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Love Horoscopes – December 19, 2012

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Aries: Well Aries you are in no mood for bullshit today as your patience is wearing thin. You are surrounded by an energy just as volatile as you are and will not back down. Don’t let this shake up your life as there is so much ahead for you to enjoy. If you are attached, try not to fall into an argument with your sweetheart. The more you fight the worse the situation will be and really it will be over nothing important. If you are unattached this energy may translate into sexual aggression that you need to be in control of. If you are in pursuit of someone special you can use this to your advantage but only if you go about this nice and easy. Be bold and take a risk but do not let yourself go overboard.

Taurus: It may be a mixed bag for you today. You might be feeling cranky and on edge. If it is entirely possible to avoid people today then do so but if not then you might want to change your attitude. Pretend as if you are an actor and today is a script. Get dress up in one of your favorite outfits, one you know you look good in. Force yourself to say hello to those who catch your eye and compliment when you can. If you are attached, your sweetheart may be in just as foul as a mood but won’t take it out on you because of how you are acting. They will try to make an effort as well. If you are unattached, someone you compliment may have one for you too. At least then you won’t have to fake the good mood anymore and may even get a date out of this as well!

Gemini: From time to time you forget that it is ok to be a little selfish and want your needs taken care of or at least acknowledged. For some of you this pertains to your sexual needs and for others it is purely emotional. Whatever enjoyment you felt in your love life seems to have gone off somewhere. For some of you it is simply a downswing in life and only temporary. Today you will find that some of your needs will be met. For others it goes a bit deeper. If your sweetie is trying to make you feel unworthy, take your passions and find a new home. You have so much love to offer someone and this person who is trying to keep you down, does not deserve any of it. Stand up for yourself and your heart!

Cancer: Like so many others today, you feel good. Live is moving along smoothly, you are in a good mood and you feel like painting the town red. Though you still need to be careful about doing too much or being too extravagant, that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate all that is around you or who you are with. If you are unattached but have someone in your sights, your ability to persuade is rather strong and undeniable today. Do you feel courageous enough to make a move? Be yourself and they will not turn you down! If you are attached you might want to do add to what you may have started yesterday. This extra boost you are getting from the energy of the day affects your passion and affection in a positive manner. Use it!

Leo: Many of you woke up feeling refreshed. You have long forgotten any recent mistakes and your eyes are firmly set on moving forward. With this vibrancy comes optimism, confidence and plenty of affection. As a matter of fact because of your outward affections, people will be drawn to you so they can feel it too. If you are a tactile person, you might want to be extra generous with the hugs today, everyone will love it! Never the less today should be focused on you. If you are attached, encourage your loved one to put aside all the responsibilities and just have fun for a while. It will still be there tomorrow! If you are unattached you may have met someone who makes you laugh and will bring you a lot of physical pleasure later.

Virgo: All of that thinking many of you begun to do yesterday, has made many things about your life much clearer. Prioritize it all and capitalize on the energy to make these major changes in your life. There are a few things that intertwine so you might want to have a few back up plans just in case. With this taking shape you will begin to feel the contentment and harmony you long crave for especially in your love life. Just remember that your emotions are still a bit volatile so do not let all that passion you feel go uncontrolled. Do what you can to relax and indulge in what brings you pleasure. You are now on the right path for strengthening your relationship or putting you in a better position to renew your love life.

Libra: Today is not the day to act out especially when it comes to your love life. You may be in one of those moods where you want to be in control and feel no qualms in manipulating others for your needs. Whether you have good intentions or not, if you aren’t careful it will come back to bite you on the ass and in the way that you like it! Yes for many if not all of you, your lustful urges are all you can think of right now but you also know a better way to get what you want. Capitalize on the warmth and affection you want to give by not taking it all so seriously. You can easily have whatever or whomever you want if you just make the move. If you are unattached you know who you should target. If you are attached, your lover will enjoy your aggression.

Scorpio: This is a good day for you and your emotional well being. Though the day may feel a bit slow, you feel good about yourself and various aspects of your life. Many of you feel really good about your love life and the direction it is going in. If you two are just starting off, things have been positive and the passion between you two is growing. If you have been together for some time you noticed that the fire that burns between you two has never really gone away. You two are likely to take some time out tonight to get reacquainted with it. Keep in mind that any ideas or plans you have for your relationships will also take on this positive energy. If you do not have a prospective lover, friendships will be your focus today. They have been good to you.

Sagittarius: Regardless of your status, you are in demand today. That powerful energy still lingers a bit from yesterday so you may find that people want to hang out or a lover wants all of your attention. Whatever positions you find yourself in remember that you do not need to be anyone other than who you are and it is ok have your own needs met first. Today is really for those Archers who have been neglecting their desires or silently compromising in an effort to keep everything nice and cozy in their love life. It takes two to make a relationship not one. If you do not find a way to get what you want as well from time to time you will grow resentful and all you have sacrificed would be for naught. Indulge yourselves Archers!

Capricorn: Many of you may find that your love life is a bit unbalanced. Whether you are attached to this person or they are a possibility, he or she may seem a bit self-centered today. Either that or you have just noticed their selfishness. Do what you can to tip the scales back to center and put you both on more solid ground. That doesn’t mean you be just as egocentric as they are but you can firmly remind your darling that there are two in this relationship. Throughout this ordeal, don’t hesitate to voice your desires. If you two are quite “together” yet consider this a test for both of you as in how far you can push each other. If you are attached, this may be the first time this has happened so take mental notes of this outcome for later use.

Aquarius: Many of you may find yourselves in the middle of something and have no idea what is going on. Try not to get caught up in all the drama that unfolds before you, especially if you are attached. The drama will find its way into your love life and wreck havoc. If you can maintain your distance as well as a lighthearted attitude, you can breeze through this day unscathed and your relationships intact. If you manage to do this and you are attached, this will be a positive day for you and your sweetheart. Both of you seem to be on the same page as far as being intimate and what you feel for each other. If you are unattached, you may meet someone who is likely to go the distance with you. He or she, like you, is interested in a connection for the long run.

Pisces: That restlessness many of you have been feeling still lingers. You find yourself annoyed with people close to you and events transpiring around you. Those of you attached may find yourselves having another heart to heart with those close to you. Maybe they didn’t understand you the first time around or maybe you need to take a good look at why you associate with this person. If you are unattached you will find that you are out and about more. Many of you are networking and talking to all kinds of people in different settings. This socializing will help you find someone who fits who you are right now. He or she is likely to be in the same position as you are and on the same path for personal growth. Maybe you two can grow together?

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