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Love Horoscopes – December 9, 2012

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Aries: For those of you unattached, the energy of the day is focused on you. You are tired of the usual romantic routines and are looking something more unconventional. You will get that today both romantically and socially as you move throughout the day. It is likely that you will tap into your more spiritual side as a guide to finding someone who could very well be your soul mate. You are tired of settling and would appreciate finding someone who sincerely shares your convictions and ideals. You are tired of the drama and petty bullshit you have had endure in other relationships and looking for something a bit simpler. You will find this person and he or she will be pretty damn close to what you need.

Taurus: The energy surrounding you is focusing on socializing first and then whatever is left is going towards love and romance. If you are attached, the connection you have with your sweetheart is quite satisfying. The love you two share feels genuine as well as equal. Since love is going well, you and your sweetheart will be bitten by the social butterfly. You two may go out with friends or invite them over to your home. Either way, you will not be alone tonight! If you are not attached, you are feeling open and lighthearted right now. You will likely flirt your way through the day and through plenty of potential lovers. You are not focused on anyone at the moment so make the most of the fascinating people you have surrounded yourself with.

Gemini: Time to clean house some. Your senses are heightened thanks to the energy of the day and you are able to see the true colors of those closest to you making things so much easier. One of those things is getting rid of unhealthy relationships or outdated habits. Personal habits you can change somewhat easily while dealing with the relationships takes a little more time.  Begin by quietly severing any ties to each other and let it now be known until end. Sadly this is the best way to do so. If you are attached, you will have the best of both words as the energy swirling about is both social and romantic today. Go out with as many of your friends as you can group together. Within that group is the one for you.

Cancer: Right now is about making up for lost time. If you are unattached, whatever you do, don’t stay in and shut out the world. You should use this time to reconnect with friends and possibly acquire a new circle of friends. Interacting with new people will certainly have a wonderful effect on you now as well as later. If you are attached, you and loved one may be so busy at work that you two haven’t had time for each other. With all of the loving feelings that are still flowing between you despite the distance and time apart, it is time to remind each other how much you appreciate one another.  Romance is likely and flirting is imminent and you both will be frisky. Be thankful that this time a part had not become tense and negative.

Leo: Lately your thoughts have been on your intimate affairs or lack thereof. In your mind you have these goals and ideas to improve or change things in your life. For once you actually know where to start as well as being able to separate what is fantasy and what in your life is realty. This is a big step towards better relations in your relationship or attracting the type of person you have always wanted. Though this isn’t a romantic type of day in the traditional sense, the energy swirling about today does make it a sociable evening. Keep any serious conversation out of your relationships for the next day or two and just enjoy each other. If you are unattached, this is a great time to mingle with people who inspire you both intellectually and creatively.

Virgo: Right now the energy surrounding you is about what you can share by giving selflessly. If you are attached, the sweeter and more genuine your intentions are, the more you will be rewarded. Your desires will be granted beyond your comprehension. If you’ re unattached you will be reminded of the old adage of being the type of person you want in a lover and you will attract that kind of person. There may be a series of social gatherings you are attending in the upcoming weeks and one of those occasions you will meet someone who noticed your natural magnetism but overheard your stunning intellect. He or she wants to get to know you better and will likely suggest a date where you can both ask questions and get to know each other better.

Libra: Though the issues most important to you now are your closest emotional relationships, the energy surrounding you has calmed love and romance. You have been feeling a bit more reflective lately and was hoping to reconnect with those closer to home and to your loved ones. While you can and should draw strength and love from those closest to you, you may find that some of those close relationships are on rocky ground. It may be time to fix those old connections. If you are looking for love you will be making connections that are more cerebral and platonic during this time. While this is something you didn’t want to hear, this is something that will be rather beneficial later on. Invest in this connection now and get more from it later.

Scorpio: The energy surrounding you continues to be warm and welcoming. It is working in your favor to help improve your intimate affairs. What that means is that your charm and ability to really flatter someone will get you everywhere you want to be.  If you are attached, set aside some private time so no one else can get in the way of the feelings you want to share. Doing this way will get you the time you need to discuss this and honesty in return. If you are going on a first day it will likely blow you away. This date will likely blow your mind especially if you two were friends first. Since you two know the basics about each other already, you have the chance to see how they will act in a more physically intimate setting.

Sagittarius: You have been very serious lately. You have set these goals that while attainable, are just a little difficult and take plenty of perseverance. While it is wonderful you want to be so steadfast in your endeavors about love and life, you need to remember to go easy on yourself. Sometimes the pressure you add on top of everything else can make sick. If you are attached, take your sweetheart out for evening of fun and relaxation.  It’s time for you two to make new memories! If you are unattached you likely have someone on our mind. When you are ready to garner his or hers attention, all you need to do is talk. Talking should be very easy for you as the current energy swirling about will help you and your romantic endeavors.

Capricorn: Your brain may get a workout today. This is a welcomed change for many of you since your hearts have been broken or disappointed lately. Never the less if you are still attached, things may not be as calm as you think they would be. There is a discussion you feel you have to have before things go further. There will be some things your loved one will not like and you the same but in order to reach some sort of resolution or make any progress, you will need to compromise. If you‘re unattached you may meet someone who challenges you in a good way. You two will be caught up in conversations that are deep and extremely meaningful. For once, your superior intellect is tested by someone who might just know more than you do.

Aquarius: There are quite a few of you who have been rather hard on yourselves lately. Aquarians have a natural tendency to be strict in some areas but lately you have been quite harsh. There will likely be some sort of event that reminds you to live in the moment and most of all, lighten up. If you remain so inflexible and narrow minded, all those goals or desires you want to reach will become trivial. First and foremost you need to give yourself a chance. Believing in yourself can do wonders, especially for those unattached and hitting dead ends. You can attract the right the person by being the type of person you want to attract. That means embracing your strength and being confident. Let any emotional serious fall to the wayside for now.

Pisces: Many of you have likely had your fill of love and romance for a while. Whether you have someone or not doesn’t matter as your desire now is to be social, something a bit more platonic. This is a great time to meet new people and forge the bonds of friendship. However you feel comfortable doing this, signing up for an activity or joining an internet chat, you should go ahead and invest some time into making new friends. The more people you meet the better. As these people get to know you, they will see the kind and genuine person you are and be willing to help you later with your endeavors. You are a loveable and friendly person, its time for the world to know it!


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