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Love Horoscopes – December 28, 2012

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Aries: This will certainly be a day to remember as your taste for the unusual and unconventional emerges. You will find your level of impulsive or erratic behavior heightened. This will be a rather exciting time in your life so be sure to take a bunch of pictures. If you are unattached you may find yourself suddenly infatuated with someone you never thought you would be attracted to. This will really turn out to be a good thing in your life and he or she will introduce you to things you never thought you would like. If you are attached, you may find the insatiable need to make things more permanent in your relationship. Over the course of the day you find that your connection has strengthened and this person so much more to you than you thought.

Taurus: It may be an emotional time for you as you have been sadly reminded that not everyone is your friend, even a lover. Some of you may have finally let your guard down and shared intimate feelings with the wrong person. If you have yet to do such things then be leery of doing so for the next few days. If you have already, no offence was publicly made but privately your pride was bruise and your heart is hurting. Get these feelings off your chest but do not overwhelm others with them, you can handle this little betrayal. If you are attached and have begun to come back from some problems, you still have some to resolve. The energy of the day will create harmony between you and your lover so know that things will get better.

Gemini: Love is a pleasure today, just like you always hope it is going to be, but somehow doesn’t always turn out. The energy from the planets actually creates harmonious conditions whereby all your relationship problems melt away as though the sun has just pierced the morning mist. You can both enjoy each other’s company safe in the knowledge that you are entirely accepted and totally loved. Try to find something mutually satisfying to do with a partner today. If you don’t have a partner at this time then you might want to consider putting yourself in some situations that could benefit you in finding one. Think about joining  a new social group or even an online dating services. You just never know where you might run into a potential keeper.

Cancer: The energy from the planets brings a little sunlight into your life. It is a positive time for socializing and getting out to meet new people. If you are looking for that special person, then you may have more success if you attend gatherings or parties where there are people who have a degree of ambition in life. The one you are destined to meet could be such a person. Conversations with your partner are critical now. This is a time for you to really listen and learn from others. If there is some matter you are concerned with, now is an excellent time to consult a professional or even a good friend that can give helpful feedback. You need other peoples’ ideas and opinions now, don’t be afraid to ask for them.

Leo: You love being the center of attention but right now you seen something a bit more, private and reserved. Many of you have all of this emotion and energy buzzing though you and would rather channel it effectively to someone special instead of haphazard to the masses. If you are attached, this means quality time with your loved one and remembering why you two love each other so much in the first place. If you are unattached, you may have someone that you have wanted to get closer to and just never felt confident enough to make a move. There will be an opportunity for making a powerful and meaningful connection with this person. You will find that you two share common ideology and goals in life.

Virgo: Regardless of your status, you have very relaxed and open feeling about your love life and your relationship. While today is good time to allow your wilder side a little freedom to play, you need to be able to physically control how far you decide to go. What many of you may not know is that someone has had their eye on you for quite some time. He or she is impressed with you over all and you have begun to unknowing creepy into their heart and make them want more of you. It is likely that they fully intend to let you know this very soon. Whatever happens today is a lot like the Las Vegas slogan, whatever happens here stays here. Though this is a choice only you can make, a spontaneous tryst with someone special is likely to raise some spirits.

Libra: You need to feel a little love so you are looking to be noticed and appreciated right now. While this is on varying levels, how this affects your need to connect with someone on an emotional or romantic level that should be your focus. The energy surrounding you is about furthering your love life and giving into temptation. Oddly enough, whatever you do, whatever new steps you decide to take, you just can’t seem to make a wrong move. Regardless of your relationship status, this is certainly advantageous. If you are looking for love, you won’t have to go too far to find this person. If you have someone special, expect your relationship to be taken up an extra few notches under this influence.

Scorpio: Many of you have spent quite a bit of time recently trying to distinguish between your wants, needs, and obsessive desire. Right now you feel good with the conclusions and have worked towards restoring harmony and peace to your love life. If you are attached this may mean that you talk things over then kiss and make up. Some of you may also be in the mood for relaxation and some fun, so do not be surprised if you find yourself hosting an intimate gathering. If you are unattached, you may have decided that you are looking for something or someone more substantial in your life. This brings your focus towards sex and money but be careful that you do not dwell so heavily upon it. Obsessions are unbecoming Scorpio!

Sagittarius: This is a positive day all round and more so if your focus is on your love life and your personal relationships. It is entirely possible that before your day gets started, your phone and email will be blown up with invites and ideas for get-togethers. If you are attached, as you and your sweetheart socialize tonight, you will find yourselves growing closer and your connection deepening. This is reminder that what you two have is strong and lasting. If you are unattached the energy surrounding you is primed to draw potential love interests closer so you can win their affection. For some of you this energy now may be just the chance you’ve been waiting for as you have someone you want to make a move on. Make the most of this.

Capricorn: The energy flowing through the Zodiac today is very social on varying levels. In your case, you may be invited to several parties or get-togethers over the course of the next few days. If you are currently looking for the love of your life, attending a few of these gatherings will put you on the right path. Though no one is forcing you to go out and have a good time; no, you can stay at home and read a book or watch the television if you just can’t bring yourself to finally have some fun. The problem with that of course is that the energy of the day is poise to help you shine and give you confidence. This is day for you to be noticed more than usual or embark on some endeavor that you will end up successful. Don’t waste this.

Aquarius: Many of you may be feeling a bit social and want to throw a little get together. It has been stressful for you and those closest in your life and everyone seems to want an excuse to put it all behind them and have some fun. Besides, you need no excuse to have people over and spending time with those who love and appreciate you the most. If you are attached, your sweetheart will appreciate this relaxing celebration. An evening of good company, good music and great refreshments will be just what you two need. If you are unattached, having this intimate but open gathering may open your door for a surprise or two. Someone has gotten bitten by the matching making bug and may bring a suitable candidate for you.

Pisces: Everyone seems to be looking at you. Those of you free to date or have open relationships find that more people are becoming interested in you. Some are asking rather deep and private questions that may have you slightly if not completely uncomfortable. A few of these people you may know or could be lovers and there may a few you don’t know but you feel they are getting nosey and just crass when really – they do want to get to know you. Take it as a compliment that someone wants to know so much about you. Amidst this inquisition, one of your lovers happens to be off on their own shining brightly. They have no idea how attractive they are at the moment but I am sure you will have qualms in letting them know.


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