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Love Horoscopes – November 27, 2012

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Aries: Right now is the time for you to leave well enough alone. If things seem to be running smoothly around you then let them be. Things will either work out or continue to do so long as what is established is free to serve you as it was designed. Do not tweak anything or make any minor adjustments, just leave it as it is. For those of you unattached, continue to lock down your judging and calculating mind. Focus your energy on your intuition and let it guide you through this cycle. Your ideal match may be coming into your life but not in the grand Hollywood romantic comedy fashion you imagined. Do not let this stop you from actually having the lover you would always hoped you would.

Taurus: Your restless need to break away from your normal may take you on a ride you were ill prepared for. If you lack any level of decisiveness and clarity, your perspective will have thrown you to the wolves. Perhaps it’s just what you need right now as anything you do during this time you will unlikely be able to take back once it is done. It is entirely possible that you may find yourself swept off your feet by a force you will be unable to deny. This person is everything you hoped to be and everything you want in your bedroom. Sadly, this dream person may be in your life long. He or she may leave out just as quickly as they few into your life. There is a lesson here to be learned, see if you can find it.

Gemini: Your natural talents will have a positive effect on everyone around you during this time. Those you encounter will see your charm and attractiveness and equate that with being a loveable and deeply loving person. They admire your self-awareness and believe you have a handle on your goals and ambitions. This level of respect will definitely work in your favor if you are unattached. Because this is a rather social time, you may find yourself meeting new people through friends or acquaintances. You may grow close to someone who may have had a similar problem to you and has offered to help you through. After some time it may become obvious to both of you just how much feeling you have for each other. Go on and see where this takes you.

Cancer: Right now it is very important your head and heart are on the same page and stay that way through this cycle. Nothing is as it seems and you need to be on guard. Regardless of your relationship status, you need to keep an eye out for anyone trying to trick you or falling for any illusions. If someone seems enchanting and too good to be true then you should wait until you get to know them better before giving your heart away. If you are already swept away by someone charming and wonderful, hold back some of your heart until you know for sure that this person isn’t looking for whirlwind affair. Feel free to be honest about any reservation you may have during this time. It may weed out the grifters.

Leo: There has been an explosion of emotions that threaten to stir up some trouble if you don’t get a grip on them. Everything from fear to longing as well as passions you have hidden and your deepest desires, all out for the world to see. For those of you in a relationship plagued by miscommunication, this will improve upon those bonds that nearly broke. Your lover is happy to finally see the parts of you that you like to hide. For a few of you this may bring out the emotions of someone you never thought you would be able to have. Maybe this person has some sort of authority over you but they too have been hiding some rather deep and powerful feelings for you. Make sure the ground you two stand on is stable before you let anything happen.

Virgo: Your focus right now is to achieve some level of harmony in the world around you. This may make you more social than before and a lot friendlier. So much that a close friend may feel like they want more than the platonic relationship you two share. If this is something you too are interested in, hold on to that desire until you know that your friend is sure they want to make that move. If you happen to meet someone who very flirty and talks a big game, you might not want to take them seriously at the moment. He or she is just looking to notch their belt. Regardless of your relationship status, achieve the harmony you seek through relaxation and pleasure. Whoever wants to come along for the ride can get in the back.

Libra: Not entirely sure where you mind is right now but processing information has become increasingly difficult for you when it comes to love. If you are unattached you are having a hard time distinguishing lovers who would be good for you and those who will take you to the cleaners. Though it may be easy, now is not the time to succumb to any silver tongue darling showering you with charm and flattery. If anyone new enters your live during this time, listen to your instincts. Those of you attached and feeling withdrawn and uncommunicative, you are coming across as negatively as you think you are and it is having a grave affect on your relationship. It may be best right now to keep your thoughts to yourself and work through them internally.

Scorpio: When you are in the mood to pursue your romantic prey, you have no problems getting aggressive and going after exactly what you want. For most of you, those tables have turned. Regardless of your status, someone is coming after you and will not take no for an answer. This person will be completely charming and absolutely gorgeous, as if your fantasy lover has come to life. He or she may be able to persuade you into doing things that you would normally never consider. Before things go too far, make sure there are no misunderstandings. Until this is straightened out to your satisfaction, take everything this person says and does at face value. Be careful, do not give over any sort of power that you cannot take back or that can hurt you later.

Sagittarius: You may find yourself wondering if you stepped into the Twilight Zone today when it comes to your love life. Your interactions with the one who has your heart may feel weird and indescribable. I would suggest you expect to deal with things you never thought you would be during this time. Some of you who are unattached may be feeling off some because the one you would like to get close to is trying to get close to you but it doesn’t feel the way you thought it would. He or she may be trying to seduce you for reasons that may not be entirely pure. Any one new or any sudden changes in your relationships, take with a grain of salt. Be absolutely sure of everything and anything before giving in to or making a commitment.

Capricorn: The energy flowing through your zodiac encourages turning over a new leaf. You are entering a cycle where new beginnings or patterns are likely, especially in your love life. Behind this fresh start are impulsiveness and a straightforward attitude towards Life, love and happiness. You are determined to make the world around you work and have no problem using your powerful feelings as your guide. Some of those close to you may find this disruption annoying and cause your relationship to strain. But if you know that what you are doing will be a positive change in your life, you need not concern yourself with their lack of faith. You will meet all kinds of people during this journey. If you are open to it, you may find a new lover along the way.

Aquarius: You like to have control when it comes to your life and all things personal. Normally you do but you will connect with someone on a very intimate level that seems to have taken that control. If you were honest with yourself, you happily gave that control over. Maybe due to boredom or need a change of pace but he or she seems to know all your buttons and has no problem pushing each one of them. Right now you love the attention, being noticed and truly seen by someone desirable but do not let this power get to their heads. You have given it freely but you can take it back just as quick if they begin to abuse it. Enjoy the fun you two have now. Just keep an eye open for any power trips brewing.

Pisces: Many of you may feel the need to distance yourself from those close to you. If you need some time to reflect or get your mind in order then do so but do not withdraw from life around you simply because. Going down that path will lead you to thoughts much more pessimistic than you intended. The heavier your thoughts become the darker the world will turn around you. If you are attached and allow yourself to fall into this void, you could miss out on experiencing your most delicious fantasies. Your loved one is feeling romantic and looking to create an atmosphere where you both can indulge in what makes you happy. You will miss out on this now as well as anything like this in future if you can’t pull yourself out of this sad mood.

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