Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Beginning December 17, 2012


Astro-Week December 17 – 23, 2012

Dear Aries
You may be wondering why you’re the center of everyone’s attention except the person that you really want. There’s nothing wrong with your current situation but your eyes have been opened to the world that you fully desire. In the old world you were the belle but that doesn’t even put you on the radar here. Know that you belong and sincerely try again. Love is waiting and wants to see you succeed.
Dear Taurus
Relationship confusions give way to a joint project with the hopes of making a couple of dollars for Christmas. This year is all about comfort and security for Taurus. This means money. With all of those planets in Scorpio recently you’ve been occupied with relationships and perhaps wondering what’s next. This week your answer arrives.
Dear Gemini
You’re exiting a cycle of focus on everyday tasks, going to the gym, lists, and details. You are now entering relationship mode. Although this might feel like it supposed to make everything lovey, you’ll actually be spending more time than usual questioning what’s going on. Take a deep breath and keep going. There are plenty of fish in the sea and you should be catching them two at a time.
Dear Cancer
You won’t ever find love if you just close your eyes and hope for it to happen. If you want to find an ordinary love then by all means be ordinary. Be special and your special love will follow.
Dear Leo
Creativity, expression, sex, and personal freedom are the game this week. Play to your strengths and aim to win. Love is strong with you but you’ll have to think outside of the box and have a bit of fun.
Dear Virgo
Your sexual drive is working overtime but so is your critical nature. Sexy and grouchy. There’s probably some room for change. Thoughts drift towards home.
Dear Libra
Why don’t people realize that you just want everyone to be happy. And you just want them to be their best. And you want them to make you look good. And you want people to live up to your standards. Well.. it’s time to raise those standards.
Dear Scorpio
Scorpios have an earned reputation as a “close your eyes and do it” kind of sign. Its well past time to move your weight around. You will bump and upset others who will shout you down. You will also fall in love.
Dear Sagittarius
This will be a difficult week to get a straight answer about anything. Its not a freeze out. People are just changing their minds. Try a different approach next time.
Dear Capricorn
As the week wears in you’ll feel as if your friends have left you all alone. Not true. Its just the natural feeling of introspection setting in for a short visit. Expect a visit from an old lover.
Dear Aquarius
Here comes the love you’ve been waiting for. Its social, happy, and has the potential for financial rewards. Keep your eyes and heart open. It feels nice to have people notice for the right reasons.
Dearest Pisces
Work leads your emotional and financial success this week. Stay out in the public eye and take chances to step into a leadership role. You may not see all opportunities but they are there. And they are waiting for you.
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