Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning November 20, 2012

Astro-Week November  19-25




Dear Aries

Time for some fun Aries. Think big, bold, exotic, and distant. The farther away, the better. It doesn’t have to be a dream. It’s just one foot quickly in front of the other. Take a friend for financial success.


Dear Taurus

Love and money! As Venus attracts love to your astro-house of relationships, the Sun says hello to happy Sagittarius in your astro-house of joint finances. Tie up loose ends. If there was a relationship that is drifting or a project that seemed failing, try it again.


Dear Gemini

Towards the end of the week, the Sun will be in your astro-house of relationships. This will make you look like the perfect catch. Be careful. Flirt a little and have fun. There’s no need to jump into anything just because you look good.


Dear Cancer

Time to play Cancer, but the game has changed. Everyone can feel it. If you look around you’ll notice people have subtly begun changing their appearances and attitudes. But sadly the story is still the same. Your destiny is waiting but.. for the new you.


Dear Leo

It’s time for both a little practical effort and some creative fun. Try something new at the gym. Be expressive and have fun but make sure you get all of the details looked at. Finish up all of the chores around the house so you’ll be ready for a big Christmas surprise.


Dear Virgo

It’s time to speak up Virgo. You may think that rocking the boat is not your style but everyone secretly thinks you’re a whiner anyways so you might as well get it all off of your chest. Love is in communication so pay extra attention to what is being said around you. Stay open for sudden inspirations.


Dear Libra

Towards the end of the week money matters will begin to ease. You’ll be able to finally meet your bills but the big rewards seem to be missing. Don’t worry and keep going. You are in a money cycle where hard, determined, focused, work will lead you to your win-falls.  It’s not always going to be difficult but right now you have to buckle down.


Dear Scorpio

You’ve changed. Good. Go with it. Yes, people are still using you and yes they are being friendly about it. But it’s your time for love so go after what you want rather than what everyone else wants. You will be more successful when you stop trying to make others happy all the time. Believe in yourself and keep going.


Dear Sagittarius

This is the last week of clearing out your past then you’ll have to move forward. Stop being a baby. Everyone sees it and they won’t work with you. Like Scorpio, it comes down to what you want. If you don’t want your own dream to come true, that is fine. Just stop sabotaging everyone because you might be scared of your own destiny.


Dear Capricorn

With the help of Mars, you’re suddenly filled with a strong ego drive and a desire to prove yourself to the world. Do it. But watch your tongue. People are in place to help your dreams come true. It’s slow but steady. Hard work will lead to the success you desire.


Dear Aquarius

As the week progress you’ll want to leave to comforts of work and head out for some fun. Show off a bit and let your ego lead the way. The brighter you shine, the more chance you’ll have for love to find you. In a beautifully odd twist, love will be waiting at the office.  Resist the urge to argue with someone from your past.


Dearest Pisces

Time to think about putting all you learned recently to good work. Co-workers will begin to look towards you for a leadership role. Take the chance to be your best. Pay attention to your dreams and let your investigative mood lead the way. Curiosity will be rewarded.


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