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Love Horoscopes – November 29, 2012

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Aries: Regardless of your relationship status, falling in love for an Aries is no easy feat. When you fall in love you must be both comfortable and excited. You need to feel cared for but also feel that it is ok to be who you are. The person you love must have some level of emotional and intellectual depth that goes beyond yours. This has been hard for you to accomplish and have lost more than you have ever gained in the process. Due to the planetary alignment, you may be tempted to try yet again. You are caught up in the excitement and desire of having a deep connection with someone. If you insist on taking the chance, pace yourself by creating a strong friendship first before you commit to each other. Otherwise this whirlwind affair will fizzle out.

Taurus:  Lately you may be feeling a bit emotionally blocked right now. You would rather take some time away from anything intimate and romantic and just be by yourself for a while. This would normally be a good idea but the planetary alignment has a few unexpected surprises in store for you and your love life. The energy surrounding you has removed any challenges and your inhibitions so that you may feel free to explore the opportunities in front of you. No one is laboring under certain misapprehensions, or any misconceived notions. Everything is at face value and no one is endangered of being hurt. This is a rare opportunity; do not squander it by letting it pass you by.

Gemini: You have been on a journey of self discovery and personal acceptance. This process has been full of growing pains and you have a new definition of normal but you have discovered so many new and exciting things about yourself as well as getting a boost to your self confidence. You may have lost someone you thought you loved along the way but you have realized such is life. This person doesn’t want what you have to offer but you will soon see that someone else will want it. You will be surprised where this next someone special is found. He or she is a tad bit unconventional and intriguingly eccentric. Not sure how long this person will be in your life but they will be with you at least to the end of your journey if not beyond.

Cancer: At the moment it may be easier to see what is wrong with love and relationships than what is right. You may be feeling that true love is impossible and demands too much effort to make things work. Many of you may even be considering forming a few light and casual relationships instead of one committed or permanent one or breaking it off with your long time love. This jaded view could end up backfiring on you causing you to burn bridges and hurt people you care for. Yes you are looking to break from all your normal patterns due to a transforming energy surrounding you but its intentions are not to leave you pessimistic and cynical. Shake off this mood and focus your energy in a positive and optimistic manner.

Leo: It is important that whatever your relationship status is, that you take no one seriously right now and that does include yourself. The energy of the day is about playing with confidence and letting go all restrictions and inhibitions rather than seriousness and commitment. This should be a most rewarding and liberating time for you. Love or a new relationship will actually make a difference in how you view yourself and heavily influence how others see you as well. It has been a long time since you had someone love you for you not what you can do or provide. It’s a good feeling, one that won’t leave you for some time to come. Go on and enjoy those closest to you and the people you interact with.

Virgo: Everyone around you has a well formed opinion of you based on hardcore facts. You may change or grow but your foundation always remains the same. But your base is multifaceted and not many people have seen all sides. Now because your sexual needs are strong and you feel the need to be in control, you will be thinking about new ways to relate to the people around you. You want to be the one who is noticed and who is pushing the buttons. If you unattached, you might want to experiment with this power and see where it will take you. Do not rush into anything, just feel things out. If you are attached make sure your loved one isn’t upset by this aggressive side to you otherwise it could get messy.

Libra: Being the sign of balance, you usually have a tendency to play it safe because you favor stability and security. What many people do not know are the lengths you will go through to achieve that feeling, especially where your romantic life is concerned. Though you do not do this very often, the planetary influences of the day will encourage you to be your true self. This is the time to release your inhibitions and stop worrying about how your actions will be viewed and how you look doing them. Dare to risk it all so that you can have everything your little heart desires. Listen to your heart and follow your intuition, there is a realistic way to make this happen and the confidence to follow through.

Scorpio: Thanks to the energy of the day, the relationships you have in your life are quite energetic. This can be both a good and bad thing as it may call upon your ability to compromise and adjust to the issues that will require your attention. You will not be alone in these endeavors because as you mix with people from all walks of life today, you may get some opinions and feedback that provide a point of view that you have yet to consider. There will be one person in particular who will have a very liberating effect on you. He or she will be especially creative or influential in your life. This could lead to a romance down the road if you two are open to it. This will be a wonderful time for you so long as you are true to yourself.

Sagittarius: Out of all the fire signs, many consider you to be the calmest of the three. You are bit more calculating and somewhat colder with an uninterested exterior. What many fail to realize is that you burn just as hot as your counterparts if not at times, hotter. If you are in a recently formed relationship or have been getting to know someone, things are growing towards a very personal level where this tidbit of information may be revealed and leave your loved one a bit shocked. He or she thought they knew you well enough but didn’t expect this level of passion and confidence. Not only are they turned on by such intensity but they want to use every bit of it to deepen the emotional and physical bonds between you.

Capricorn: Many of you may find yourselves at an impasse with the one you care for. They have staked their claim on you but you know that no one will ever own you. Your spirit is free and while having an anchor doesn’t alarm you, a rather heavy ball and short chain does. You would never put up with any restrictions in your love life but your sweetie has other ideas. What you need to do is not get too carried away with your frustrations on the matter and do not put any effort into this ordeal. Simply remind this person that what they demand of you is not who you are. Whatever you do, do not allow yourself to get aggravated. If you didn’t get your point across with the first try or the second, it may be time to reconsider this person in your life.

Aquarius: Though you are more than happy to stay home, in fact, you want to stay home… someone close to you will not let you. There is plenty of fun and excitement in the world around you and a little bit of mischievous fun could be just what you need. If you were honest with yourself, the only reason why you haven’t jumped in is that you just couldn’t figure out how you wanted to make the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whoever this person is, you lover or potential love, knows you need to get out of this rut you seem to have fallen in and join them in shaking things up and learning to live again. Doing so could lead to a rejuvenated spirit which could very well lead to invigorated activities with your someone special.

Pisces: Today will be a bit busy for you. The planetary influence will make you feel as if you have so much to do that you can’t relax until it is all done. This will work both in your favor and against your will. Mainly, you will be interacting with many people through phone calls, email or even face to face conversation. The energy of the day enhances your magnetic draw so if you are looking for love, all of this interaction and communicating will make you rather attractive to someone who will surprise you. Whether you wouldn’t have expected this from this person or not, expect flirtation to be a bit more open and very direct. If you are attached, this would be a good time for you and loved one to think about setting up some long term goals.

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