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Love Horoscopes – November 25, 2012

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Aries: You are used to feeling like others do not quite understand you, even those you are intimate with. Today may be one of those days where no one is doing anything right and you have to do it all yourself. These frustrations are more apparent in your intimate affairs. Maybe what you need to do is change how you are looking at the situation. The energy surrounding you is in your favor so maybe just relax and really have some fun with all that is going on around you instead of focusing on what is wrong.  If you can change your attitude it may be easier to express just how you feel and circumvent any future obstacles. So before you begin to yell, look for the humor in the situation first.

Taurus: Some of you may end up being very frustrated with your love life right now. If this has turned into anger or an irritability you can’t control then expect those tensions to erupt today. Either you are feeling that things are unbalanced between you two or your lover does. Before you go off on your loved one or retort any accusations, think about what you are doing and how much of this you are responsible for. Are you taking more than you are giving or have you been lax with the passion and love? This argument or heated conversation could actual turn into something positive for your relationship. This could open up doors you never knew existed and allow you to learn so much more about your sweetie.

Gemini: Things have been tense lately and for some of you that will continue. Some of you may have been sweeping smaller issues under the rug while you deal with larger ones. These unresolved problems will likely resurface causing larger and more painful ones. Go for broke, confront all these problems head on. Everything hidden, forgotten or ignored… deal with it all. Get it out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of the day like other Gemini. Many will be focused on putting the past behind them and making the best out of the positive energy of the day. Laughter is one of the best ways to rid yourself from worry and pain. If you can laugh at yourselves you are already half way back to restoring the warmth and brightening your relationship.

Cancer: You are just so very passionate today. It is like Cupid has hit you with a hundred arrows because you feel as if you are in love with everyone and everything around you. It is a powerful feeling full of wonder and promise. Each direction your heart takes you is like a door to another world. This is fantastic if you are unattached but if you are attached this may be the source of some tension. You are in such a good mood that you may be demanding much more of your sweetheart than they can give. You may be trying to manipulate the situation by promising more than you can give. This will likely cause some sort of argument about who gives what and who takes all. Do what you can to avoid this so it doesn’t ruin your day.

Leo: For some of you, things may be so hard to deal with that you need help from those closest to you. This is not a time to be alone so reach out to whomever it is you trust for counsel or comfort.  You need an objective view point on the issue so choose the best person for the task. If it hasn’t happened already, there will likely be some sort of confrontation in relation to this problem. Perhaps a break is in order, maybe a short trip away. Things may have gotten so out of hand with your love life that you need to clear your mind so you can look at it from a fresh perspective. This trip may do wonders for your soul as well as your heart. If you are unattached you may meet someone rather passionate and irresistible on this journey.

Virgo: You know you need to change the game but you aren’t quite sure how to do so. Your emotions are up and down like a roller coaster and you might be a bit overwhelmed. Now is not the time to make any snap decisions, so take several deep breathes and think about what really needs to be done with your love life. If you are attached, think about all the ways you two can incorporate new adventures into your lives. Explore new areas or take up new activities but think about all you two can do together. If you are unattached, this is not a time to stay inside and waste your days away. You need to get out and have some real fun, remember what it is like to be you and all the fun you really are! When you are done, things will be great again.

Libra: In order for your love life to return to its harmonious roots, you need a break. Now would be a great time to focus on your friendships, pleasant associations you have and all opportunities for any potential enjoyable social interactions. You have had enough. Either you continue to hit dead ends or your partner is causing you an over abundance of grief. If you are attached, you do not want to end things but like your unattached counterparts, you need to distance yourself from your problems before you make them worse. Take some time away from those who are currently causing you so much trouble. Use this time to get your heart back in order and clear your mind. Go on, have fun and do something completely abnormal for you.

Scorpio: Have you been having fantasizing about someone? He or she just may become a reality for you today. Any affairs you begin today will be worthwhile and also very pleasurable. Your level of desirability is heightened thanks to the energy of the day and while this fantasy person may try to resist you, they will have a rather hard time doing so. Your relaxed state of mind will also enhance the attraction. With a little bit of effort, this person will be putty in your hands. Make some plans to be where you know he or she will be and get noticed. If you feel you are over indulging or have any doubts at all then go with your intuition and do not get involved. Too much of a good thing can be bad.

Sagittarius: The positive energy surrounding you should be felt throughout all areas of your life including your intimate affairs. You may have been rather cerebral lately and somewhat distant but that will change today. You will want to be social and very interactive. People will likely be drawn to your warmth and sensuality. They will want to touch you and feel the energy radiating from you. Those hands may venture into all kinds of places trying to soak up all your power. Someone could very well be bold enough to make you cross your personal finish line with their skillful fingers. If you weren’t enticed out of those quiet little corners in your mind by now, you will certainly be by then.

Capricorn: Your recent unhappiness needs to end. Part of it is on you so get rid of any superficial annoyances and allow yourself to completely indulge in love. The energy surrounding you is so very powerful that you could just get swept away under passions current without even thinking. If you do not let go of this negativity, the energy of the day will do it for you. You will face what is causing your dissatisfaction and move on. Your relationships are supposed to be more loving right now and this mood you insist on being in is hindering your enjoyment. If you can give in to the passion around you then you will not only be more aware but more receptive of what you need, feel and want in your relationships. What are you going to do?

Aquarius: For those of you jaded by love, you should really reconsider your ideas and beliefs. Whether this is about current relationship or one from the past, you have it all wrong. Many of you are under the misguided notion that partnerships are all about angst and putting up with each other’s futile attempts at self-development. You have grown tired of dealing with the less than desirable qualities of those you once cared for and would rather not deal with anyone at all. You will be reminded today just how fun love can be. You will find yourself the center of attention and plenty of laughter. Things feel different now and will give you courage to continue on this path. Continue getting noticed, someone is paying close attention.

Pisces: You need to get away. Whether it is local with friends or a holiday with your sweetheart, you need a change of scenery. The energy of the day supports such actions so let loose and so something out of the ordinary that will be both stimulating and fun. You will meet people along the way you are very different from you and who can add a bit more zest into this journey. If you are attached, this time spent together will definitely strengthen the bond between you two. If you are attached and yet go alone, you will meet someone who you have quite a bit in common with but is a tad wiser than you. You will be reminded of how much you have and form a new appreciation for it. If you are unattached, the romance started now will be truly exciting.

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