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Love Horoscopes – December 12, 2012

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Aries: You may be involved in a battle for your love life. Some of you may have a problem with your loved one trying to confine you. Do they not understand that an Aries cannot be caged! I digress.  Never the less you come out swinging and quite possibly take things too far. In the midst of all of this you will definitely uncover exactly what you sweetheart means when they tell you about certain personality traits. You will be left with no doubt about how they feel about you. What you may want to do is push all that aside for the moment and deal with a few little tidbits that had you flying off the handle. Why did whatever it was, set you off? You like to operate in the grey area but today, you need to know exactly what so you can fix it.

Taurus: The more you interact with people today, the more of a profound effect it will have on your love life. These interactions may range from deep and rather baffling conversations to simple and casual. If you think you can be prepared for anything, now would be the time to put some truth to it. Regardless of what depth these discussion have, they will essentially encompass the prospect of change. For some of you, this should be a sign that you need to be honest with yourself about the state of your intimate affairs. If you are in an unhealthy relationship, you need to deal with it and soon. Otherwise it could get out of control. If you are unattached but have someone in mind, now is the time to make yourself known. Turn on that charm!

Gemini: You are in the mood for a little something different. You are not looking to do anything drastic but a change will do you good. You will find that today, you will take a few risks and have an opportunity to cultivate new beginnings with someone special. If you are involved, a new routine may start to set in soon but it won’t get too far until you are honest with your sweetheart about how you really feel towards them. If your sweetheart suggests a prospect of change, the least you can do is consider it. Being honest and talking about what you truly feel at that point in time, can do nothing but make things better. If you’re unattached and looking, it’s a good day to take that risk and ask someone out. You can do it!

Cancer: Something just isn’t working for you in your relationship. It is likely the lack of quality communication between you and your sweetheart. Certain topics of conversation you two seem to either skirt over or hide behind the issue, now you can’t get away from it. In order to clear the air, all you have to is to start talking. As long as you follow your intuition during this conversation, you should be ok. But if this conversation was an attempt to give the situation or the other person ‘just one more’ chance, well you can just show them the door. It will be painfully obvious that he or she is not changing anytime soon and you can just move on. You know what’s best for you, make it happen.

Leo: Those who have gotten intimate with you have often said you are something of a mystery and at times – do not know what to make of you. As your emotions swirl about, those close to you may become intimidated and you may become overwhelmed. Rather than ride this rollercoaster, why not take a chance and talk about your feelings, maybe explain yourself to someone deeply affected by your words and actions. Though it is always hard for you to know what to say when it comes to yourself, he or she deserves understand you better. Also this is not the time to let those emotions get the better of you. Any need you have to be impulsive or make any snap decisions, sleep on it and revisit the matter in a day or two.

Virgo: Today you were hoping to share a nice and relaxing day with the one you care for. If you are attached, it looks like you need to take action in your relationship. Your desire for a delightful afternoon will just have to wait. You were hoping to avoid heavy discussions but by the end of the day you have been knee deep in a tense exchange. Your sweetheart is looking for both affection and answers as to why you have been distant. Since you may not want to touch upon that last subject, I suggest you distract him or her will may be a gift or by taking them somewhere new. Focus on showing your affections through direct action. If you are unattached, that evening out with friends sounds like a fun idea!

Libra: There will be a great depth to your conversations today. This will turn out to be the perfect time to learn more about your own inner depths and those of your intimate partner. The energy surrounding you gives you the chance to get to know someone rather special, a little better – well, a lot better actually. You will have the opportunity to discuss some very personal and deeply profound subjects that will require quite a bit of honesty on your part. You may find yourself revealing secrets or mentioning very private matters to this person but in return you are also asking very piercing questions. The longevity of your relationship is likely to depends on how well you two can talk to each other, or how open you can be.

Scorpio: Some of you may still be a bit uncomfortable in your relationships today. The practicalities of day to day life has you frustrated and all your sweetheart can think about is having another conversation with you. Do you two need to talk, yes but you were hoping to satisfy your physical needs today as you have a need for affection and companionship. In order to get what you want, you need to give them what they want. You may not like it but go on and have that conversation with them. It is likely that your relationship will come out revitalized. That would be the time to for you to hint at something physical for the evening. If you are unattached,. A new person may come into your life and bring with them romantic promise. This should be good!

Sagittarius: There is warmth radiating from you today and will work in your favor if you still have things you need to say or need to make a first impression. As those around you see you as the genuine person you truly are, you words will carry weight and people will come to you for advice or for telling secrets to. Hold on to those secrets, you never know when one might come in handy. Never the less for those of you needed to make a seriously fantastic first impression, trust in today’s planetary alignment. Those you are looking to affect will be charmed by your affections and how much you care for those around you. If you are working up the courage to tell someone how much you loved them, now is the time to make that happen.

Capricorn: You are a knowledgeable person. There are plenty of things that you are well versed with and think you should share this wisdom with those around you. But what you think is a “fun fact” may sound like a lecture to someone else. Think about the tone of your voice today as well as the caliber of words that you choose. There may be someone you have a conversation with who feels as if you are nagging them rather than informing them. If you are unattached you might want to consider letting a little bit of your brashness out to play today. You don’t want to let too much out, just enough to have a decent conversation and impress your new romantic interests. Keeping up the banter between you two and little bit of flirting will do wonders.

Aquarius: This is a great time for you to be doing something, anything to be honest. The energy surrounding you is primed for making solid connections with those you encounter. You may find yourself in the middle of a flurry of emails and numerous conversations. But if you have someone special in your life, the one conversation you should be having is with them. Many of you may be concerned with the recent behavior of the one person that is intimately close to you. You have let quite a bit slide but now your assumptions and imagination has gotten the best of you. Rather than continue painting a horrific picture in your mind, just ask him or her what the problem is. It is likely there is nothing to worry to about but you still need to know.

Pisces: You may find that you are emotionally charged today. With all of your thoughts and feelings weighing heavily on your mind, you find yourself talking quite bit about anything and everything. Expect to have conversations, with those close to you, that are deep and profound in nature. There will be a lot of honesty shared in these discussions so just don’t get bent out of shape when the talk turns towards a few of your lesser traits. For those of you unattached, there may be a romantic development on the horizon. You may connect with someone you find absolutely fascinating. He or she finds your little cat and mouse game cute for a minute but let them catch you and get serious about being together.

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