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Love Horoscopes – November 30, 2012

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Aries: You are on pins and needles which is tempting you to go overboard with everything. Your love life will likely get the worse of this emotional roller coaster. First, you are assuming the worse so let’s take a step back from that. Secondly, you will burn yourself and the person who has your heart out if you keep up this frantic pace. Third, don’t expect to understand everything that’s going on with your first attempt. You are so used to certain type of romance that you have become short sighted. Whatever move it was you wanted to make or whatever you tried to gained, it may be better if you plan this for another time. Get your mind and heart in order, rediscover the joy in love and THEN get back into it. Romance is out there waiting on you.

Taurus: This is not the best time to dwell upon or attempt to dissect your love life. Right now you may want to focus on being more flexible and open minded. There has been a lot going on and maybe not as you planned but it could always be worse. If you are involved with someone things seem to have dried up and lost its luster. If you are unattached, you may have grown attracted to someone you know or have a strong attraction to someone met and now you realize it is because of what they can give you rather than who they are. There is always a down swing with energy and right now it is swinging during a long transition. In a few days not only will you be thinking more clearly but what you really want you will get from the one you desire.

Gemini: You need to stay strong enough to make it over this bridge. Whether you are attached and the rough patch has become a road riddled with potholes or you are unattached and the one you desire in your grasp, the bottom is about to fall out. Part of this may be because you were trying so hard to make it perfect, you became rigid and disillusioned instead. On the surface you may be wishing that love and romance would die like the plague but deep down your for love, companionship, and affection is still alive and well. Take a few days, get all the negative energy and emotions out of your system and then reach out to the one who has your heart. It will be then that you will create the warm feelings you had hoped for as well as the relationship you want.

Cancer: You know that what we have here is a failure to communicate, you know that the trust in this relationship is on shaky ground but yet you are still allowing yourself to get upset and frustrated. Regardless of status, the person you care about is not on the same page as you. Whether that is your fault or not, if there is someone in your life, you are on two separate wavelengths. Stop scrambling for words you cannot form and please stop the feelings of anxiety. The more you push, the worse it will become. Instead of talking, listen to the words he or she is trying to tell you. When you can really hear and understand what they are trying to say, then things will get back on track. When you reach this point, then share your feelings as well.

Leo: Many of you have been building up towards a minor meltdown in your love life but the end of the frustration is near. No the energy of the day isn’t helping your predicament but you are beginning to feel like your old self again. Some of you had endured a period of time where you felt isolated and restricted when it comes to love. You brooded for a bit and had bouts with passive aggression but then you realized that shutting yourself out from love and companionship isn’t the answer either. If you are attached, get your thoughts in order these next few days and then lay your grievances on the table. You and loved one should be able to get through this. If you are unattached, it is time to get back out there and not let this mood keep down.

Virgo: I would stay away from you today so do not be surprised if everyone else doesn’t want to be bothered either. For many of you, things are not going so well intimately and you have begun to take it out on the world. It is entirely possible that you are irritable and throwing a tantrum or two. If anyone gets in your way for any reason, you may turn abrasive and insensitive. What isn’t helping that the one who has your heart has no idea how they feel about you at this moment. For those of you not in an actual relationship with this person, you are not so cranky but the longer you have been attached, the worse your attitude is. For many of you, these problems are not directly about you but you have made it such. Get away for the weekend, by yourself.

Libra: Things are moving in your love life but maybe not quite where you want them to go. You are feeling the warmth and look forward to the pleasure and comfort that lies ahead but this romance has left you on unstable ground. You are looking to either begin a relationship or strengthen the one you are in but your perception of this person may have changed. This has caused some problems in communication and left you with a sour and pessimistic outlook on the situation as a whole. Don’t make any judgments at this time, wait a few days and get a good assessment of what is really going on. You can make a more informed decision. Then you can make a more informed decision. You may be playing a bigger part in this confusion than you think.

Scorpio: You love life may not be going as smoothly as you hoped. Communication may get jumbled today as anything emotion or need you expressed either comes out wrong or you cannot get through to the intended person. It is entirely possible that someone is trying to get you to understand their needs and it just isn’t happening. Any demands or ultimatums you were thinking about delivering or a new direction you thought about following, hold off for a few days. By then you can start the week off working towards resolving any lingering conflicts with your personal relationships. By this time next week, many of you will be able to clearly express what you need as well as have a better understanding and strengthening of your love.

Sagittarius: This is probably not the best day to talk about anything deep or very personal. There should be warning signs all around you so do heed to them. If you are attached, let any arguments go for right now as getting in a word will be virtually impossible. Even if you know you are right, let it go; it will come out later anyways. If you are unattached, the one you have been dancing around will want to get to know you better. You may want to share all kinds of things, hoping to get to know him or her better but keep the conversation to more positive subjects. Small talk may be best for right now. Oh for those of you who have someone who was once close to you causing problems, use this energy to deliver a verbal beat down. Enough is enough!

Capricorn: You would love to satisfy your need for love and companionship but for some of you already attached, this will prove difficult at best. Some of you were once blindly happy in your relationships and over the last few weeks, things have changed drastically. There has been fighting and a string of misunderstandings coupled with plenty of silent nights. Those affect by this were once so invested in this relationship that now you might be feeling it is time to get out. You should really be careful during this time. This could be a matter of growing pains, don’t let your love go until you know for sure. If you are unattached there may finally be some progress. You may meet someone that you will have a strong attraction to, take things slow for a few days.

Aquarius: Lately, you have had a more pessimistic view of the world around you than normal. With good reason as your love life may be going through a bit of a rough patch. Now is not the time to give up. Maybe your relationship is ending but you two have been hurting each other long enough. Maybe the one you desire hasn’t picked up on your signals, are you sure they are even looking for someone to love? Today may have fallen short of what you had hoped but don’t allow the day’s events to dissuade you from trying again. The tide is changing and it will be towards your favor, things should improve soon enough. You just need to hold on a little bit longer. Focus on the shopping you need to do for the next day or two until the new energy kicks in.

Pisces: This is a new cycle for you romantically but not something you need to jump into. Apparently the energy surrounding you missed the memo from the planetary alignment. You may be social awkward during this time and while it will be funny when look back on this later, enduring a little embarrassment may not be so funny now. Though you have a deep seated need to be appreciated and admired, conveying those thoughts will be difficult at best. You, or maybe even those around you, will be stumbling over words and lack any confidence what so ever. Sure you have all this romantic creativity and desire brewing but it will likely get lost in translation. So it may not be the best time for a first date or romantic interlude today, it may be tomorrow.

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