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Love Horoscopes – November 18, 2012

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Aries: There is an intensity surrounding you that has knocked your ability to control your life for a loop. Usually you have a firm hold on your bearings but this sense of urgency and romance is just far to compelling for you. Attached or unattached you are likely irresistible to someone and that person to you. There is nothing to ground you as you both are carried away by the passion you two feel. It has been a long time, if ever, that you have felt such deepness in emotion or felt such a draw. Feel free to indulge the demands of this attraction but keep the back of your mind on your money or valued resources. There is something about this that has you giving things away. Be mindful of what it is. Don’t let anymore go than you want to share.

You are usually in control of your time and your energy, and know just how to make the most of both to the maximum. However, this could mean that for once you get carried away with a certain relationship that engenders deep feelings within you. This could consume quite a few of your resources for some time to come, so just be aware of what you are giving away. The power of your personal relationships should rise significantly at this time. Romantic and/or sexual relationships will be so intense that they have a sense of urgency which demands you attend them now. Both your spiritual and more earthy side need to be sated. You’re likely to be irresistible to you mate whose own passions will be set aflame by yours.

Taurus: If you are in a relationship that has some questionable things happening right now, you might want to take a step back so you do not jump to conclusions. Slow down now so you do not do or say something you may regret later. Use this time away to develop friendships and meet new people. You have been stuck in a rut anyways so why not. In fact, most of the Taurus out there are likely to be in the same predicament so why not get out and mingle with the world. For those of you with the relationship problems this fresh air will likely help clear your mind and give you a new perspective. Any new ideas or plans you come up with will likely turn out to be positive so long as you do not force it on your sweetie.

Go out and meet new people, or work on developing a whole new circle of friends. If you have been stuck in a rut for a while, then this could be the start of a new set of relationships, with the inherent possibility of meeting someone rather special. This is a time to accept invitations, rather than make excuses. Slow down today, you might be inclined to jump to conclusions at this time, and say and do things which you may regret later. You may suddenly decide to act on some idea or plan you have been considering, which can be good as long as you don’t move so abruptly and quickly that you override other people’s say in the matter.

Gemini: This is a good time to enjoy your life and all that you have. Many of you have finally reached a good place where you are happy and content, for the most part, about where things are for you right now. This is a level of satisfaction you have not enjoyed in some time so take this time and appreciate it now. If you are unattached and happen to have some sort of social gathering to attend, it should be an exhilarating experience. There may be a few who try to charm you and some who may be serious in wanting to date you but there may be one who sticks out and sticks with you for the evening. He or she is fine for the time being but not someone intended for the long haul. Keep those other phone numbers you get for future use.

Cancer:  Your emotions are strong right now and running very, very high. You are so very sensitive to the emotions around you that you may even surprise people who have known you for some time. What works in your favor today is that whatever it is you have been thinking of doing regarding your love life, is supported by the energy of the day. If you are in a more established relationship, expect many emotional improvements between you and your loved one. If you are newly attached in any capacity you might want to watch how much of your heart you share right now. There may be other sides that you haven’t seen yet of this person and it is possible that he or she is not who you thought they would be.

Leo: There is an abundance of energy surrounding you today and if you do not cultivate it properly, it could turn into some negative tension. One of those areas in your life that would be affected would be your romance department. This is the time to be with the people you love or to love the one you are with, not wade through thick tension and disagreements. The best way to avoid any negativity is to focus this energy on something that may require plenty of concentration and a lot of togetherness. If you are attached you could probably use some quality time with your sweetheart so give of yourself to make this happen. If you are unattached, you want to be noticed in a positive light. Watch how far you take any bantering or flirting.

Virgo: A significant development in your love life seems to have become a minor barrier today. You and your lover want to both want to make changes to the current state of affairs but neither one of you wants to make a big deal about it. There are a few issues that you both would like to resolve but can live without for the time being. It is nice that you and your lover want to focus on being closer to one another and strengthening your bond but it would go a lot better if you two would resolve the little stuff as well. When you two resolve these issues, it will all work out. If you are completely unattached, with no prospect or friend with benefits, you will meet someone you have very strong feels for. At first take it slow, you will know when to step it up.

Libra: Many of you are looking for a fresh start in your love lives. This doesn’t mean that you are looking to break up with your partner if you are attached. It means that you are looking to revitalize your current relationship or embark on a new romantic adventure of you are unattached. If you have been thinking of trying something new, maybe becoming more playful or spontaneous, now is the time to do so without the risk of getting hurt. Don’t over think this, just relax and let the day take you where it may. Whatever new habits or activities you decide to take up, make sure they are positive one that work in your favor. These new patters will likely stick with you for quite a long time.

Scorpio: Things are a bit off balance in your intimate affairs and if you do not exercise some patience, this will become a no win situation.  You know very well that there is a line drawn in the sand between you and your partner, this is not the time to challenge or upset things. You need to either smooth things over or let this relationship go. This is far past the point where getting angry or forcing points will do anything for you. Take some time, gather your thoughts and think things through. Quit denying your feelings, merge your mind with your heart and put an end to this headache. If you are unattached, you may be looking to paint the town red and grab the first hottie you see. Have fun but stay cool.

Sagittarius: You are normally very agreeable and accommodating, so much that you often forget about your own needs. This is even more apparent when it comes to your love life. It takes a bit to get the balance right but now is a good time to really make it happen. The energy surrounding you right now supports action and some aggression when it comes to your love life. If you are attached, you want to focus on doing things that will strengthen you and partner together as a unit. If you are unattached, you want to look for a partner or capitalize on the strong feelings you have towards the one who will treat you like an equal and work with you not take from you.

Capricorn: Wanna be heard? A little assertiveness can go a long way in getting you what you want today. There is no need for anything overly excessive, just do enough for those you intend to get the message loud and clear. One of the areas you are would like to get what you want today is in your love life. If you are attached there are a few improvements you want to make but not sure how they will be received. Show how much you still want to love your partner and are committed to this relationship, the easier those changes will be adhered to. If you are unattached you might be tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching your love life go by. Be flirtatious and create a lighthearted banter to get you where you want to be.

Aquarius: There are times you talk a big but you have been lucky enough thus far that you have not had to fully deliver. If you are not careful, regardless of relationship status, you may have to come through with it all. If you are unattached, you may encounter the person you desire and want to take the opportunity to impress them. In your haste to move things along between you two, you may actually offer or promise a thing or two that you may not be able to actually do. Rather than disappoint this person, do not offer him or her so much. If you are attached, you may not be happy in your relationship because of a few differences that have come up. Face this issue head on with your loved one but don’t just glaze over this to end it quickly.

Pisces: This restlessness you have been feeling is causing you to become detached from your love life. The energy surrounding you is emotionally cool and a bit rigid. Stop looking for the excitement you desire to come from your loved one. Create it yourself; otherwise you may not be satisfied. Shake up your own routine, do things that give you butterflies in your stomach. Don’t worry about your partner, if they want to join you on this adventure they will. Stop wishing for that out-of-the-ordinary event to just fall into your lap and make it happen! If you are unattached, you have a very low tolerance for those who do not share your ideas or goals. Hold off on trying to seduce anyone, at least for a few days.

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