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Love Horoscopes – December 2, 2012


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Aries: You may be exhausted when it comes to certain aspects of your life but right now, you are not too tired for love and romance. In fact, focusing some energy on this aspect of your life may be just what you need. The energy surrounding you is encouraging you and the one you desire to spend time together. You want to be truly seen, not just noticed by your love and today is the day to make it happen. If you are attached, now is the time to continue building your relationship for the future. You both are happy where things are right now and feel positive about your futures together. If you are unattached, it is time to make things happen. Show a little vulnerability by creating an romantic atmosphere to declare what you feel.

Taurus: Your creativity may be called upon today to bring the practicality of your love life into balance. You are looking for a love that excites you but is grounded and satisfies your deepest needs. You will take a long hard look at your love life and evaluate its good and bad points. The one who you feel can give you what you need now and more importantly in the future, is the one you want to keep. Keep in mind that he or she has goals too so if you want yours reached, you must help them do the same. If you are completely unattached, you might want to make sure you are presentable today. It is likely that you will get a bit more attention than what you are used to! Nothing really wrong with that now is there?

Gemini: Many of you seem to have adapted a competitive and aggressive attitude towards love and relationships. You want, you want everything you can get and because of that compulsion, there may be a few conflicts over power and dominance that will erupt. Though this is nothing you can’t handle, you are going brush past this and move on to what you want. If you are unattached, this means you will shamelessly pursue the one who has your heart. He or she will actually appreciate and invite your aggressive nature. If you are attached, you may realize the one you love is THE ONE. He or she may not feel quite the same. You will launch a campaign to make them see your way of thinking and settle into a deeper and more committed relationship.

Cancer: Your skills in change and negotiation will come in very handy today. Your loved one will be quite demanding of you and you may not want to give on anything. If things get too far, send them back to where they came from and let them cool off. While they are cooling off you need to focus how to give them all they want without giving too much away. For many of you this seems to be a frequent problem and your sweetie may already be tired of waiting as this was their last ditch effort. If this was the final straw, you have no reason to get upset with anyone but yourself. Make no doubt that this unexpected turn of events will certainly derail any and all previous efforts in your love life. Next time don’t waste so much time in being selfish.

Leo: Some of you may have finally realized that the person who has your heart, does not love the same way you do. You are very tactile and outwardly with your affections while they the direct opposite. He or she may assume you know how they feel and overlook the most obvious of hints. You have been feeling invisible and they haven’t noticed a damn thing. If you are unattached, it may be time to just spell out your feelings for this person. But only do so if you truly understand that they may be incapable of returning your affections the exact way you would like them to. If you are attached, understand they are comfortable enough with you that they simply assume you know how they feel. Today’s events should put your mind at rest.

Virgo: You will likely find yourself bored with what you feel is maintenance of your love life. You are tired of being practical or domestic and want to enjoy a few pleasures in life. With this attitude, expect a revitalization of your romance department. If you’re unattached, this may mean a new romance is on the horizon. If you are attached this could mean that you will find the pleasure you seek in the little things your loved one does. Taking this break will really make this period of time stimulating and feel refreshing. Don’t let this minor accomplishment be the end of your adventurous attitude. Throw a monkey wrench into all your routines, maybe even rope in a few friends besides your lover. Take off on a new direction and see where it leads.

Libra: Things in your love life are both exciting and a challenge to your balance. Some of you may have just met someone recently and there was this instance draw towards him or her. You two have not known each other long but oddly enough it feels as if you have known each other your entire lives. While so much of this feels perfect in your heart, so much of this is confusing your mind. The energy surrounding you is actually supporting your impulsive nature and will also give you a secure enough feeling to see what direction this love will take. For those of you not deliriously happy in love right now, expect a few arguments or unexpected tension to brew between you and your loved one. You can make it through the mess.

Scorpio: While there are some progressive changes in both life and love, you are having a hard time meeting all the demands. The process is exhilarating and you enjoy all the activity but there seems to be so much more to do than expected. Keep in mind that not everything needs to be done at once. You both are at the point you two are much more comfortable with each other and know that there is a real future together. It may take every ounce of love and determination that you have left, but make sure that you two keep this balance of harmony and consideration a priority. So much work has gone into getting this far together. The changes will not likely to be amazing, but a definite revolution in your relationship to others will be evident.

Sagittarius: The weight of the world is off your shoulders and now you can be the center of attention. You have weathered some pretty rough patches recently and you are still standing tall. Part of you is looking to close out the world, include those you’re closest to but the other part of you is hoping to receive a little praise or appreciation. Give yourself a pat on the back first. Look at what you have accomplished and how much of your underlying strength was brought out. If you are unattached, this has made you a stronger and more attractive person. If you are attached, the strength has helped your relationship survive a very tough test. The two of you can face the future knowing that nothing can break your bond. You will look back at this fondly.

Capricorn: Wow, the day may end up being a disappointment for you. Your interactions with others may be confusing and discouraging. Everything you want to accomplish seems to go nowhere and by midday you may decide to throw in the towel. Rather than feel that life has devitalized you cut everyone including yourself some slack. It doesn’t seem like everyone around you is having a good day either. If you have a date tonight, there is a possibility that it won’t turn out the way you had hoped. For all that you thought you two may have in common, gets lost in the details. You both share general interest but just can’t quite meet in the middle. The evening won’t be all that bad; the two of you may end up being very good friends.

Aquarius: This is a good day for love, romance and relationships. Take advantage of this energy by spending some time with the one who has your heart. Granted, for many of you, this will likely take some sacrifice on both parts but it has been a long time since you two have had the true pleasure of each other’s company. If you both do not make attempts to restore some sense of balance and harmony, things may get sad and ugly later. Because the energy is in your favor today, you can easily juggle any obligation with desire and be able to do it all! So start off by getting a few quick things done and end the day with a group activity that included some of your closest friends. Afterward, you two can pick up where you left off from the afternoon.

Pisces: It’s likely you are so frustrated with life and love at the moment that everyone will hear about them. You feel inclined to talk about everything for once. One person may hear something about your past while another may hear about your innermost feelings. It could very well be the same person you speak with on both occasions but you’re there fortifying building blocks with those who are not your loved one or who could potentially become your lover. Just because you’re disappointed in the one who has your heart, doesn’t mean that they are or they understand how boring you feel things have become. The bottom line is that you’re frustrated because he or she may be caught up in something that is taking their attentions away from you.  Let it go.


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