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Love Horoscopes – November 26, 2012

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Aries: This energy of the day is bumbling with warmth and romance, so much it will shake things up in your life. For many of you, your love lives could use a little shaking and now is the perfect time to make it happen. If you are attached, a little mystery and intrigue will certainly spice things up. Take control; plan a secret but romantic rendezvous in an unusual and unfamiliar place. If you are unattached, this energy is screaming for you to use it. Get out and socialize, you have been cooped up for too long. It is entirely possible under this energy that the person you meet will not only be your partner in a rather fulfilling romance, he or she is likely to be THE one for you. You’ll know when you meet right one, sparks are flying and you two will not want to separate.

Taurus: This romantic energy will have a profound effect on you. For some of you it helps you put things into perspective about your love life. Though you may still need some time to get your thoughts in order, you are in a much better place than you were a few days before. The mental pressure you put yourself under will give way to the true desires of your heart and what you really need in your life. There may be some of you who have social engagements to attend and find yourself drawn to someone that you would never think twice about. But there is something magnetic about this person and as the evening progresses, so will relations between you two. If you have no one in your heart look for that to change. Love will creep up on you as well.

Gemini: The energy of the day will bring with it some clarity. Regardless of your romantic status, things in your love lately may be muddled and confused. Though this clarity only provides you with a broad view of what is going on, understanding this much will help you get through the details later. Right now this is easier as your feelings are growing faster than ever before.  A handful of you may have enlisted the help of someone you have grown close to. Overtime a connection has been building but the timing has never been right. This time around it may not matter if it is right or wrong, whatever feelings you two have for each will no longer be contained. It will become obvious that you two should be together and it will fall into place.

Cancer: There is so much love and romance surrounding you that some of you may be surprised you are not feeling this as well. If you are not satisfied with the state of your intimate affairs, only you can change it. So if this means having a conversation and setting everything, good or bad, on the table then do it. Endure the arguments for the chance that you can enjoy the romantic energy by the end of the night. If you are unattached, there is something sweet about the energy surrounding you that makes you want to look at your love life in a new light. Whether you are ready or not, love will blossom without your cooperation and you know you fall head first into it. You can fall in love without it overwhelming or consuming you. You have that much control.

Leo: This energy really has your spirit lifted high. You are affectionate, flirtatious and very impulsive which could both help you or hurt you depending on your personal situation. If you are in a stable, predictable relationship that offers little excitement, this energy may not be on your favor. You could meet someone that you become deeply attracted to because they represent all the adventure and novelty you crave right now.  While it may be time to move on from your relationship, make sure that this is what you really and truly want. Some of you who are in a lackluster relationship may also find themselves with other Leos fighting over the thoughts of deepening their connections. Enjoy this energy but also think honestly about your future.

Virgo: The intensity of the romantic energy flowing through the zodiac may have swept you up in its current. Sadly you and loved one cannot stay in that nexus for too long. One of you needs to discuss a few issues that will have quite the impact on your future together and damper the passion you now share. If this is in your control, do not force the conversation on your loved one, this will likely turn into a losing strategy in your relationship. Enjoy this loving feeling a while first before it becomes strained. If you are unattached, you may feel as if you need to push your way through to the one who has your heart. Though the depths of your passion are deep, you could scare this person away. The goal to be noticed not avoided.

Libra: If romance has been lacking in your love life, the tide may turn today. This will nothing spectacular but enough for you to take notice. If you are attached, you may have a lover who isn’t very romantic and indulgent. He or she may be caught up in the energy of the day and wants to expose their gentle and tender side to you. This does not happen often; in fact you may not even remember the last time it has. Make the most of this opportunity by going along with their program. They may choose to make a conscientious decision to do this more often. If you are unattached, you may have this compelling desire to indulge in your pleasures, particularly your more hedonistic ones. Someone else will certainly want to join you and may make it known.

Scorpio: Love and romance are intense around you today. Rather than act in your normal compulsive and/or demanding way, you may find yourself doing a little damage control. Those of you dealing with issues boiling over will need to figure out a way to smooth things over. For many of you, both attached and unattached, this energy has your responding with a powerful desire to share your deep feelings with the one who has your heart. The love that blossoms today will be in part to this special someone and their ability to make you feel secure enough to share your emotions. Hold on to this person as there has only ever been one or two people that you have ever felt so at ease with.

Sagittarius: For those of you that haven’t felt the warmth of true love in a while will be overwhelmed with it now. This is a good thing despite any initial reservations.  Don’t waste time with questions, don’t try to control anything; just enjoy the moment. More people will want to get personal with you. Now, no one is being nosey or intrusive but they honestly want to get to know you. There is nothing to get annoyed by, simply take it as a compliment or even an invitation if you are open to one. If you are attached and happy, love will come right into your home bringing romance along with it. Allow it to flow freely and work its magic. You and your sweetheart will enjoy every second of it. Oh and don’t worry, there is plenty more where this came from.

Capricorn: For some of you the romantic bug has bitten you but with it came some feeling you are not quite ready to share. You may think it is too soon but you shouldn’t be afraid to speak. By taking a risk on telling this special someone how you feel, it will lead to a better understanding and bond between you as well as create or deepen the relationship you two already have. If you are unattached that means the one who has your heart will give you theirs in return. If you are attached, your commitment level has just been raised some. If you do decide to follow your heart, a home cooked meal is a great start. Visit friends another night, spend the rest of the day together in a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Aquarius: Sometimes love takes you by surprise. It isn’t very often but you get that feeling you should be wanted more than needed when it comes to your intimate affairs. What is even more surprising is that you are looking for some level of permanence and stability to satisfy your emotional needs. If you are attached, the peace and stability you seek will come through practical conversation. In fact, if you are unattached have happen to have a normal everyday kind of conversation with the one who has your heart; an emotional bond is likely to form between you two as well. Either relationship status, this conversation will branch off into other areas that are better suited for somewhere far more cozy and comfortable.

Pisces: Today may feel like it is all about you. Your focus right now is on your feelings, emotional needs and desires. This is usually not a big deal until it involved someone else. Whether it is a recent attraction or someone you have been with for some time, you should take the time to look at your deeper motivations with this person. What you will find is how deep these emotions are not when you realize that money or status is likely to be involved. This is a bit cruel to say the least and will of course cause you disappointment in the future. Continue on this path and you will be reminded how love just can’t be bought. Maybe spend time with your close friends rather than anyone you could or are intimate with.

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