right now. You have a renewed appreciation for love and harmony leading you to express your affections and be more open than usual. With this positive energy surrounding you, you are in the mood to try something new to get your out of this boring rut you are in. You are looking for something different, especially in your love life. If you’re involved with someone this could be a great time to change a routine, try a new routine or surprise them with something special. If you’re looking to be involved, then it’s a good day to take that risk and ask someone out. This is a great day to sit back and enjoy what and who makes you happy. It has been a while since you have been able to that.

Capricorn: You may be feeling that the world is against you or has some sort of cold and calculating agenda for you today. Those closest to you seem distant and it also feels as if your equilibrium off balance. This day is giving you a headache and you would really rather spend time alone but you know you won’t be able to. Rather than hide away, confront this head on. You have been thinking about the direction that your relationship is going and have some mixed emotions. Talk to your loved one and tell him or her what is really on your mind. If you have been dwelling upon or hiding these feelings for some now, it is no longer wise to do so. Once your sweetheart is aware of this, things should change and get back on track.

Aquarius: Things in your life may have been tense recently and you are looking to affirm your value and confirm that you are still a part of something special. You may be trying to find such confirmation but with your partner not acknowledging your needs, it may be causing unnecessary tension between you and your partner to surface. Do they know you are looking for this? This lack of communication is a two way street. Neither of you can know what each other needs or wants without something being said or done. Sometimes when couples work through these difficulties a greater understanding and improved bond can be made. If you can just trust your loved one with what you need, you’ll get the affirmations you need.

Pisces: You are moving so fast that you will miss out on the energy surrounding you. Your love life will really benefit you today as your intimate relationship will likely have an urgent and intense quality to them. You have this need for closeness and love which will lead you to look at where your relationship is going and if it is the right one for you. Allowing yourself to think carefully on this subject will be of value soon enough. Slow down and see where things are going, make sure your heart is in the right place. If you are unattached, this energy has a profound and positive effect on you. You are magnetic; thanks to the energy of the day and will likely attract someone who is just as loving as you are.

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