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Love Horoscopes – December 8, 2012

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Aries: Well this should be a day to remember for many of you. If you are unattached, the one you have been secretly adoring is paying quite a bit of attention to you right now. Granted this is mainly conversations and coy glances but you two are well on your way to something substantial. Do not be surprised if he or she gets touchy feely and starts to hug you when you two part. It is just one step closer to where you want to be. If you are attached, things may be so exciting. You and your sweetheart are getting your signals crossed and everything you two seems to be misunderstood at some level. It may be hard but if you can remain positive and not aggravate the situation and further, this negativity will dissipate quickly.

Taurus: Recent events have left you with a fresh outlook on life. Your emotions are clear and those around you seem to straightforward as well. For many of you, things are falling into place nicely. If you are attached you will be looking for ways to improve your relationship and strengthen your connection. There may be relatively little for you to do but it will take careful planning to do it successfully. If you are unattached a bit sapiosexual, this is the day for you. You will immerse yourself in activities that are generally more intellectual in nature. It will be one of these excursions when you find yourself enamored with someone who is as intelligent as or even more so than you. This should be fascinating.

Gemini: It may feel as if love is an abstract concept for you today but the energy swirling about wants you to remember to think outside of the box. The game of love may have changed, rules gone or rewritten but you can change right along with it. If you don’t, you will lose out. Some of these changes have had your emotions running both hot and cold. One minute you think you are on board and the next you want nothing to do with it. As this new regime settles in you need to get on board. If you are unattached, you risk losing the one you are interested in if you cannot go with the flow. If you are attached, you run the risk of alienating your loved one and making them rather cranky. You can make this work.

Cancer: Everything that you could want is well within your reach. Regardless of your status, all you need to do is look and then take. There is nothing else you need to do, no one you need to wait for. If you are unattached, your natural magnetism will attract many people worthy of your attention. The one you can hold a serious but delightful conversation with is the one worthy of your heart. If you are attached, you may be looking to rebuild the intimate connection you and your sweetheart once joyfully enjoyed. The fact that you want this is a start to bigger and better things between you two. Take that first step and make it happen. Re-establish true emotional security between you and loved one, and the rest will fall right into place.

Leo: People just cannot stay away from you today; you are like a magnet drawing everyone in. This, of course, works in your favor when it comes to romance. If you are attached and things have been tight, they will loosen up in more ways than one. You two needed a little of space and now ready to come back together and enjoy each other once again. Spend today making up for lost time. If you are unattached, you may encounter someone who just knocks you off your feet. He or she is stunning but also a bit mysterious. That combination is always very alluring to you so you will find yourself seduced by this person and you having the same effect. The longer you two talk, the better it will be for you both later.

Virgo: You may think it is obvious, you are feeling and looking sexy today and want to use it to your advantage. Sadly no one is able to read your mind and take you up on the offer.  If you are attached, your sweetheart wants you but after some ups and downs recently, they are not sure they can have you. If you are unattached the one you want doesn’t think you want them. Either situation, use this confidence that you are trying to portray and express what you are feeling. No one is intentionally trying to ignore you, they are just not sure of anything when it comes to you right now. You are empowered to change all of that at your will. Doing so will give you all you desire today.

Libra: You are feeling a bit reserved and tenderhearted today. Thankfully there is an energy swirling about that is putting an extra bit of oomph into your step. If you are unattached this may mean you actually doing something with the person who has captured your heart. This dance you two have going on is no longer in fashion. Just walk right up to this person and ask him or her out. Is that simple, it is that easy and you will be doing it! If you are attached, you want to cuddle. You want to spend the day wrapped up around your loved one enjoying the harmony and tranquility you two share. If you cannot do this, be generous and thoughtful today where they are concerned. It will be greatly appreciated.

Scorpio: You are feeling social, likely because you want to be the center of attention today. You are feeling sexy, confident and a bit aggressive. The world around you would benefit from your presence, at least that is what you are telling yourself and if you are attached, your sweetheart. Yes, we are both quirking that one eyebrow at you. We are not laughing at you but we are going to encourage you do what you feel you want to do. So if that means dressing spectacularly and allowing others to worship at your feet, so be it. Have fun! If you are unattached, they may line up for the opportunity to dance with you and get you out on a date. Don’t be surprised if someone is just as if not more aggressive than you today.

Sagittarius: Many of you need to watch your fire elemental tendencies today. There may be a lot on your mind lately and it is causing you to overly proactive and aggressive rather than introspective and strategic. Because you cannot control the few things you are looking to do, you are now trying o control everything or everyone in path. Your need for dominance will likely blow up and backfire in your face, especially if you are attached. Your partner will just leave you standing alone or decide that they want to provoke you even further depending on their mood. If you are unattached, you may have a bit of dilemma on your hands as you try to choose between two (or more) dates. One infuriates you and the other is just like you. What do you do?

Capricorn: Many of you find yourselves unattached during this time. However you got here no longer matters. What does matter is that some of you want to change this status and find love again. For those of you that do, throw away the game plan. Come on now, you have list somewhere that if you were honest with yourself, is overly critical. Continue on that that path and you will continue to come up empty handed. Right now isn’t about a finding a permanent relationship, it is about enjoying love. The energy of the day is forcing you to do just that. There will people attracted to you because of your physicality then surprised by your brilliance. One of them you may desperately need to have, sexually. Go on and enjoy what is right in front of you.

Aquarius: The energy of the day is doing what thinks it needs to do in order to motivate you so that you accomplish what you truly desire. There are things you need to do in order to have all you want in your love life but keep your eyes open for any form of sabotage. There’re people out there, some even close to you, that are jealous of your strengths. Whether it is your ability to bounce back or empathy for others, they just can’t handle your talent. Kill that person with kindness today. Karma, as well as the energy today will help you along in your romantic endeavors. If you are attached with your eye on someone, he or she is not out of your league. Keep talking, they will notice. If you are attached, you can and will help your sweetheart through this time.

Pisces: Many of you may find yourselves being difficult today. If you are attached, you are likely to be having a fit over a problem you had spent plenty of time talking about, arguing and possibly crying over. You thought these issues were long resolved only to find that there were some underlying secrets waiting to come out. Saying you are pissed off is an understatement. Forcing honesty, whether you are to blame or not is the only way this matter will rest. It will be hard but the key to this will be forgiveness and understanding from both sides. If you are unattached, you may be doing something with someone just to do it and get noticed. You understand that while you may not want to date this person, someone out there truly does?

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