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Love Horoscopes – December 26, 2012

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Aries: Your love life may feel cold and dark today so any ideas of satisfying your sexual needs may need to be put on the backburner for the moment. If you have making progress with someone, they may be distant because they are unsure where you two are going. Before you bring it up to them, make sure you know what it is you are looking for from this person and this quasi-relationship you two have. If you are attached your sweetheart just does not want to kiss and cuddle they want to be left alone. This now becomes an opportunity to either stay out with your friends or go home. If you are unattached without prospect you might want to explore your own mind and learn what about you that makes you tick and turn you on. Things do change.

Taurus: If you are looking for some sort of direction in your intimate affairs, it may be a bit difficult at the moment. You want, you want all sorts of things but you’re not all that sure what it is you want or it is something completely unrealistic! If you are attached you can feel the cold air in your relationship turn frigid. You have no doubt that this relationship is a great one but you have always been acutely aware of all the faults. These faults are now weighing heavily on your mind and hurting your heart. It is best to give each other some space for right now to get your thoughts and desires in order. Although this may be a frustrating time for you, things will become clearer soon. Try not to make matters worse by blaming or even venting until this over.

Gemini: For many of you, your mind has wandered into a dark place that could really do some damage in your life. As negative thoughts about your intimate affairs begin to take over your mind, you seem to be treating those around you terribly. Walk away for a few a days and really get a handle on what you are feeling and why it is happening this way. You need to find a way to gain a more balance perspective otherwise you could really screw things up. Get rid of any suspicions you may have and surely cast any judgments aside. Take a look at what is really going on and if you actually have some blame in it all. Once you get through this all of the answers you have been looking for will be right in front of you.

Cancer: Today you are in touch with your more sensitive side that has caused you to take stock of your life. When it comes to your love life, you are likely to form relationships based on a deep level of mutual appreciation and understanding not for superficial reasons. Some of you, attached or unattached with prospect, are questioning just that. Is this what you want in life; is this person who you want to be with? You need time to think and get your head and heart on the same page. Spend time thinking about your own needs, wishes, and feelings. If what is in front of you what you want then by all means keep it going but if not, there are some things you need to do. You will come out stronger after this is all said and done.

Leo: You know that just because you don’t want to be bothered with anyone that you don’t have to be a jerk about it. As you isolate yourself today, send out communication that lets people know how much you care or appreciate them. This should throw everyone off your trail for a day or two so you can have some peace and quiet while your mind tries to calm down. If you are attached, you have tried to be more optimistic about your relationship and look towards the similarities rather than in the differences between you two. Sadly you keep finding the latter and you really need to take a look at why. Start with your personal fears, your answer may be there. If you are unattached, you will find love just not as soon as you hoped.

Virgo: Some much is going on that you just want some time, by yourself, to recuperate. This is completely understandable, especially since you can feel every ounce of tension in your life that is leading to conflicts between work demands and personal needs. Use your time away today to muddle though any unresolved emotional issues and roughly organize any interfering work demands. This will take a lot of compromising but it will be worth it. If you are attached, you and loved one will come back together after this time apart not feeling so weighed down by everything you two. If you are unattached this may open you up to exploring possibilities. Either you have one in mind or someone will come into your life that becomes one.

Libra: Sometimes you are your own worst enemy. This is nothing new, you have been told this before but this time around your thoughts betray you. Those of you unattached are and will likely continue to be that way for some time to come because of your drive for perfection. There is always something wrong with the person you are dating or whoever may date to approach you. If you want to continue on this road, you will lose out on someone rather special. Not every box needs to be ticked off on your list to make this person viable. If you are attached there are some issues you have been holding on to for some time that you can no longer hold in. As you and loved one talk it though, you will both learn something about each other that will bring you closer.

Scorpio: Today could be viewed like the calm before the storm. Some of you may be feeling sorry for yourself, others just have no real direction in what they are feeling and could very well be simply preoccupied. This is nothing to be alarmed over just something that happens from time to time. Though it may seem like no one has the time for you today, that will soon change. You are entering a period of time where your intimate affairs will become a powerful force in your life. Current relationships will be revitalized with a compelling sense of urgency and desire. You two will not be able to get enough of each other! If you are unattached with prospect that will change to some sort of relationship. Without prospect, one will coming for you very soon.

Sagittarius: Honesty is usually the best policy and you give it out in spades. Sometimes your delivery is a bit harsh and without compassion. Right now many of you have a problem in your love life that does need resolution. This isn’t something major but it is a nagging and in some cases an on-going issue. Some of you may have begun to deal with it while others are about to make their move. In either case, your words can or already have hurt the one you care for. Though this was done in spirit of honesty and knowing where they stand, you should know by now that if things were better delivered, they’d be better received. If you haven’t had the conversation yet, please use compassion. If you have, you need to smooth things over or else it could get ugly.

Capricorn: There are changes in store and many of you are going through a transition with your love life. Those of you unattached have been making some critical decisions on love and life. Some of you feel you should get back in the game and start dating again while others want to give it a rest and pursue other interests. It is not unusual for several important changes of this nature to be occurring so try not to hold on tightly to the list you made in your head. To make it through this you need to be flexible. If you are attached, you too may find yourself re-thinking love and relationships. Your sweetheart may be distant and cold towards you and you are hurt by this. Thankfully this is temporary; things will be back to normal soon.

Aquarius: In every type of relationship there are both high and love points. While we would love to stay up high, it’s the low points that make the relationship what it is. Many of you may be at a low point in your love life. This doesn’t mean that there are or will be problems but things may have lost its luster. Maybe the person you care for just doesn’t excite you much right now. This is nothing to be alarmed about, these things just happen. How you deal with this will speak volumes. Right now it would be a good idea not to take anyone seriously, that includes you. Low points are an opportunity to revive your personal desires or find something new to bring to the table. If you are unattached, this may be the opportunity to see other sides of your crush.

Pisces: Many of you may not be feeling up to par today. But just because you may feel the need to please or that you “should” do whatever it is, doesn’t mean that you actually should do it. If you are attached, the last couple of days have put things into perspective to you. Maybe you feel like you have been treated like a doormat or maybe you just feel invisible. Either way you need to some time with these feelings so you can get your head around them and plan your next move. When you do make that move, make sure you have concrete examples otherwise the argument could get turned around on you. If you are unattached and happen to have a date, you might want to postpone it for another day. You are just not feeling very date like.

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