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Love Horoscopes – December 23, 2012

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Aries: Regardless of the status of your love life, you will grow closer to the person who has your heart. If you are unattached with prospect, you and this person know that you two are meant for each other and parts of both of you wants to rush in to a relationship. Luckily there is there is hesitation and a need to take things slow based on past experiences. Heed to this and follow your intuitions. Neither of you are going anywhere, this is it. If you are attached, you are reaping the benefits of having not rushed into your relationship. You both feel this sense of security in each other that is solid and impenetrable, and are working towards deepen the bond between you. Continue on this path, it will serve you both well.

Taurus: This is a rather uncharacteristic time for many of you. The key to getting through this period as quickly as possible is to address these external challenges directly until they are resolved. If you’re unattached, someone has recently entered your life that leaves you a little frantic. Their sights are set on you, but do you rise to the challenge they present or do you just quietly back away? This is an interesting predicament because you are the first to go charging in where even angels fear to tread. Why not go for it? If you’re attached, you may find the intimacy levels and the affection you receive at an all time low. Whatever it is, albeit mostly out of your control, is siphoning off far too much of your emotional energy and needs to be stopped.

Gemini: You may have woken up not really noticing the energy surrounding you but by midday you are fully aware of its positivity! It may have been a slow climb but it’s really more your pace anyways. This pace allows you to feel every bit around you and enjoy the texture. Conversations are better, the air is crisp and you feel like whatever it is you want you can have. And that is the point of the day for you. You can have what you want because communicating with the one you want it from is so much easier thanks to the energy of the day. If are attached and want more or are unattached and have someone you desire, telling him or her now may get you a response that is far more favorable than you ever hoped for. Don’t think just do!

Cancer: Many of you have become a bit domineering and pushy lately. This foul mood has left you inconsiderate of others and has given you your fair share of conflict. While most of these conflicts are related to your impatience and willfulness, the rest are because of your bruised ego and wounded pride. Hang out by yourself today if possible. Some of you may go as far as to want to leave your sweetheart if you are attached. If you are thinking about it, you are likely torn. Part of you knows that this is just a mood you are in and that you have a certain fondness and sense of security attached to your sweetheart. You are comfortable in general and genuinely like him or her. You are right to be hesitant, tomorrow may well present you with a different perspective.

Leo: If you’ve been attached for quite a while it’s highly like that things are going well and you are comfortable. If this is a relatively new relationship or you may even just be dating, you’re getting restless and your eyes may be roaming. There may be thought behind this but you find yourself searching for what you consider to be a perfect romance. You may have had this once before and now you are hoping to get it back. Not necessarily with the same person but just the same feeling. You want comfort and excitement, good company and someone who will indulge you when your need for luxury takes over. Maybe the person you are with is too practical or stable. Before you go anywhere, have you thought that maybe he or she can change?

Virgo: People want to see you and catch up. Friends, family and even ex-lovers are looking to socialize with you and see how you have been. Thanks to the energy of the day, you are on board with hanging out and enjoying some time with others. You are feeling the holiday spirit of the season and only too happy to share the warmth with those you care about. There may be a handful of you who are getting frosty reception from someone you are close to or at least thought you were. He or she may be attracted to you and not sure if they want to proceed. Either you are attached or they feel you wouldn’t be attracted to them. Act accordingly. If you feel something for this person make the move, if not leave it alone – it will pass.

Libra: This is always a busy time of year for you. So many social gatherings, constant stream of phone calls and emails, you are overloaded and stretched thin. Many of you are looking for ways to speed up these events so you can get back to something a bit more personal. If you are attached, you have a few things in store for your sweetheart today and would rather not waste time spending it on words. If you are unattached, a few of you may have a date. Actually, today would be a good day for a first date. Many of you in the situation are likely to be already acquainted on some level with this person. It was purely platonic but there was always something there. The more you two talk the better the connection between you two becomes.

Scorpio: The energy of the day is reinforcing your intuition, you will need it. There may be some things going on in your personal life that have left you wondering “what the hell” and contemplating your next move. Think positive and think agreeable. If your relationship has been slowing down or came to a screeching halt you might want to take a step back and give your sweetheart some space. Now is not the time to jump in and try to fix everything. Besides, your sweetheart is not in the frame of mind to resolve the situation just yet. As much as you want to try and do some sort of peace making gesture, don’t, let him or her come to you. Instead of dwelling on what is wrong, focus on what is going right. This may bring your sweetie around faster.

Sagittarius: For many of you, right now is about appreciation. Your friends, family and love life have all been a source of strength for you this past year and you have come to realize how much it really means to you. Show how thankful you are by treating them in some way. For those few who have spent most of the year alone, think of this as another way to spoil yourself! There may be a handful of you who will have a first date soon. Do not expect this to be a passionate event or one where you want to you be either. He or she is interested in what you have and your position in life. Once they get clear idea of your status watch how their demeanor changes. This person is a latter climber so if you don’t mind then great but if you do, move on.

Capricorn: Many of you are very frustrated with love, lust or romance right now. This would be an ideal time for reflection if you can get some time away. You need to take stock of things, be honest with yourself and try to truly understand the situation you are in. If you are attached, how do you feel about your current relationship? You both may be butting heads right now and having a hard time understand each other’s point of view. The more you learn and understand yourself and where you are right now, the better this relationship can become or possibly end. If you are unattached this may bring you some clarity that you haven’t felt in a long time. Some of you may realize your feelings for someone close to you that you never thought about before.

Aquarius: Your heart and mind are in a good place right and you feel rather affectionate thanks to the energy of the day. Many of you will be making some sort of decision today regarding your love life. If you are unattached this will likely be about whether or not you want to date right now. A few of you may have an opportunity right in front of you but do not know if you want to take a chance just yet. Follow your heart. If you are attached, you and loved one have had your differences and still have a few but nothing that takes away from the emotional security you two feel for with each other. This is a good time to raise the bar on your commitment level and your loved one may be the one to make the suggestion. If you are truly happy this is a no brainer.

Pisces: You will be thankful for your good humor and optimism today as things may not go as planned. Some of you may have first date while others may be having a “meet the parents” kind of thing. Whatever it is, expect it to become awkward at some point. There will be no deep and stimulating conversations to speak of; you will find yourself amidst a barrage of small talk and trivial matters. Sometimes these “first time” events unfold like this. It should be better the next time around. If you are unattached, you should be taking advantage of this relaxing day by rejuvenating yourself however you see fit. You will notice a spring in your step later and the desire to approach someone who you’ve been admiring from afar.

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