Then again Sonny.. There was always the thing about honesty..

(Sonny jamming @ Cassablanca in Vancouver – 2012)

“Wake up little Sonny Boi, you’re on stage in 6 hours”

I can swing that action – no problem.  

First.. A quick Sunday morning skype call to my little boi. He’s so cute. Speed is an amazing mom & a wonderful woman.

“Hi daddy !!! Happy Birthday !!!”

“Thanks baby – I love you”

“Daddy, why are your nails painted?”


“Your nails daddy..”


“giggle/snort Daddy!”

“I have a show today baby.. in Vancouver” – I wanted to tell him that I was secretly turning into a Pokemon but he kind of caught me off guard & we were having fun with the cameras.

Next week then.. Because in life it’s important to have things to look forward to. 


Text: “Sonny you playing tonight I have to talk to you”

Needy much? – Delete


I can’t believe she’s here. Seriously, I didn’t plan this and I don’t know  what to do.  

Let’s go Sonny, game on rock star. Her hair is longer and it’s beautiful. She’s amazing but I’m on stage in five hours and I have work to do before I leave. – She turns and returns to the back. Typical Cancer. I think it’s adorable. She’ll be back. 


Sonny! You cannot speak to her!! – easy player I like this one. We just can’t get on the same page.. @ the same time 

I finger wave my response and she smiles. Then I turned my back to her and waited for the obstacle. That’s harsh game but in the world of psychics, super brainers, models, and entertainers that’s the way it’s played. And it always hurts.

She’s my biggest fan. She LOVES to listen to me play and I LOVE to play for her. But today it’s not going to happen. Ironically because I spring things on people at the last moment. I think this would be viewed as a cheap ploy to get back together. And seriously.. I didn’t need another fan. I just missed my ex.. in the moment

Then again Sonny..  there was always the thing about honesty..

I sit down and start writing. I’m working on a proposal for a Community Junior Orchestra for the kids in my neighborhood by the beach downtown. This is something she would love more than anything I can imagine but she’ll never know. So sad..   


3 hrs..

“How will we know when Sonny’s playing?”

“The weather will change. It’s weird.. you’ll see. It’s like he goes into this trance and the Universe starts singing along.”

Cute – thanks guys – let’s all have some fun tonight

Sugar and spice



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