Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning November 27, 2012


Astro-Week November 26 – December 3, 2012


Dear Aries

All good things eventually come to an end. Use the energy this week to make a soft break towards a dream you’ve always wanted but your current configuration won’t really allow you to have. There comes a time when you have to ask if you’re living a dream or dreaming about being alive. There’s an emphasis on shared income, rebirths/transformations, and a chance to finally get it all right but you’ll have to make a tough decision to succeed.


Dear Taurus

Love welcomes you back to the game with harmony and open arms. The only drawback is the restriction happening in your closest relationships. Be careful, they might not be completely honest with you. Things are generally less “lovey dovey” but much more stable. A good time to find someone new.


Dear Gemini

Confident & optimistist. You’re in a fine mood as the week begins. Someone from your past wants to rock your boat a bit but seriously, it’s the past and they couldn’t keep up before so why waste your time now? This week get back to the gym. You’ll be stepping out into the spotlight soon so take this time to get the sexy body back.


Dear Cancer

Your closest relationships are going through a major transformation right now. This is happening naturally so you won’t have to do too much but it will hurt a little. You are also putting a lot of energy this week into making everyone happy. Don’t lose your cool if they don’t respond the way you hoped.


Dear Leo

People are calling and you’d love to get out and have some fun. In fact, the more fun you have with other’s right row, the more natural luck you’ll attract. Weekly energy is encouraging a trip to the gym.


Dear Virgo

There’s an internet love connection just waiting for you to notice. In fact, you have already taken notice but somehow it got lost in the list. Double check. There’s a strange new love that was dismissed. They might not really be interested in you but fate says they should.


Dear Libra

Money! Nothing is happening and it’s getting worse? So not true Libra. It comes in little pulses. When you see fortune arrive from one area, nurture it and under this astro-config it will grow in spurts. As for what you feel is leaving you, simply make peace with your decisions. It’s karma, and the steps you took to make it happen.


Dear Scorpio

There’s a difference between dark & mysterious, and flat out confusing. The world will be confused this week, kind of caught between the past energies and the moving forward ideas. And this will manifest in a Scorpio way affecting how others see you and your personal ego. Confused? Love hint.. don’t think no means “never”. Sometimes it means “not right now”.


Dear Sagittarius

Wait! I thought we had that settled? That’s hilarious. The subconscious is a strange place and this week it gets weird again. Dreams, visions, etc.. and they’ll be wrong or at least misdirected. But it’s your birthday! Have fun but you’ll have to think twice. Love returns from the past for a bit of drama. Good luck.


Dear Capricorn

The mental confusion this week visits your public social group. You might come off as a little extra weird than usual. Because love is also in this area, you’ll have to find a way to use it all to your advantage. People may say they are interested as you revisit old ideas but they might not really be able to help in the end. Look for clarity.


Dear Aquarius

Confusion at work.. or perhaps older choices return. That job offer might come through after all just not this week. Read all paperwork twice. Good luck is coming right now, it’s just a little cryptic and not as straight forward as you’d like. An old romance returns to the office.


Dearest Pisces

Thoughts return to a favored destination. Love is waiting there so if you can then maybe you should. Unexpected events surround your finances, some good.. just be careful.

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