And #7.. from Paganini..

“Sonny.. you must put tension in your muscles every day”

Holly smokes.. from Gi that could mean anything and we were having drinks in Manila..


“and #7.. from Paganini..”

“Each day I relearn my technique a new.”

“..and what does it mean?”

“It means every day I have to take time to respect my craft.. to remember the special place where I come from and the promised land where I’m going.. baby steps, giant steps, and the leaps in between, #7 from Paganini.”

“Do you just memorize this stuff ?”

“I don’t know.. these guys are really good.. this place scares the crap out of me”

“Maybe you’re learning after all – #8..”


“You know Sonny, it’s hurts me too. But you must do it every day”

“Yes Master”

It’s @!#@ snowing ! – I’m wearing pink shorts !! 

When I return C. is getting ready to run. It’s unusually quiet in the dressing room as he puts on his reflective jacket. He’s the reigning World International Rules Muay Thai champ. He’s going to run, then work out, then train.

“Run safe man..” – what ? 

He just smiles and takes off. We’ll see him soon. 

Rj the white rasta turns to me – “His hand is broken”

“I know”



“It’s just your soul group darling..”

Are we really going here ? – “I don’t get it sexy-baby – what’s the action on that scene?

“Sexy-baby.. giggle  Where did you learn how to speak English are you really Japanese from Montreal ? Anyways.. It’s ok to take a break every once in a while.”

“But I don’t do anything.. really.. like nothing – every day”

“It only seems like that because of the planets in your 6th house – The Babbas say you should eat one lemon bar every day and my mom agrees.”

Ok.. how did I lose this conversation so fast ? – “Yes, baby.. let’s go for coffee and lemon bars

So.. what’s the deal ? I’m about love and that includes all of my goofy passions and trends. But she’s about peace and I’m guessing she thought I was out of balance or something.. or maybe she just wanted a lemon square. Remember.. it’s not about what you know you know.. it’s what you don’t know you know.. but you’re doing anyways.


Here’s the secret that changed what I saw..

I was sitting in the Chapter going through my Royal Arch Degree when I realized one of our hidden teachings.. The Temple we’ve been building for seemingly our entire lives.. gets finished. There’s a celebration & everyone goes home. 


Sugar and spice


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