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Love Horoscopes – November 21, 2012

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Aries: Your level of emotional comfort is unsatisfactory. While you want to change this, many of you may encounter a problem in doing so. If you are trying to keep a certain relationship secret, it will be even harder to do so right now. It is getting harder for you two to meet up or act how you would like and still keep things covert. There may be a few windows opening up now but will they be opened long enough to feel the affirmations you need? Set some of your time aside and talk about your needs. There may be a better way for you two. Meanwhile make the most of your time together by creating an undemanding, romantic environment so that you two can finally enjoy exploring your love for each other.

Taurus: You are at your best when your life is in harmony and many of you are not quite satisfied with your love life. This isn’t a bad thing, you simply want more… better maybe. Right now the energy of the day is directing you towards personal ties you have with others. So you will be looking towards refining your intimate relationships for satisfaction. Though you may find a few areas that could be improved, make sure that it will truly make them better. You do not want to change things just do something. If you have more than one you are working on, you have plenty of time to work through the one you want to keep before you get caught. Just don’t dawdle with your test and keep an open mind.

Gemini: Today is about looking at the positive in your life rather than the negative. You will need this in order to ground your scattered emotions. For many of you, your hearts have been broken in some way and you may be in the process of ending your relationship. You could really use support from those closest to you right now. While you understand that you need this change of direction, you may not want to accept it. Those supporting you will give you the confidence you need to make the change. If you haven’t already, you will be meeting someone who is exactly what you know your heart desires. You know you have unfinished business to attend to so wait until you have broken away and have healed from the loss.

Cancer: A conversation you have with the one who has your heart will leave you thinking about many things. These thoughts will turn into motivation and you will find yourself more determined than ever. If you are unattached this means that he or she is letting you make the move. They do not want to just hand over their heart, they want to make sure you are worthy of it. If you are attached, this may be a ploy to spice up your lives by playing games or bringing fantasies to life. Whatever it is, they got you going with foreplay, now it is up to you. Whichever case, this is about fun and silliness. A reminder that it life isn’t so serious and neither is love. You will feel invigorated during this time, enjoy it.

Leo: You embody energy and confidence. You are a “no holds barred” and an “all in” kind of person which is why many eyes are always on you. If you are unattached, now is the time to use your natural abilities to meet new people and possible score a date. Thanks to the energy of the day, you will certainly be noticed more than usual. If you are attached, you are deeply involved in your relationship. In fact, there is no other way for you to be. But you may want to check in with your loved one and see what page he or she is on because it isn’t the same as yours. Once you two talk through this you will easily find what needs to be changed and how to make it happen. Then, you will both be at the same depths.

Virgo: Your emotions have been, and maybe still are, all over the place. If you are attached you have reached a point in your relationship where you could move things to the next level. You are both excited and a little scared of what this could mean. You have been wondering if it is really time to make a decision or should this just happen organically. Rather than get frustrated with all your questions, have patience. There are many things you two have planned so see where these new places and new challenges take you both. The answer or shift you expect to feel may simply come to you. If you are unattached, any relationship you start right now will reflect your emotional state. Keep that in mind.

Libra: You may be slightly introspective today as you take in the world around you. There is a clarity and appreciation you have gained recently that you have needed to sift through and make sure that you are not adding any more value than what is there. Now that you have worked through this you can apply it to your love life and improve matters tremendously. If you are attached, sit down and talk about what you two want from this relationship and get on the same page. For a while you were both operating blindly. If you are unattached, appreciate this time by yourself. Reconnect with the most important person in your life… you! You will be a better person for the next lover if you do.

Scorpio: It may be hard for you to get anything done today. Some of you may realize that you are being pursued by and absolutely delicious force of nature and you want to play. But, by you playing, you have made the game a little easier for your potential lover. Why do that? Change the game, be creative and a little daring. They have their sights set on you, give them a show. If they want to date you bad enough they will follow suit. This is likely to be the most energetic and alive you have felt in quite some time. See, love can be fun! Today, simply enjoy the attention and pace this out as you see fit. In a few years you two will look back on this time fondly.

Sagittarius: This is a time for domestic issues so do not be surprised if family or home take precedence today. Those you consider family or are actually family may reenter your life today. It is likely you haven’t seen them in quite some time so it warms your heart to be able to catch up. This will change your mood and it will be felt throughout all aspects of your life. If you are attached, your sweetie will be pleased as you have been so serious lately. Those of you in a more established if not permanent relationship will have to deal with issues concerning your home. These thoughts and plans may have to do with buying or renovating. This should be successful so long as you have your finances in check.

Capricorn: You may find yourself a busy bee today and maybe stick in your head for a while. Because your mind is so focused elsewhere you may end up being a little more sensitive to what is going on around you. Do not be surprised if you take things the wrong way at various times today. In some ways this may be a blessing in disguise. Since you will likely be busy with meetings or social gatherings, you will interact with many people, most of which will probably want something from you. Make sure that no one tries to take advantage of your good nature and big heart. It is entirely possible that the one who has your heart may be among those who try. Find the balance between keeping the peace and being true to yourself.

Aquarius: Things may not be going as you thought they would so you have decided a change was in order. If you are attached, there is nothing wrong with your relationship or the one you are with but you thought things would be different. You may have realized it could be so much more than you thought it would be rather than fall short like it has. Go ahead and shake things up a bit. By trying new things together, you will also strengthen the connection between you two and set a good foundation for the future. If you are unattached you are frustrated that the one you desire is not in your bed yet. Be careful with this level of impatience, it could leave you to act impulsively and leave you embarrassed.

Pisces: While you may be trying to do one thing, you end up doing something else. You might be having a hard time saying whatever it is you need to say to the one who has your heart but meanwhile you are a game changer in someone else’s relationship. This other relationship may have similar parallels and because it’s not yours, it is easier for you to help this person rather than anxiously work out your own problems. You can hide here for the moment but you should take with you the lesson you learn and apply it to your relationship. You can say what you need to say to your sweetie without giving away things you don’t want to share just yet. You will only disappoint your sweetie if you outright lie.

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