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Love Horoscopes – December 18, 2012

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Aries: Many of you are feeling good. You have spent quite a bit of time taking stock of your life and have looked at it from every angle. The energy surrounding you is full of confidence and a heightened sense of adventure so feel free to move forward with whatever plans you formulated. If you are attached, the action you may be thinking about taking has to do with your level of commitment and your desire to put forth more effort into how you communicate. This will be richly rewarded. If you are unattached, you are likely to want to aimlessly explore the world out there. You may meet someone doing the same and who is quite easy on the eyes. It would be worth it to strike up a conversation and see where it leads you.

Taurus: Like many others today, it will be a rather busy day for you. Various and numerous forms of communication will bring you into contact with others. Make sure that a few of those emails or phone calls are to the one who has your heart. Otherwise the day will get away from you both and you will feel a bit disconnected. What won’t help you is your day doesn’t start off the way you would have liked it to. You are still a bit scattered from yesterday and having a hard time getting all your plans and ideas together. If you have someone you are or would like to be intimate with, a conversation with him or her will help you focus and get back on solid ground. Once you get back on track do what you can to stay focused.

Gemini: For some of you there may have been a series of events that has let your imagination run amuck. It is time for a dose of hard reality. Where your mind took off to may have nothing at all to do with what is really going on. Like many of us, we assume the worse first then worry about everything else later. Take a good look at what you think is happening then go find out what is truly going on. If you don’t do this before you start making plans you may find yourself in trouble later. Now if you happen to uncover it all today or encounter your loved one, today is not the day for a confrontation. Even though you think you know something (or actually do know), stop yourself from showing your cards. It will work out better for you in the long run.

Cancer: Many of you have big ideas for you’re the one who has your heart, just don’t get distracted. You started off with very attainable goals but somehow they have grown extravagant and out of control. Rein in it and get back on track. This isn’t about attracting the attention of everyone around you; it is about your sweetheart. You want him or her to thoroughly enjoy what you have planned don’t you? Then concentrate on the matter at hand, focus on what will make your special someone happy.  You will find that you will be very productive as long as you stay focused and calm. The energy surrounding you is all about taking control and heightening your sexual desires. Do the first right today and you will have all your needs met tonight.

Leo: You are on the move today Leo and nothing or no one should dare get in your way! You are charged up with new energy, vitality, and a grand sense of purpose. You have places to go, people to see and mountains to overcome. You want it everything to run smoothly today and as long as you stay focused and determined, it will all go as desired. Before you do anything, make sure you start from solid ground. Do you know what you want and who you can get it from? Is what you want truly want  going to benefit you or your love life? Then what are you waiting for… get to it! Once you have gotten what you need as far as your love life, put it into motion. Make sure it’s bold and original so that you can not only grab your loves’ attention but keep it!

Virgo: For many of you the smoke has cleared, your world is spinning in the right direction and the chaos has calmed. You are still standing but where? Take stock of love and life and see where you really are. Are you happy where the pieces have landed? What do you want to change or better yet, what can you change? Just because you are taking a deep look into your personal relationships doesn’t mean you change things just to change it, it could be working despite what you think is dysfunction. If your love life is moving along the way you want it, don’t touch it. If you are truly dissatisfied then have a calm and honest talk with the persons involved. Approaching the problem this way will set change in motion faster than accusations and yelling.

Libra: Though this may be a time of self analysis, make sure you’re in control of your emotions before you get too far into your head. You may find yourself questioning the directions you have taken in your life and any major commitments you may have or have not made. In order to learn from your past, you need to be stable and not let your emotions swing wildly. Calm yourself and follow each heart and heartbreak to its conclusion and revisit that pain. You need to see the events objectively and find your own personal closure. Your current love life depends on you creating a positive outcome from this. When it is all said and done you will have a better look on life and love and be thankful for things and people you may have taken for granted.

Scorpio: These last few weeks have left some things in your life in disarray. Today you might want to clean house and put things back in order. Sure you may want to take care of the bills and clean your living space but don’t forget about you. Start from your mind and work your way down to your heart. Get rid of any demons taking root in your mind and trying to blacken your heart. Make a pact with yourself to let the negativity of others roll off your back, no matter how close to you they are. Since the energy today is full of harmony and kindness, it is likely to reflect in your actions today. Take care of those you love, even if it is something little. The love you put out into the world today will come back around ten-fold later when you need to feel it most.

Sagittarius: You have a gained a great deal of power thanks to the energy of the day. If you use it wisely, you can overcome the obstacles in your life and any frustrations you may have in your love life as well. You may be having a hard time understanding those around you but don’t take it at face value. If you utilize your heightened intuition, you can get through this without hurting anyone’s feelings, especially your loved one. If you are unattached and have someone in your sights, now is the time to take a risk and ask this person out. When you make your approach be confident and make sure your actions are clear and decisive. You want this person to know that you want this between you two to happen and have no problem making it so.

Capricorn: You are on a path towards developing a few promising relationships. Though this is only the beginning, the start of these friendships could bring you both love and wealth in the future. BUT the thing is… you need to let it happen. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy by putting up barriers. It happens, this is nothing new but if you let this continue you could miss out on the fresh start you need. Whether this is with someone new or revitalizing your current courtship, you need this change so let down your walls. By the way, many of you may have a hard time getting something you are doing off the ground. Let it be and take it back to the beginning. With a little revision and some more testing, it should work out. Stay focused!

Aquarius: Today will be a busy day for you and you need no other distraction. You’re in the mood to experiment and itching to learn something new. Since the energy surrounding you is full of spontaneity and discovery, you could really add something exciting to your lackluster love life. Use the morning to plan something fresh, take the afternoon to put it in motion and when the evening comes, relax and enjoy what you have accomplished. If life has become predictable with your sweetie then the offbeat ideas you form today will break up the routine you two have fallen into. If you’re not attached, you will find yourself meeting people who can offer you a different way of looking at things. Have fun Aquarius!

Pisces: Many of you may be frustrated with everything in your love life today. You are entering a cycle where your emotions will be right smack in the middle road. You won’t feel too negative and you won’t feel positive about it either, you will be neutral on many things for the next few weeks and yes that includes your intimate affairs. This state of mind may leave it impossible to understand the one who has your heart. You will have no idea what they want in general and from you, you will have no idea where they are coming from when you two have in-depth conversations and if this “relationship” is going anywhere, you have no idea where. Relax. In a few days all your questions will be answered and he or she will be much easier to decipher.

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