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Love Horoscopes – December 22, 2012

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Aries: For once you feel a level of security you have not felt in some time. You are secure in your emotions and in your thoughts. Your heart and mind are on the same page and looks as if they will remain there for quite some time. Use this energy to your advantage and reenergize yourself. By doing so it will spread to all areas of your life, more importantly to your intimate affairs by improving your powers of charm and seduction. If you are unattached this will give you the urge to try new things and go to new places. Who and what you find in your travels will make a significant impact on your love life. If you are attached you will want to show your sweetheart your appreciation by making him or her feel really wanted and needed.

Taurus: The events of the day may be far from your control but you know what, you can’t always get what you want and how you want it. For many of you attached this may turn out to be a very chaotic day for you but one that will end well. There are some great things coming for both of you now that you two have realized some ambitions and dreams together. Some of you may be dating someone right now but he or she is not ready for your level of intensity. When they tell you, let them go and let it be. Where one door closes another will surely open for you and may even be sooner than you think. Remain confident that things happen for a reason and they happen for the better. You will have what you truly want in your life soon enough.

Gemini: Today you may reach a level of happiness and satisfaction that you have long forgotten. Much of this will be affecting your love life and not a moment too soon. If you are attached, the unbalanced and unsettled feeling you two have endured recently will seemingly fade away. Something just clicks for both of you and you are finally back to where you want and should be in your relationship. If you are unattached, many of you have had a lengthy dry spell that will abruptly come to an end. You meet someone through an acquaintance of sorts who is worth more than a few romps between your sheets. This person excites you in ways you have long forgotten. Enjoy this time, it is well deserved.

Cancer: There may be some surprising changes and/or new developments in the love lives of those closest to you that may affect yours. Because you will be called upon as consul or simply as a confidante, your role in this is likely to bring you some sort clarity about your own situation. What you discover will certainly put the fire back into your emotions and into your relationships. If you are unattached and without prospect, today may bring with it a real opportunity for an exciting romance to bloom. In to do that, you need to get out of the house. Conveniently, you will receive an invitation to go somewhere new with friend where you have some fun. New place will provide new people for you to meet and find that spark with.

Leo: Your physical energy, will, and courage are intensified today. But for all that is going on inside of you, there is no reasonable explanation so don’t stress over it. Just allow your emotions to flow freely throughout your body and soul. By letting yourself loose a bit of control you could actually do wonders for your love life. This may revitalize the level of intimacy in your relationship or if you are unattached, this may spark the fresh start you have been looking to make. By end of the day you will find that this indulgence you allowed yourself is really rather fascinating and very rewarding to you personally. Now don’t get too far ahead of yourself and make this an everyday practice. Every once in a while wouldn’t hurt though!

Virgo: Many changes have been happening for you recently, plenty in this week alone. Ask yourself if you are satisfied with what you have done and where things are now? Many of you are left wondering what you to with your life now that you are unattached while others will be reevaluating what it is you want from love and the relationship you are still in. Today may be a day of answers for you if not at least being pointed in the right direction. If you are dating or have had your eye on someone, today is the day where things turn for the better. He or she knows what they want in life, in love and from you. This will be a refreshing change of pace where for once, someone satisfies your desires or grants your wishes.

Libra: When it comes to love, nothing is simple and you will be reminded of this today. You are looking for some TLC and you are feeling a bit uneasy about asking for it. It means you would have to put yourself out there on an emotional level to receive it and you just can’t bring yourself to do that right now. You may get it anyways based on the type of connection you share with the one you want it from. He or she may just “know” you need this and will pay you more attention than usual. If you are attached, your sweetheart will have set up something really nice for you two this weekend. If you are unattached but working towards something, this person will be set on making you happy for other reason than just to do it. What was bad will turn good!

Scorpio: You are rock for many people. You help and advise when asked and sometimes when not asked but your intentions are always good. A change in your love life has left you feeling a little lost and with a need to get away from it all. A wise and experience friend will help you get away so you can gain a new perspective. What you may find is that there are a few things about your love that you never really appreciated before and that what is going on may be more your fault than theirs. Now don’t feel bad, you are doing the best you can in life and when you reach this point of understanding, it will be much easier for you when you return home. Share from your heart, by being open and honest your love will overcome this obstacle.

Sagittarius: Archers, there is someone you really, really want. Now you may have this person already or you may be admiring him or her from afar but today, you have this compelling need to be with them. Question is, do they know this and why not?  If you are attached, the moves you make now will lead you to a very clear decision about this person and relationship you two have. Now that you’ve formulated all these plans to move forward, do not just force them on your sweetie or you may be disappointed. If this is someone you’re admiring, use your charm and emotions to emphasize how much you care. If they hadn’t believed you before, they will now. Unattached and no prospects, you are invited out with new people and you should go.

Capricorn: Regardless of your status, things are going well in your love life and it is a long time coming. Because the energy surrounding you is supporting various forms of intimate communication, be prepared for your relationships to deepen at this time. As your communication strengthens you will gain a deeper understanding and build up a mutual appreciation between you and the one who has your heart. For many of you, the deeper understanding may reveal a secret desire. Whether it’s yours or your sweethearts, it will change something between you two for the better maybe leading to something more permanent later. Meanwhile what the realization of the desire will do is enhance how you two flirt with and be physical with each other.

Aquarius: There are some things going on in your life that you would rather not discuss them at all because they mean that things will change. If you are unattached, this may mean that your feelings for someone have grown to the point where you may just suddenly blurt them out all at once. You know that it could change how you two interact and maybe not for the better. If you are attached you two maybe in the planning stages of a major shift in your relationship that you now have the feeling you should not be doing just yet. For the moment you may have managed to keep your opinions quiet but you are anxious. When it’s time, comment carefully so that you can say only what they need to know and not give away what you feel they don’t right now.

Pisces: When it comes to days like this, the wisdom that you have acquired not your knowledge, will help you though. You will need this today as your love life will be tested in ways you haven’t experienced before. It may help to call upon your compassion and understanding to not only protect yourself but to save the relationship being challenged. It is entirely possible that there may be more than one relationship tested, especially if you are unattached. One you thought was going well may take a turn for the worse while one that you had not thought viable, now changes your mind. It will be frustrating to say the least but if you can begin to resolve the issues at hand then you could save them both but only if you make the effort.

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