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Love Horoscopes – December 23, 2012

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Aries: Though this is nothing new, you are warm and friendly today with a hint of flirtatiousness and romance. When it comes to love and lust this is your standard mode of operation but there is something special about it today. If you are attached you may delightfully surprise your sweetheart with your current attitude and they will likely show you a few things in return. By the end of the day you will more than tired and more than hungry! If you are unattached, you may decide to just ask someone out. It may or may not be random but you will find yourself pleased with the date. Though there was no real excitement because of a few bouts with dry conversation, they will stimulate you the next time around. Give him or her another chance.

Taurus: Your mind is moving and grooving with your heart as your emotions and needs for love and closeness become very strong today. In your mind you are focused on making it happen for as long of time as you can. Some of you may be in a relationship that you now realized has grown stale. Because you are tired of what has become the status quo, you are looking for anything to spice it all up. Talk to your loved one, they have a few excellent ideas themselves. If you are seeing someone, the type of relationship you have will grow deeper. If it is romantic in nature it may grow to love and if it’s purely sexual then it just become monogamous. If you are unattached without prospect, there is a little bit of fun in store for you today as well.

Gemini: It seems like a round of deep and practical thinking has flipped a switch in your mind and heart. For some of you this has brought up some memories and old feelings you may have forgotten or wanted to forget. Before you move forward with anything in your love life, you may want to gain some sort of closure for all these emotions that have resurfaced. So whether it’s a phone call or an email, whatever you do now to settle this, will benefit you in all your other relationships both now and in the future. If you have decided that it is time to get back into dating, make sure you have a tangible list of what you want and this time do not stray from it. You want something permanent and the only way to do it have everything you hoped for.

Cancer: You are feeling quite warm and responsive today. This opens you up to all kinds of positive energy and affection. The conversations you have today will go rather well and so much for you and your relationship. If this is your sweetheart, your feelings for each other will deepen and you will find that you will receive plenty of loving gestures from him or her from here on out. If this was with the new person in your life, you will learn an awful lot and see things you may have missed before. If you are unattached this energy brings with it an opportunity for a new romance or friendship that will work out nicely for you. Score that first date or meeting and you will be on the path to something quite substantial and long lasting.

Leo: You are confident and bold today Leo. The stability you feel is giving you that extra boost to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done. This is fantastic so long as you don’t get too carried away. Though the energy is bright and certain, it is best that you conserve some of your emotion, at least for the next few days. You are not looking to overwhelm or force anyone you are looking for simple success. If you are unattached you may be so audacious to ask someone on a date in a way that you have never before. Generally you wait to be asked to be asked but one look at this person and you seemingly new a day, place and time to be with this person. Go with the flow just don’t let it drag you under.

Virgo:  The status of your love life may cause you to make a few minor changes about yourself today. It’s all for the better so do not fret. If you’re attached you may need to become more patient and curb your hypercritical tendencies. Something has you perplexed in your relationship and you’re growing frustrated trying to understand. The more you push the worse its getting. Calm down, step back because you ARE making it worse. Let it go for now, your sweetheart will come to you soon enough. If you are unattached, you may have someone you’re trying to impress. This person is very sapiosexual so you want to appeal to their mind first before their southern territories. Familiarize yourself with a few subjects and show off your intelligence. You’ll score!

Libra: As we begin this week your mind is on moving forward and being proactive in your love life. The energy surrounding you is encouraging your drive and determination as well as your confidence. If you need to speak up, if you need to figure something out or take a risk, now is the time. If you are unattached without prospect, do know what it is you want in a lover? If so then you need to go for exactly what you want. If you are unattached with a prospect, make sure this relationship will have a chance to endure. If you are attached, if you feel your relationship can move the next level, then take it there. This is a time where connections will deepen and grow to new levels that will last for quite a while. Start now, make it happen!

Scorpio: You are starting this week off by building bridges. Right now you are looking to both give and receive genuine affection and appreciation into your life. Because of this you are open with your emotions and willing to give your love more freely than usual. You will find yourself initiating this through action and communication with someone very special. You may already be dating this person or looking to but once you two start talking, you will feel the closeness and security forming around you both. If this is someone brand new in your life, you will be very surprised at how much you two have in common. These bonds you are creating and strengthening will serve you well for some time to come.

Sagittarius: Your emotional well being and personal contentment may be up in the air at the moment. Someone has been on your mind and keeping you up at night in deep thought. Whether you are already dating this person or would like to be, he or she may feel as if you are not serious in your affections. You have been thinking about how to convince them that you are deeply committed to them while still being both ambitious and independent. This is a tall order, one that will take more than just your charm and luck to get through. To make them understand you may have to share something personal that you wouldn’t this early in the game. For others, be careful when being generous, someone may only want you for what you can do for them.

Capricorn: This new cycle brings with it new energy and a new attitude for you and those you are close to. If you are attached your relationships will change course and many for the better. If you have been skating by on your word but not quite delivering then you will be forced to step up and make good. It doesn’t matter if it is successful or a failure the point is that you tried and that is what they want to see. For some of you attached be careful that you are not drawn into an argument with your sweetheart. You can only do so much. If you are unattached you may either meet someone or have been growing closer to someone who may be very literal. Keep that in mind moving forward. Someone close to you may need protecting, give it.

Aquarius: There is a feeling of excitement and adventure in the air that could brings you great success in your intimate affairs. Many of you need this boost; some as motivation and others as putting the spark back into things. But there is a fine line between the thrill and risky behavior. So long as you keep your practical attitude and not rush into anything, you will be staying on the safe side of the line. If you are in a relationship it may be a good idea to let your sweetheart take over for a bit. You need to just let the weight of the world roll off your back for while and now is the time to do it. If you are unattached, you may grow close to someone who shares many of your thoughts and ideals. This person is worth perusing.

Pisces: Today you are looking for a little reinforcement.You have been thinking about those that are closest to you and hope that they feel as deeply for you as you do them.There is nothing wrong with wanting some recognition and shown some appreciation. Give out genuine compliments freely today and you find all the love you need. If you are looking for someone to share your life with, keep your eyes open otherwise you could miss out on someone quite special! You find yourself talking to many people today. Be careful who you merely dismiss because the conversation with them may have been a bit mundane. This person may not have been enthusiastic right now but they could be rather stimulating later.

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