He warned me about you..

(Sonny @ Cottage Bistro Nov 18, 2012)


“He warned me about you..”

“Oh seriously? Can’t I ever get away from this.”

“Sonny he said we’d fall in love.. and he was right.”

Some days.. What is it that everyone can plainly see except me? Do we really walk around in love.. and not know?


“K said I should be careful.. around you.”

“Why? I’m tame. I don’t do anything.”

“Because you’re a hypnotist & you’re supposed to be charismatic & I wouldn’t be able to control myself around you.”

“Is that all? She’s worried that you might like me?” – Phew.. is that all.. ?

But seriously? Is this what psychics do.. sit around and warn each other that they might fall in love?

How WTF is that?


“I knew I’d meet you today..”

Oh God! A Stalker!! – kind of cute though.. Sonny Run Away !!!

“Not you personally..”

Yes – Personally – You –  Sonny – Run !!

“..but my destiny.. my soul mate. I knew today was the day.”

!!! Sonny Stop !!! What are you doing !?! – “I like flowers..”

So I like what I like.. so what? There’s someone out there for everyone. So why can’t that someone be me? Plus.. I like interesting people and she’s totally different. And maybe she knew something about this world & the game of Love that I still had to learn. Or maybe we’d just be friends. But I knew that whatever was going to happen – then together.. it was going to be a beautiful day.

Sugar and spice


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