Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning December 3, 2012


Astro-Week December 3 – 9, 2012

Dear Aries

Your finances seem to be deeply entwined with your partner right now and this makes it very difficult for you when the team begins to lag. To make matters worse, you were given an honest glimpse into the world that you’ve always wanted. It’s up to you to make the leap.


Dear Taurus

This is a really good money time. Put your efforts into building that nest egg. If you are not seeing results then you are not in the right spot. Taurus should be making money right now.


Dear Gemini

Work, work, work. Just do it and stop complaining. This week’s Gemini mission for love. Go to the gym, be sexy, and meet someone where you visit daily. It’s very easy. Make the first move.


Dear Cancer

Of all the signs.. you are the most NOT going to go after love if I say. BUT.. Mars in your relationship sector is putting a lot of your energy here right. AND there are a bunch of planets in Scorpio which for you means LOVE. BUT you somehow have to go and let them know you’re interested.


Dear Leo

It must feel like everywhere you go, people are offering you things. It’s a little weird but it’s also Christmas. Keep going to the gym. You look great. Accept all gifts.


Dear Virgo

You want to stay home and enjoy some love but the world is calling, notably the office. There’s luck there however so for best results you’ll have to find a way to make both of them work.


Dear Libra

You are naturally articulate and wonderful at getting people to go along with your ideas. This astro gift gets a boost this week. You’ll also find yourself taking many short trips. Remember to rest.


Dear Scorpio

A little Sun in your astro-money sector feels good. Make a plan and stick to it. Saturn is encouraging your success through discipline. The more Scorpio you are right now, the more attractive you will be.


Dear Sagittarius

It’s your birthday and Jupiter, the big plant of luck is in your astro-house of close relationships. This is adding fortune and luck to your partnerships. Take the opportunity to tell someone how much you really care. Drama is not worth I at this time of year.


Dear Capricorn

Quit holding back. It’s almost Christmas. You’re not really the sour puss everyone thinks you are so get out and have fun. It will be a mixed bag of subdued get-togethers and energetic party planning. Both are to your liking so have some fun.


Dear Aquarius

Mid-week you’ll have an emotional desire to just get away from it all. Take a short break and get back to love by the weekend. The more public you are, the bigger your chance for love. Be open with your affections during this transit.


Dearest Pisces

The mood this week has you helping others. You’ll go through a little cycle where you’ll focus on close relationships then switch over into shared finances. With Venus now in Scorpio, look for a dark and mysterious love connection that somehow seems fated.

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