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Love Horoscopes – December 17, 2012

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Aries: When the energy of the day becomes chaotic and abstract, you find your mind and the events around you frenzied. When you get like this you are in no mood to compromise or be nice to anyone. You get tense and frustrated quite easily because you feel time is getting away from you and you have so much to do. Whatever needs to be done, whatever requires your utmost attention needs to wait until later afternoon or early evening. By then this crazy energy will have faded your focus will be returned. So whatever you working on in regards to your love life needs to wait a few more hours. You will get back that loving feeling but not without scrambling a few eggs first. It is what it is Aries.

Taurus: You will be one of the few that breeze through this disorderly energy unscathed. Though the emotions expressed tonight may be a bit heavy, it will help you put your love life into perspective. You realize that it is time to make a more serious commitment either to your sweetie or finding someone to share your life with. What works in your favor is that you are entering a cycle of emotional directness and impulsiveness. With this brings new beginnings or a fresh start so do what you can to use this to your advantage. Do not let the power of your feelings hold you back or give you second thoughts. There may be some risks you need to take but they will be good ones and put you on the path to all you desire.

Gemini: This chaotic and distracted energy today will have a deep affect on you. What you need to try and keep in mind is that you do not fall prey to its negative aspect. Because you want to kinda let the world outside spin without you, your mind has time to dwell upon the status of your love life. What may feel like a sober tone is really your fear or uncertainty about where things are right now. If you are looking to break free from your current situation, there is honestly nothing stopping you but you. If you are looking to improve your chances at love, you are the only one who can make that happen. Listening to and accepting the negative will only hold you back from the happiness you deserve. This evening, all of this will become clearer.

Cancer: You like this unfocused energy swirling about today. It helps free your inhibitions and opens you up to do things you might not feel comfortable doing, especially when it comes to your love life. Your self confidence is up and your appreciation for love and happiness is sky high. Though you really have nothing to prove, you want to push your own limits and express yourself more openly than usual. Your desires will add more depth and importance to your love life and allow the fun-loving nature of both you and the one who has your heart, to come out and play. If things grow a bit tense by late afternoon, do not allow whatever negative energy you feel to stop you from expressing how you feel if needed.

Leo: While you may be feeling bold and adventurous today, you will be a bit distracted this morning. As the day wears on your emotions and desires will become a bit more stable and you can start to work on the goals you want to accomplish. Be careful that in the drive for your pursuit of happiness, you don’t set yourself up for failure by biting off more than you can chew. As you tackle the matters in your love life you want to set aside the next few days to pull it all together. So plan out what you want and how you are going to go about it so you can maximize your resources. If this is someone new, be prepared to think outside of the box. If this is your current lover, it should be easy for you to make him or her happy.

Virgo: Of course if anyone will attract the opposite effect of today’s energy it would be you. Your day is far from unfocused as you have maintained your stable and practical nature through this unbalanced day. Rather than wait until the evening to be productive, you want to accomplish as much as you can during the day. Know that your desire for love and romance is strong as well as your level of communication so if you make a little bit of an effort, you can have so much. You also have a heightened drive to really appreciate life and experience all has to offer. So as this applies to your love life, go ahead and be a little selfish, enjoy yourself and the one who has your heart. If there any obstacles in your way, take a slow and calculated approach to it.

Libra: Like many others, the day will begin a bit fuzzy but as the day progresses, your thoughts will have gained a practical perspective. Thanks to some realistic and deep-seated conversations, the issues you have had with your love life become painstakingly clear. You will gain a better handle on your emotions as well as an honest assessment of the obstacles or limitations you face. When you figure out what is really going on, you will have a better idea of what is required of you to make this work. Once you get that far, you will know where you stand and what you will do get around or remove these silly obstacles. Never underestimate and determined Libra.

Scorpio: The energy of the day affecting everyone’s focus has made a stop in your neck of the woods as well. It goes without saying that you should forego any major decision right now until this passes. Meanwhile whatever emotional choices you need to make, quiet your mind and concentrate on you. Do what you can to remain as practical and realistic as your thoughts and feelings swirl about. Though the energy is a bit haphazard, this will be a period of emotional growth. Your opened mind also releases your heart and attaches itself to issues and emotions that need your attention. If that means making a few small repairs in your relationship then do so. Or if this means getting out there and finding someone to share your love, then get out there.

Sagittarius: Your energy today may be a bit scattered and it is deeply affecting your focus. If whatever needs to be done can wait until later afternoon, I suggest you do it then. Meanwhile, set yourself and your mind free and try to enjoy this waywardness. You will find that it’s kinda nice to let your mind wander aimlessly. Some of you may find some clarity in this as you figure out a way to smooth over the minor bumps in your love life. Take advantage of this cool and detached energy by clearing the air and setting a few things straight. If you’re unattached, now would be the time to casually strike up a meaningful conversation with the one who you desire. It will build towards a date soon enough. Attached, spend quite time with your love snuggling.

Capricorn: You are moving and not sitting still at all. So much to do, so much you want to do and you are determined to get it all done. Within your persistence to get everything done, you may be oblivious to others’ needs and intentions. Not that you mean to but you are multitasking to so much that you have left everyone behind. So if there was someone looking to gain your attention or affections, you have missed it. Now don’t try to backtrack or come on too strong to make up for it, that’s way more than what is needed. Keep things light and communicate compassionately. This will benefit you and the person in your life or the one who wants to be there. And yes Capricorn, there is someone who is looking to gain your affections. See what you miss…

Aquarius: Many of you are frustrated with the obstacles presented in your love life.  Nothing is going right and you may barely make it through the day without biting someone head off or hurting someone’s feelings. Though certain conflicts or confrontations may be unavoidable, if you can shut everyone out until the evening, then things will work out much better. Someone you care for deeply will help you get through this difficult time by helping you sift through your emotions and the events that have transpired. Things are changing for you next week; much of it will be in your favor so do what you can to ground yourself until then. If you can’t avoid people today, think before you speak so you don’t regret anything said later.

Pisces: Your mind may be working over time today as your love life is spiraling. If you are attached, many of you may be yearning for love and emotional satisfaction that you haven’t felt in quite a while. Your mind is reeling as you begin to piece together why and not like where you have concluded. You will hate to admit it but it is time to let go. Of course you cherish this but it is no longer has a positive in your life. If you are unattached, some of you may have someone in your sights that has become a challenge to say the least. You have tried many ways to gain their attentions and so far have come up short. You are not ready to give up and have no idea what more you can do. The answer is within you, allow yourself to be passionate.

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