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2heartsLove Horoscopes – December 3, 2012

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Aries: This energy has opened your eyes to what could be your love life if you made the effort. If you are attached, you have concerns to discuss and a few personal needs to address. The more you and your sweetheart talk, the more you two understand each other and the easier it becomes to satisfy each other’s needs. Though this energy will not last, its affects will deepen and the strengthen bond between you and your lover. This relationship will be good for some time to come. If you are unattached, what you truly desire from a lover will come to light. You will have a clear definition of what you will and will not accept. Take a day or two and let it sink in before you go out hunting for your next catch. He or she will be there, maybe waiting for you.

Taurus: There is a very romantic energy that may seem wrapped up in a fantasy floating about today. You are affected but not directly. Your head is not fixated in the clouds because your focus is on the here and now rather than what could be in the future. While you want to make all kinds of romantic promises to your sweetheart, you also want to make sure you can deliver. If you are in a new relationship, your lover may be caught up in this energy and declare their deep seated love for you. This is a wonderful gesture and while you shouldn’t break their heart and tell them this, do not take him or her seriously right now. What you want to do is simply enjoy the moment and the words spoken.

Gemini: Thanks to the energy of the day, you may feel as if you have been written into a fairy tale. The thought of love seems brighter and warmer… dare I say perfect. If you are attached, you feel well connected to partner and have left any conflicts or tensions behind for the time being. If you are unattached, you may encounter someone that feel instantly in love with. This is wonderful but you need to find a way to connect with reality before you make any move or accept an invitation for a date. This is not the time to jump into anything blindly because right now you are comfortable relaxing in the clouds. Enjoy the one you are with. This energy should not be passed up.

Cancer: You may be under a lot of pressure to do something that someone else really wants you to do. Your spouse may want something, your friend with benefits may want something… everyone one wants something from you. You have an agenda of your own but it may be hard to express into words just that. There has been a lot on your mind and if you are attached, it leads to an in depth conversation with your sweetheart. If you are unattached, the person trying to persuade you may be the one you are interested in. Sure these plans are intriguing and you are really tempted to go along with them but you should truthfully consider every scenario and double check every detail.

Leo: Love is rather subtle for you today. It isn’t about being noticed or extravagance, it is about romance and inspiration. Many of you may get caught up in the fantasy aspect of today’s energy. When it comes time to share what you feel, make sure you head is out of the clouds and is focused on your words. There is no need to overwhelm the one who has your heart by serious tones and hard words, say what you mean with warmth and conviction then the rest will fall into place. If you are going on a date, you will enjoy yourself immensely but now is not the time to commit to anything more than another date. You will know when to either allow more to grow between you two or let it go. If you are attached, remind your loved one why they love you.

Virgo: The close relationships you have in your life may reach a depth and tenderness it may never have before. If you have been at odds from someone that you held dear, something today will open your eyes to the real reason why there is a barrier between you two. If this person still means something to you, go ahead and take necessary steps to right the wrongs. If you are attached, many of you may start thinking about your commitment and whether or not to make it permanent. You have been leaning towards that for some time now and you are beginning to feel that the window of opportunity may be closing. Make the move now under this energy, to insure success.

Libra: If the person who has your heart has distance him or herself from you, let it be for right now. Thanks to the energy of the day, you are very warm and gentle in your demeanor which may help the one you care about tell you what the problem is but don’t be surprised if they don’t. They may be going through something that they just can’t share with anyone right now. Let them keep whatever it is private, don’t try to force yourself on them. The fact that you offered to help or do whatever is needed is good enough for them until they feel they can talk about whatever is going on. Once this is all over, things will go right back to where it was before. If you were hoping to score a date with this person, you will likely get one then.

Scorpio: Many of you feel the need to take control of your lives, especially your intimate affairs. Go on and start calling shots by forcing you and your loved one to slow down and enjoy some quality time together. The both of you have been constantly on the go and working so hard that you two have not spent much time with each other lately. By doing so under the energy of the day, you two can regain your sense of companionship and satisfy each other’s sexual needs at the same time. Never go this long without that again! If you are unattached, you are also feeling the need to be control so why not go after the one you have had your eye on. The energy is encouraging romance and sexual needs, why not take care of yours.

Sagittarius: Today is about using your words. If you are not happy about something, talk about why with the person involved. Do not expect your loved one to know what is on your mind. Having an unrealistic expectation of those you are close to will only hurt you in the end. If you are interested in someone, let this person know. Don’t be afraid to say what you mean from the heart, your words will not fail you. As long as you are sincere, putting feelings into your words will help you achieve all you desire. For once, being honest works in your favor so now is the time to verbalize what you really feel. Do not let this power get the best of you; it can leave you just as quickly as it came.

Capricorn: For those of you who think that love is unobtainable, think again. If you have your eyes on someone who has consumed your heart and motivated your spirit, you may want to take a good look at what you have gotten yourself into. If you two are dancing around each other make sure that you are not wasting your time on someone who likes the thought of love but doesn’t want to get involved. If you share the same sentiment then by all means enjoy the fantasy but if you want more, you might want to move on. If you have a date, you can expect a little romance but the substance will come from the quality of conversation you two have.  There will be depth and spirit in the stories you both share that will lead to another date.

Aquarius: The energy of the day is supportive of any relationship endeavor you want to embark upon. If you are ready to date you may meet someone who shares many of the same fantasies and ideals that you do. This is the kind of person that finishes your sentences and knows just what you are thinking by looking you in the eye. This will either turn into a rather epic romance or be the best friend you ever had. If you are attached, when is the last time you two told each other how much you care? Why not use this energy to your advantage and set up an enjoyable evening for you and your sweetheart. Whatever it is you two love to do or places you love to go, make it happen tonight. Take few pictures to remember the occasion while you are at it.

Pisces: Some of you are content. Whether you are attached or not, you are happy where things are in your life and your emotional well being has vastly improved. There are still some who have not reached a harmonious level and want something more than what they have. For those yearning for that all illusive perfect relationship, remember that perfection is misleading to say the least. If you are attached and feel this way, what is that will make you happy? Take that tidbit of information to your sweetheart and work towards achieving that goal. Relationships are not one sided and since you are the one not happy, it is only right you contribute. If you are unattached, don’t let your impatience lead you to settle so quickly. The right one will come.

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