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Love Horoscopes – December 20, 2012

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Aries: Many of you who are attached may be feeling the weight of your intimate affairs. It’s not that you can’t handle the pressure but this particular instance is really taking a toll on your heart. Maybe you are a military spouse or your loved one is away on business or at school but whatever the distance is, it’s just beginning to hurt. Have you tried to talk to your sweetheart about what you feel? If not, then you really should because you both feel the same way and MAYBE there is something more you two can do to make this better until they come home. If you are unattached you are feeling optimistic and want to take a chance. This is a time of new emotional experience and adventure. Get out there and get it!

Taurus: Though you like to being cranky, let it go. Most of you have been a bit difficult lately and not just yesterday either. In order to fully come out of this mood you may need to initiate a few important discussions with those you are close to. Regardless of how you communicate, it is time to clear up things up so you can move on with an open mind and a lighter heart. Whatever has surfaced that you need closure to, do what you can to remain objective so that you have the cooperation you need to bring it all to an end. Try not to let your past slip in and affect the outcome of this situation, it has no place here and could get in the way. Once this is over you can return to your loveable self and move forward with nothing holding you back.

Gemini: Yesterday may have put some things in to perspective for you. Today your thoughts may still be a bit heavy and pessimistic causing you to withdraw from others and reflect upon your future. The more you think about it the more you realized that you have only been seeing part of the picture. As its full scope comes into light, do not blame yourself for not noticing it sooner. Everything happens for a reason and now that you know, you can choose a new way. Where it is a separation or completely leaving, you are doing what is right for you and that is all that matters. If you are unattached and looking, you have been feeling introverted lately. Find someone who feels the same way and cuddle in bed, your problem is solved.

Cancer: You are a rather giving person. Those who know you well will say that your greatest quality is your selfless generosity. You give and you help for sake of doing so because it makes you feel like you are contributing to something greater. Lately some of you may have been drawn into a situation that has demand too much of you. You cannot longer relax or enjoy what world around you because this situation involves someone you care for deeply. Sadly this entire ordeal has put a damper on everything in your world, including your love life. Enough is enough. It is likely that you have done more than you should have; it is time to pull back. If you can’t resolve this quickly then retreat enough to where you can recharge then come back and end this.

Leo: Some things may have happened yesterday that has you thinking rather deeply today. As you do so, do not let any your energy wasting attitudes get in the way otherwise you will stand still amidst the conflict. There is nothing wrong with taking a good look at where you are, especially when you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. But ignore that voice in your head that is telling you that you are failing everyone you care for. What may not help is that the one who has your heart may be a bit distant or you may have caught them in some ridiculous white lie. Regardless of if you are attached or not, this may be a case of mixed emotions. If you are attached, this may be about your commitment level. Unattached, maybe this person wants a date.

Virgo: You are not one for confrontation. If it something that you cannot easily battle with facts or it catches you off guard, you would rather not deal with it. Today, you may not be able to avoid it as it is all around you and even in your own back yard. If you are attached it is likely that you sweetheart has a bone to pick with you and it will escalate as you mouth off about what has made you unhappy lately. Rather than argue, make the effort to calm things down and work together to get through this. Some of you may already have a solution to the problem after you have gotten off your chest. It can be very easy if you let it. If you are unattached, you may feel it is time to get back out there and date. Let your creativity and impulsiveness be your guide.

Libra: Some of you may hear some news that is will cause you some level of pain. If you have someone special in your life, attached or unattached, this is a good time to rely on the support they can give you to get through this. Your mind will be reeling with thoughts covering many topics but do not fail to recognize what your special person is nor maybe is not doing for you. This situation brings with it some lasting clarity, mainly about this person who has your heart. When this is over and regardless of the outcome, your head and heart will be on the same page and you will know what needs to be done. Do not be discouraged if this turns out badly. Better to know now then later when you are more involved.

Scorpio: You can be wealth of knowledge. Many times you are the one people turn to when they need help or advice especially with lust and love. Today you may be called upon to be a peacekeeper of sorts. Communication is down between two people you care deeply for and you really want to see them happy again. Their situation may weigh heavily on your mind as your mood was high and revolving about love, particularly your own situation. You will be able to get those two you care for back on track and in the process you will learn something that you maybe didn’t know. You will be able to apply this lesson to your own love life and improve things for each other. Continue or begin to attract people into your life who are good for you, you need it.

Sagittarius: This may be a tense day for some of you but with a little effort you can change it. Your emotions are running wild so expect you to be aggressive or passionate about something or someone but you also could end up being cold and distant a few minutes later. Your battery charge is running low and it doesn’t look like there is relief in sight as some of you may end up fighting over a sensitive secret with your sweetie. Others may have a fight with the one who has your heart over a misunderstanding. Either of these instances will drain you even further so if you can just let it go for now or find a way to resolve this quickly, so you can go recharge. The longer you put off some “me” time the worse you will be to all those around you.

Capricorn: You are not one for conventional rules. You govern your life based on common sense and facts. One the things most important to you is your freedom as well as happiness. But there are some of you who feel that both could be ruined or severely compromised by committing to a relationship. For those of you attached, you may be at the point of your relationship where it is time to step up. Before you do, maybe you should think about what “commitment” means to you versus what it truly means. It may help you out. If you are unattached, many of you may be feeling this terrible notion that you could wind up alone in this world. Sure, go out and find someone because you want the companionship not because you have this unfounded fear.

Aquarius: For many of you, your personal relationships will challenge you right now. What you want and what those close to you want are very different. Make matters worse is that this is likely to also involve those people close to you not getting along and trying to put you in the middle. There may be no easy way as this may between your love and family member or two family members, either way you cannot get away from this. You will have to step in, calm things down and force them to really listen to each other. This drama will put a damper on your day so the quicker you can resolve this the quicker you can get on with your day of something exhilarating and adventurous. Even if it’s all in your imagination, you are still better off.

Pisces: Today may be filled with unexpected pleasures. Much of these occurrences are likely to involve your love life. Many of you are feeling adventurous and looking for a bit of excitement. With this in mind and if you are attached, one of those pleasures may be a revitalization of your current relationship. Shaking things up can be delightful if you do so with positive intentions. This quasi fresh start could be just what you two need right now. For those of you unattached this need for excitements makes you a bit of a daredevil. This goes beyond trying or learning new things, this about making a profound impact on your life. You will meet new people in this process and make new friends today. One may become much more than a friend.

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