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Love Horoscopes – December 14, 2012

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Aries: In general, you are very friendly during this time. Couple this with your heightened attractiveness and warmth, you might feel like a magnet today because everyone wants to be near you. For the most part, many of you have a rather harmonious and satisfying love life but there are a few of you who have some concerns about your intimate relationships. Whether these relationships just started or you are transitioning to the next phase, there is one obstacle in the way. You have tried to ignore it or just by pass it but it keeps coming back around. If you want progress, then you two need to get together and talk openly and honestly about this. Once you two start piecing it all together, it may not be as bad as it seems.

Taurus: Your love life may feel like riding a roller coaster today. It seems like déjà vu all over again as you keep thinking the worse of everyone you love. Could it be because you are still holding on to some issues from the past that you thought you would just get over. You won’t be able to get over any of it until you talk it out. You have so many questions, loose ends you want to tie up that can only be helped if you spend some time talking honestly with each other. Thankfully the energy of the day is all about communication. It should be easier for you to talk about your feelings now, and also easier to actually listen to what others are saying and see what they are feeling. If this doesn’t work, perhaps give each other some space.

Gemini: This is a very emotional time for you and you are likely to not find the care and nurturing you need to reinforce the emotional bond with your sweetheart. Whether your loved one is just absent minded or purposely ignoring you have every right to insist that your needs are met, especially in a time like this. If you are not getting the respect you deserve ask yourself if you have missed something before you go and confront the issue. You should really consider the possibility that there could have been a misunderstanding between you. It is entirely possible that you may have said something that was taken wrong. Words don’t always convey the meanings we intend. Be calm when you speak to your loved one, it will work out better if you do.

Cancer: Right now it’s easy for everyone to get caught up in their feelings thanks to the energy of the day. You could find yourself running around in circles until you fall down especially if your partners seem agitated today. If you are attached, there has been some tensions between you two and a few arguments along the way. Both of you know that this can only be eased by coming to some sort of compromise. Neither of you want to compromise but neither of you have realized that by allowing this to push you two apart, you will both end up with less than you started with when you come back together. Stop waiting time and energy. Sit down and actually listen to each other; try to understand each other’s side. If not, this could lead to a break up.

Leo: Disputes between your head and heart can raise issues that consume a lot of time but don’t actually resolve anything today. You crave an intimate connection that will last but lately you have grown suspicious of your sweethearts motives, even though they may not have done anything to provoke this. What you feel right now might cause you to not want to be so forthcoming or open when you next see this person. What you may not know either is that your sweetheart has sensed your distance and might not be entirely trusting of you either. If you can both be honest with each other, this will all work out and blow over quickly. But if you can’t clarify things quickly, drop the matter and move on. Otherwise, this could all get out of hand.

Virgo: Your love life is doing well and you are generally happy with where you are right now. If you are already in some sort of a relationship you might not want to shake things up. Now is not really the time to change routines or spice your love life up. It has taken quite a bit for you two to get where you are now to let anything mess it all up. Sometimes leaving well enough alone is all it takes to continue along smoothly. A few of you who have your eyes on someone special may find yourselves a little embarrassed to find that that person knows a few of your less savory traits and has figured out how to push a few of your buttons in the process. Your special someone may see the humor in this or walk away. Wait to see what happens before you act.

Libra: Many things are going your way when it comes to love. The world around you seems a lot brighter and you are feeling rather affectionate and loving. This is working alongside with the love you deeply want to give to someone which will compel you to finally go after what you want. If you are unattached, some of you have spending quite a bit of time with someone that once meant the world to you but fate had its own agenda back then. Though those incidents have left you with a difficulty to trust others, you want to change that. Wanting is half the battle and the one you love or love next will appreciate it. Put yourself out there little by little and it will get much better for you in due time.

Scorpio: Lately some of you have been feeling a bit off balance in your love life. Those of you that are, may find today a bit unsettling like needles prickling on your skin. You genuinely need to talk about a problem that is bothering you but you are not finding this so easy. One thing you do know that you want to do is freshen up the life you and your loved one lead. Part of that is finding the opportunities by doing what comes naturally to put life into each moment in its own way. Having a fresher relationship will give you a more content partner which will lead to a lot more fun between the sheets and out in the real world. For those of you far away from your loved ones, get a message across to them and give them your love.

Sagittarius: Many of you may be feeling rather creative and industrious today. These aspects will certainly manipulate your love life and how you choose to express yourself over the next few days. Some of that creativity may influence your normally rational thinking causing you to be a bit more inhibited and take a risk or two. So if there is someone you have admired from a far, a sexual position you have wanted to try or new location to visit, you will find yourself gladly perusing the task. Be careful not to get too aggressive or force your passions on the one you desire. If you happen to desire a lot of praise right now, remember that it is better to be wanted for who you are rather than what you have heard. Relax and enjoy this period of time.

Capricorn: Some of you are not in the best of places emotionally. Either your relationships have fallen apart or they are freefalling as we speak. Sadly with either case, you cannot change what is already in motion but you can learn and grow from it. Some of you attempting to learn from it may be going about it all wrong. This is not the time over do everything you can think of simply to fill the void. Yes, you are having a hard time connecting with anyone you encounter right now but you shouldn’t get disappointed or discouraged. This lull period will pass soon enough and your sense of normal will return. Once it does you find that some of the discord that dominated you and your life will have faded away and you can start fresh.

Aquarius: Love and romance may be a bit intense for some of you today. Your emotions are heightened and your desires are strong. There may be an urgent, almost compelling, quality with your sexual and intimate affairs that is driving you right now. Satisfaction may be the only clear thought on your mind during this time. Your attractiveness and magnetism seem to doing you just fine if you are attached. For those of you who may be persuading someone why the two of you are so right together, those same positive traits are doing nothing for you. Whatever you do, don’t give up on this person. They will soon run out of excuses on why you two will not work, even though it is so obvious you two will indeed work out well.

Pisces: If you have someone special in your life, things may not be so harmonious between you two. There is something going on you can’t quite put your finger on and yet when you attempt to discuss this with your sweetheart, they become evasive. The more you fish around and find tidbits of information, the more frustrated it makes you and tempts you to want to force their hand. The more you fall into this the more likely you will have arguments about things that have nothing to do with what is going on. The longer you are confused the more this becomes a competition and struggle over dominance. This will not work! There is no need to compromise yourself right now but you do need to be reasonable. It will all come out in due time.

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