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Love Horoscopes – November 19, 2012

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Aries: Your love life may be drawing more energy from you than you expected to give. It is time to take a good hard look at your love life and be honest with yourself. Why are they in your life? Is this person a healthy addition to your well being? If you have done something simply to it then you have not been true to yourself or have been fair to this person. This could cause some problems for you down the road. It is time to rebalance your relationships or maybe let them go all together. Take a day or two, make some time for yourself and see what you come back with afterwards. You need to get your house in order Aries and now is the time to do so before it is done for you. We all know what could happen at that point.

Taurus: You are looking to channel this positive energy into action today. Since your determination and courage is enhanced by that energy, it should be much easier for you today than it has been. This means you can continue with making that fresh start in your love life. Your focus is likely to be on your emotional commitments and being in touch with your deeper feelings as well. One question you need to ask yourself and be completely honest about is, are you working towards something that is mutually beneficial in your relationship or something that will ultimately benefit you? Before you go and clean up the last of the lingering issues between you and your sweetheart, make sure you know this answer. By being truthful, your relationship will improve.

Gemini: Regardless of your relationship status, today you need to make a clear distinction between what you want and what you need. It seems as if your obsessions have gotten away from you and the lines in your mind and heart are blurred. Once you clear this up you can use this newly cultivated energy to your advantage. If there is something or someone you want, all you need to do is turn on that charm and you will have what you desire. Keep in mind that your fantastic smile will get you in the door but the words you choose will be what gets you the invite to stay. Take the time to get your heart and mind straight will certainly be worth it today. You will end up being more successful in your intimate affairs than you imagined.

Cancer: Much like the Pisces today, an older and wiser member of your inner circle may give you the advice and confidence you need to appreciate you and what you have. This positive energy will radiate throughout all areas of your life. If you have fences to mend or matters to confront, now is the time to do so in order to gain the desired results. If this is something affecting your love life then the quicker you move to resolve these matters, the better it will be for you both. If things are working well in your love life then expect this time to be pleasant and fun. You two will share thoughts about things from everyday life to obscure notions. It will bring you two close together in all the ways it can.

Leo: There has been so much going on in your love life that this may be the day you kinda catch up and reflect on what is now going on. Sure they may be some lingering tension between you and the one who has your heart but this is simple enough to deal with, unlike the last week or two. The energy surrounding you is about mutual understanding as well as compassion and cooperation. Much of what happens now will depend on you. Ask yourself, despite these last few weeks, are you satisfied with your relationship? Is this person still the one you want? Your answer is likely to be yes and with that will come a great sense of love and appreciation for this person. If not, then you know what you have to do.

Virgo: You are tired of talking, you are tired of looking at what is wrong and what is right in your love life and you are just tired overall.  Thankfully, the energy of the day has brought to you an opportunity for a romance that could be very exciting. If you are unattached this may be a chance to go out with friends where you may meet new people and a potential love interest. If you are attached, this is will be a call to action. No more talking or analyzing, just doing.  You two will be able to rekindle the flame between you two and enjoy yourselves. In either case, this is the time to let loose a little and leave everything negative behind you.  Act as if the last week didn’t happen and take pleasure in the moment.

Libra: The energy of the day may scare you a little as it opens you up to being much more honest and intense than you are normally comfortable with. You may find yourself sharing things that are usually hidden or extremely private with the one who has your heart. If you are unattached, yes that means the one you have been too scared to approach. If you thought you were just too shy to talk to this person, you will not be having these feelings today. In fact, try to be conscious of how much you do talk just to try and keep some semblance of modesty. Whether it is your partner or potential lover, it will be easy to share these tidbits about you and it will likely improve relations between you two.

Scorpio: Many of you may come to the realization about your image and the affect it has on your love life. Those of you unattached seem to be striking out lately and you are beginning to think you should give up all together. It’s time to change your look a little and change your hunting grounds. Put anything flashy away, you do not want what you are wearing to take away from what is in your mind and in your heart. You are not looking for a one night stand you are looking for something and someone substantial and it for the long haul. Once you lose some of that “bling”, you will impress all the right people.  If you are attached, things are well and you probably have no complaints. Good for you!

Sagittarius: The energy of the day has enhanced your natural abilities. You are much more open with people and are very clear with your intentions. There is a confidence you glow with that has an impact on your level of influence. When it comes to your love life this energy may give you much more than you bargained for. There will be no harm in going along for the ride but the ride is long and speed is fast. If you are attached, your level of commitment is likely to rise. You and your partner will grow closer to the point you have never experienced before. If you are unattached you won’t be for long as the one you have just recently met, might be more attracted to you than you had hoped. Either way, use this energy to your advantage and improve your life.

Capricorn: The energy surrounding you seems to have put you under a spotlight. Regardless of your status it seems like everyone is looking at you and wanting to know everything about you. Do not be surprised if you get complimented on your attractiveness more often than usual over the next few days. If you are unattached, now may be the time to make a move on the person you’ve been hoping to get closer to. Doing so now may help form a substantial connection based on admiration and support. Now get out there, turn on your best smile and watch them melt. If you are attached, you may find you are much more appreciative of what you have with your partner. Show him or her how much their love and support mean to you.

Aquarius: The energy of the day is in full support of communication and honesty. This may pose a problem for you as you are usually the one who would rather hide your real emotions instead of explaining their complexity. Today, expect conversations had to be lively and fully of sarcastic banter. You may use this to feel out the waters and determine how much of what you really feel you want to share. The more comfortable you become, especially with the one who has your heart, the more flirting and intimate moments can be created. No matter how sensitive you feel right now or how straight forward you want to be, go ahead and say what you want to say. It could really do wonders for your love life today.

Pisces: Someone that is a close friend has been a wealth of information and insight lately. Their experience and desire to help you has also given you a revelation of sorts about your love life. If you are attached, things may still be slightly distant between you and your sweetheart. The physical attraction may seem to have diminished and that closeness you once felt feels like it is slipping away. Your older and wiser friend has inadvertently given you the direction to take to restore the harmony and warmth in your relationship. If you are unattached, you may find yourself in a similar scenario, a friend helping you through something. In your case, you may realize that you want a part of something again and decide to start looking for someone suitable.

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