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Love Horoscopes – December 21, 2012

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Aries: You may be feeling restless or anxious today and need to focus on something other than what is going on in front of you. Why not go tie up some minor loose ends and take stock of what you are feeling about everything. You will be able to breeze though general life issues but focus a bit on your love life. What is it that is important to you right now? It is just you and your heart talking so you may have to face the facts on feelings you have not wanted to admit to yourself. These are not all bad but if you are attached, they are some things you need to discuss with your sweetheart. When you do, it will actually work to your favor as your sweetie may feel as if you are finally meeting them halfway. It will get better from here.

Taurus: You are determined to leave your mark today on someone special. Whether you are in a relationship with this person or would like to be, you want what you want and have qualms in how you get it. Many of you have been thinking about this for a few days, for others this is oddly a spur of the moment thought either way you have come up with all kinds of schemes to make sure you attract their attention. This is great on many levels but what may not be so great is you pushing for an immediate reaction. You are a force to be reckoned with by just breathing, imagine the impact you have when you when you put your mind to something. Let the object of your affections respond in their own time, you will be much happier you did.

Gemini: Even though you may be content in your personal relationships, your mind is always thinking about something or someone. Though this would have been a good time to relax and enjoy your personal pleasures, your mind has come to the realization that will disrupt your harmony and emotional well being. If you are in a relationship of sorts, do not let these feelings to run your life just yet. Either way, these feelings you have or rather this minor obsession you have now developed for someone needs much more thought than just today. Granted, you may have not realized just how powerful your feelings were, but you can’t just jump right in and go after him or her. Some of you have a lot to lose to make sure that this is all worth it first.

Cancer: For the most part, your love life seems to be moving smoothly. But, some of you will be wondering what is going on with your sweetheart. For some reason it seems like they have a few screws loose in their mind and these strange behaviors are on display for the world to see. There are a few that may be adorable in an eccentric way but for in general, you did not know they possessed such comportment. You might want have a lighthearted conversation about this and see what you uncover. For the rest of you, things are going well so it is time to just take stock and show you loved one how much you appreciate them. They do little things for you and bigger things that make your life better, give them a good reason to keep loving you so much.

Leo: Based on a few recent events or conversations, there have been some thoughts rolling around your mind that have brought out some feelings long forgotten. If you are attached or working towards that status you will find that these emotions will influence your current state of affairs. Whether this is a good or bad thing all depends on how you deal with it. It would help to talk about some of these feelings, if not with the person who has your heart then someone close to you. The more you brood and keep this inside, the worse it will be. Some thoughts need new perspective while others just need confirmation. If you share with the one who has your heart you will find that your relationship will deepen and grow to a new level of intimacy.

Virgo: It is time to clean house for many of you Virgos and you are on a mission. Expect this time to be full of heated debates and verbal battles. Sure you may find yourself speaking your mind without much thought or consideration, but isn’t it better to be honest than to have it linger on and on? For some of you this may apply to friendships or “special liaisons” but a majority of you will be attached and feeling caged in. Be honest, those of you affected by this energy have been feeling restricted by this for quite some time and hoped to find a way to be free of it. Now it has gotten to the point where you can’t hide your feelings any longer and you just have to say something. Right now you need to do what you feel is right to get the outcome you desire.

Libra: You may be in harmony with the world around you but many of you cannot say the same about your love life. For once, you are not fighting against or resisting the flow of energy or the people in your immediate environment but you still need to tread very carefully when it comes to your love life. Whether you are attached or working towards that status, there may be a few minor yet problematic issues that are stopping you from moving forward. Though this is something easy to discuss, be prepared for the onslaught of emotions it will raise. The depth of feeling that it brings up will strengthen the relationship you currently have. Afterward leave the tenseness behind and do something fun together, get wild and let it all go.

Scorpio: Ask yourself if you are happy with where you are right now. This is a rather important question for you because it will determine the next series of events in your love life. Many of you are the proverbial crossroads in your love life and knowing the answer to this simple yet extremely complex question will determine the direction you will take. If you are unhappy, now is the time to confront whatever it is causing your dissatisfaction and quickly. It is entirely possible that you will have a discussion with your sweetheart about the next level of your relationship, there is a lot at stake here so be honest with yourself and with your answer. If your personal life is going well, this is a time to really enjoy and appreciate it. Revel in the passion and each other.

Sagittarius: It has been a roller coaster ride for many of you and now it is time to bring balance back into your life, more importantly your love life. This will take a lot of your natural charm and few well placed words but you can make it happen. Whether you are talking to a loved one or just straightening out your life, get rid of any preconceived ideas, prejudices, and expectations. This is just holding you back. If you are attached, take a good look at whatever complex problem is plaguing your relationship and then just lay It all out on the table by being honest and open. It is likely that this will become a crucial point in your relationship so make sure you are truly communicating and not just talking so you can get past this.

Capricorn: You are one for stability and intransience. Sure you can find ways to bend both at your whim but they satisfy a deep emotional need for you. In your quest for its continuance, you have been working rather hard. Whether it’s personal or professional, you need a break and now is as good a time as any. Lately it seems everyone wants something from you and you know what, today you have nothing left for anyone but you. If you are attached, let your sweetie go off on their own for a few hours. If you are unattached, put away the longings for a true and powerful love. What you need to do is just look out for you for a while. So if that means sleeping in or meditating, maybe even going for a hike somewhere, you need to take care of you today!

Aquarius: You are a bumbling ball of energy today and have so much you want to do. That is until something comes in and attempts to break your stride. This may bruise your emotions and damper your spirit but it won’t last. Your need for adventure and stimulation will trump it all. For those of you attached, you may have to go through your sweetheart first. This will involve some talking and maybe even changing how you view your relationship but you two will reach a happy state when the conversation is done. When you go get back on track, you will find yourself acting on some of the more wilder impulses and desires you feel from time to time since now you can. Regardless of status, today will make a major difference to your love life.

Pisces: You will continue to ride this positive wave of energy making its way through this month. Love and relationships you hold dear will benefit from the warmth and friendliness you radiate. Do things that bring you pleasure today and if that includes someone special then by all means bring him or her along. If you are unattached there may be a new romance on the horizon. For those of you in a long standing or permanent relationship, you will be given an opportunity to make some powerful changes. It may take a few hours of conversation, maybe a tense moment here or there but in the end, you will have deepen your connection. The key to long lasting happiness is never take each other for granted and assume it is as great as it will ever be!

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