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Love Horoscopes – November 20, 2012

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Aries: You may be keeping the intense emotions you have for someone bottled up and away from sight. You have this idea of how things should be and well, you know doesn’t always work the way you want it to. If these emotions equate to a confrontation, it will be a losing battle today as you must be willing to compromise in order to get what you want. If these emotions are lustful and warm, you need to get a handle on them before you let them out. You love getting carried away but once you do, you can’t stop. Your hand is likely to be forced today so while most of this will not go as you want it to, do your best to control what little you can.

Taurus: Life is good for you right now. There is a stability you are comfortable with and nothing particularly exciting or unusual that throws you off balance. This level of comfort allows your more romantic side to come through. The more it bubbles up to the surface the more it becomes something you need and yearn for. If you are attached, go on and create any excuse to celebrate the love you two share. If you are unattached and someone in mind, go ahead and do the usual romantic things you would when you try to seduce someone. This is an excellent time to make steady and practical progress in your love life but do not get too carried away. You may make promises you can’t keep.

Gemini: It is likely that today your sexual desires and romantic passions are compelling enough that you need stimulation. These thoughts and cravings are all you seem to be able to think clearly about and you may find yourself lost in planning and daydreaming.  If there is someone you have been trying to impress, you may find yourself making a rather bold move towards this person today. If you are attached, you may find yourself creating a romantic atmosphere and letting the mood take you both away. Whatever your status, allow the energy of the day to create the magic you need to achieve all you long for. Take advantage of it all today and sleep away your exhaustion tomorrow.

Cancer: Well, today may not go quite as you hoped for when it comes to your love life. There may be a few new conflicts in your life that will cause tension between you and your lover. For some of you this may bring up some unresolved emotional issues and for others it may bring out a side of you that you would normally like to keep private. Expect immediate changes in your sweetheart. One minute they are very passionate towards you and they next they can’t be bothered. Do what you can to keep these conflicts away if even for a day. Focus your energy on your sweetheart and making them feel like they still matter as well as they know who you really are. Soothe their concerns now rather than a bigger problem later.

Leo: You may find yourself wanting to make long term plans with your sweetheart. For you to arrive at this point, your confidence level and faith in your relationship would have certainly grown. The energy surrounding you supports your desire to make these plans so feel free to open up about your feelings and work through whatever it will take to make these plans a reality. There may be an issue or two that needs to be discussed but it’s something minor and can be easily worked out. Going through this process together can bring you two much closer and also strengthen your relationship as all current demands and desires are agreed upon and satisfied. You will feel good about today and glad you opened up.

Virgo: Your mind is working through so much today that whatever you do, do not try and explain it. It is making sense right now as your process but it will sound differently tomorrow. What is important right now is that you let your mind do what it does best why you focus on creating a romantic atmosphere for the one who has your heart to enjoy tonight. You want to add to this relationship not detract so if something comes up – work your magic to turn the conversation back to your sweetie. By the end of this process you will be much more sober and realistic about love and will not lose yourself in the whirlwind currently surrounding you. New love is great but you tend to get completely lost if you don’t ground yourself right away.

Libra: While this a good time to be a little selfish and work towards getting what you need or desire, you might not want to get too far ahead of yourself. Many of you are attached and it isn’t about you anymore, you have someone else’s feelings to think about as well. Thanks to the energy of the day you are rather articulate and sharp so use these enhancements to communicate what you are doing or what you are trying to do. Some of you may also be caught up in wishful thinking or fantasy. The more you think about what you want the more you think about what could be. Stabilize what is around you now before you think so far ahead. Otherwise you may muddle what you can do with what you think you could do and end up with nothing.

Scorpio: Some of you may be caught up in yourselves today. Your mind is everywhere, thinking about all kinds of possibilities and paths to take. The problem is that those around you are not sure what to do with you. Your feelings were one way, maybe as recent as yesterday but today they seem like something different. Maybe those affected do not know you quite as well yet, this person could even be a new lover but you need to have some sort of conversation with him or her to reinforce your position in their life. Don’t plan what to say, just say it as whatever comes out first is probably the most sincere. Hearing this will help your sweetie understand where you are at the moment. Make the effort, do not leave them confused.

Sagittarius: You are certainly in a mood today and it isn’t just your love life that is affected. What isn’t helping matters is that the day will be filled with a few upsets and unexpected changes. These changes are stifling your independent spirit and you are likely going to take it out on your sweetie. Quite being selfish and loosen up. Your concerns, your annoyances are likely to be superficial and petty. You know this but you can’t help but be upset. Instead of giving in to this negativity, take your sweetheart out and give them a break. Leave the complaining and the blame at home and just let it go for the night. Not only will this give you some time cool down but it will also make you see some things much more clearly than you had a few hours before.

Capricorn: Some of you may find yourselves in an interesting predicament. This could be a deeply romantic day for many of you but not quite the way you hoped. Things are likely to turn lustful and follow along a very sexual path. You have a very good idea where the evening will end and you have no desire to deter these events. Then, the other shoe drops for some of you. This evening may come at some sort of price. You will be wined and dined because your companion for evening may need something from you. This could be something very minor but it would have been nice to know this ahead of time. If you have any inclination when you are asked out that there is something else going on, you should ask what the deal really is.

Aquarius: It is time to shed a little of your dark side today. You are in a good place, quite possibly in love and things have gone well these last few days. There is no need to man the wall surrounding your heart, just enjoy the positive energy surrounding you. Take some time to relax and maybe even indulge in a few things that bring you pleasure. The longer you try to maintain a stony exterior, the deeper the cracks may form. Revel in the contentment and simply go along with the energy flowing around you. Because of the harmony in your life right now, attracting what you need is even easier for you. So go on, grab the one who has your heart and get lost in each other, spend quality time together and just have some fun!

Pisces: Today is a good day to express what is in your heart but you might not want to give it all away just yet. While your head and heart are in the right place, you are still not sure about parts of what you are feeling. One minute you may feel like sharing it all and the next you may feel that doesn’t matter anyway. Something is triggering this uncertainty and you likely know what it is. You might feel a little guilty for not giving any intimate conversations your all today but you need to resolve any internal issues first. There may be a few situations you find yourself in today that may help you gain some clarity on the matter so while you want to express your emotions openly, wait until after you head and heart are fully on the same page.


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