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Love Horoscopes – November 28, 2012

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Aries:  Your emotions are rather sensitive right now but thankfully your intuition is strong. If you are attached this means you can look past any initial thoughts you may have about your loved one and show them some compassion. He or she is going through something where they need a bit of time to their selves to figure out certain issues in their life. Who better than you understands this type of situation! Granted your confidence may still be a bit low but you have hope that things will be better when your sweetie comes back around. If you are recently unattached, you will have a handful of memories surface that helps you find resolution for something going on in your life today.

Taurus: This need you have to give and receive love has given you a moment of clarity. You realize that there is something inside of you that is holding you back from being close and truly loving towards others. As you work through it your mind goes into a darker place where you become overly critical and focused on all that is negative. Your friends are not helping matters by sharing their opinions either. Take a good hard look at your love life. Be honest with yourself about what is going on around you. Leave behind anything negative and focus on what is and has been good for you. Take your time on this so you don’t forget anything. It is time to move forward not continue to run in circles!

Gemini: Your love life is supposed to be pleasant and very productive but some of you wouldn’t know it. If you are attached, many of you may be still be dealing with a recent fall out that was based on a terrible misunderstanding. Now you and your loved one are isolated from each other and the lack of true communication is tearing you two apart. If you still feel love towards your partner then reconciliation is a must and you have to do whatever you can bridge the gap. Talk it out and do not let the conversation stop until you two are happy again. If you are unattached, you will run into someone that truly excites you. Now may be your chance to make a great first impression.

Cancer: Many of you may be going through a rough patch in your love life and it is affecting your view of the world around you. You are focusing on everything negative rather than what is positive and tangible. If you are attached, this attitude could destroy your relationship. Finding a way to effectively communicate what you feel and what you fear could really make a difference for you. Whoever this person is in your love life, you do not want to lose but if this continues he or she will begin to slip away. People seem to have a hidden expiration date on strength and sadly, it may be sooner than you would ever think.  Act now, be honest but be flexible. It does take two to tango.

Leo: Many of you have been on the road of personal discovery. Along the way you have made some changes socially and intimately that has seemed to cause some concern with your close friends. One of which may be someone you are intimately involved with and your thoughts of possibly making your relationship a little more permanent. Everyone may be trying to weigh on your decision but ultimately, you can only follow your heart. This person has given you the fresh start you needed and continues to offer you a different way of looking at things. Deep down you know it could all end next week but you want to keep this person around as close to you as you can. What is your heart and intuition telling you?

Virgo: Many of you are affectionate and impulsive right now. This could be a great thing for your love life but some of you are in a relationship that has become predictable and maybe a bit lifeless. You will find that you have to cast aside your passions and deal with frequent irritations. It is likely you have gotten to the point that you have gone silent and would rather say nothing at all. Of course, this is not the way to reach a solution and will only make the situation worse. Both of you need to adapt some flexibility and open mindedness in your relationship right away. Rather than let it all fall apart, you can easily save this love by opening your mouth and not letting the conversation end until a mutually beneficial resolution has been made.

Libra: For many of you your mind has been focused on the possibility of a future with the person you are currently dating. Even if that isn’t where your focus lies, the outside world seems to be very demanding of your attention right making it harder and harder to finish a thought let alone find the right words to say how you feel. It is likely that now you are overwhelmed by demands or responsibilities that has you looking at areas of your life with serious doubt or pessimism. Maybe the best thing for you today is find some alone time and shut everyone out. Focus hard and seriously think about your future, not any past or present difficulties. You might be losing sight of all that is good and that will not help you make the right decision at all.

Scorpio: You are feeling rather romantic and loving but it is hard to act on any of your urges when things are so tense in your love life. Either one of you is having financial difficulties or as a unit you both are and it has created a laundry list of problems. But rather than getting angry or defensive, remember that certain things are out of your control, that you can only do so much. The best way to deal with the problem is to talk to each other, and also to talk to anyone else involved to see if you have missed something that can help you take back some control and get things back on track. All of this stress is weighing heavily on your relationship and while this energy could come in handy right now, you both need to get to a place you can enjoy it.

Sagittarius: You are looking for a change of pace. This isn’t something that you have simply decided; you have been thinking about this for some and slowly been sorting and sifting through all your relationships. It is getting to the point where you are looking at those closest to you and have become quite judgmental. Many of you are looking to revitalize your life and for those of you unattached, you are looking for a new romance but this isn’t the way to do it. You decided NOT to talk things out and just walk away but don’t they, especially those closest to you, deserve a chance to say their piece? Before dismissing anyone as coldly as you would, at least be respectful and have a conversation. Things might just change for the better.

Capricorn: You are looking for some sort of breakthrough in your relationship. You two are stuck in the same routine where things are good then an argument sneaks in. Maybe what you need is to introduce a new approach to these growing pains, something you haven’t tried yet. Both of you are beginning to feel isolated from each other which has lead to loneliness and levels of despair. With the energy of the day and the opportunity to have a very heart-to-heart conversation, you should have all you need to begin the changes that need to be made. Finding a way to make this discussion not end in and argument will not only be a feat but may provide you both with a renewed sense of love and compassion.

Aquarius: There is someone that you would really like to connect, or reconnect with but you keep pushing him or her away. This seems like the easiest thing to do because their actions have inadvertently hurt and upset you. Rather than explain this or aggravate the situation even more, you would rather turn away and close off your heart. The real problem lies within your heart and that it is secretly hoping to have the chance to love this person despite their actions. What you really need to do is initiate some kind of conversation, one where you subtly let him or her know the impact of their actions as well as the affection you have for them. The right words can bring you the miracle your heart has been hoping for.

Pisces:  You may find that you will have a hard time getting things done today as your personal issues interfere with your obligations. Because you are going through such a rough patch in your love life, you might want to resolve this otherwise you will take everything down with you in your frustrations. Sure you and the one who has your heart are barely speaking to each other but more of an effort you make, the soon that will change. Make small talk or ask a question, just do anything that will keep a conversation going. Things will turn from silence to mumbling and then to full sentences soon enough. Both of you need to stop being so damn stubborn and start to really listen to each other. If you can’t, this won’t end well.

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