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Astro-week December 24,2012

Dear Aries

Mars will cross into Aquarius this week causing you to put your active energy into assembling your dream team. Be brave and be bold. This is your chance to finally put your vision forward. Make it a good one. You will have to push but energy will be there and so will the help to get it done. Dream BIG.

Dear Taurus

Although love seems to be restrictive and not exactly shaping up to the romantic affair that you had hoped, money seems to doing just fine. For a security loving sign, this should suit you just fine. Personal security and joint finances are both highlighted so keep your eyes open. Special note: if you don’t notice a spike in money/finances activity then you are currently looking in the wrong spots or you’ve teamed up with the wrong people.

Dear Gemini

Here you go Gemini, love and money. Personal confidence is high right now and your relationship cycle has been activated. Be nice to someone special. They might not reciprocate but they won’t be the only flirt. Keep your options open. Money looks good if you team up with someone.

Dear Cancer

You look ready for love but somehow you’re spending the week taking care of details and clean up instead of flirting and fun. Lighten up. People from the past will keep popping up all year so you might as well learn to just go with it and remember that the past is the past for a reason. Expect a social week.

Dear Leo

There’s a bit of disconnect this week with your desire to get out into the public and schmooze with influential friends and an urge to deal with lists and everyday chores. We all know you have to go to the gym to keep the body looking so good but try and plan some flexibility into the schedule. Love is inspiring your creative urges. Express yourself in a unique and creative way so love can see your natural charms.

Dear Virgo

Unlike Libra, your communication and thinking is a bit cautious. This is holding back your love life at a time when everything else is moving strongly forward. Unfortunately you’re going to eventually have to come hard with some strong game or it’s simply game over. You are out of your comfort zone but this might turn out to be exactly what you wanted.

Dear Libra

It looks like the money wagon has finally dried up a bit. Love has recently shifted into your sector of communication, short trips, and basic ideas. This all means you should be doing a lot of talking and travelling locally this week. Communications will attract, so.. If you are not talking up a storm then one can only assume that you might actually not want to attract love and money.

Dear Scorpio

Before you check out for the holidays it would be wise to plant a couple of business seeds for when you return to the fight. It’s all about money, the security it brings, and how to get it. For right now this involves working with others so put on your smile and your leadership hat and plant those seeds. Get everyone involved in your project for maximum success. I know this isn’t your usual style but success comes before comfort and this is the current path. It’s not time to find partners. It’s time to deploy your personal resources. Team up.

Dear Sagittarius

You may be looking for a party but it’s actually time for love. Every year around this time you expect things to blast off yet they always end up a touch anti-climatic. Are your expectations really that out of line with the world around you? Try tuning yourself into what’s really happening and you might not be let down as much.

Dear Capricorn

Love returns from the past. It may be an old flame or an old enemy but either way passion will lead the way. Thoughts also seem to be stuck in self-help mode or a way to better yourself and of course move ahead. Friends don’t seem much help and it’s much quieter than you might have expected. Then again, except for the passing drama it will be a very Capricorn week. Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas.

Dear Aquarius

Mid- week you’ll begin to feel the charge of Mars in your personal ego, identity, charisma and general charge. This means you’ll become more assertive, physical, demanding, and confident. It’s a good transit to do a little work on yourself and to put yourself forward with confidence. Love is literally waiting at the party so get out and have fun.

Dearest Pisces

Neptune returns home this week bringing dreams that have a chance to come true. For you this means you’ll appear to be a wonderful dream vision to someone special. Be your best, have fun, and have the confidence to lose yourself in your own dream for a bit. This is a long cycle that is just beginning.

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