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Love Horoscopes – December 31, 2012

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Aries: Once again we are back to not knowing what we want. Aries quit trying to force yourself to make decision about your love life because you want everything sorted out. Give yourself a chance and some space to make the right decision. This ongoing conflict where your intimate affairs are concerned should have been resolved days if not weeks ago. Deep down you really do know you do want, but you are just too terrified to ask for. You are frightened what it all could mean and there is no reason to be. You’re looking for someone special to compliment your life and love you the way you are. There’s nothing wrong with that but you need to share it not hold it locked up inside. The energy is out there to give what you want so long as you let it flow.

Taurus: Relationships are never easy and for some of you they endure some abrupt changes at this time. Before you swear off love altogether why not look at what the driving force behind these changes are because you likely had a hand in it. Some of you may be impatient and demanding but while you are, you are doing one thing and yet thinking or acting entirely different. Be honest now and once you are, you cannot longer be surprised that you have a dilemma on your hands. Now, the last thing you want to do in this situation is use your head. Let your heart lead you right now, go with the flow. The situation hat many of you have gotten yourselves into is fixable, it will just take a little time and a bit of your emotional fortitude.

Gemini: Some of you may be having some emotional differences with the one who has your heart. Something is not right and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Since things have likely to grown out of control in light of this current situation, it may be best to step back and let things calm down for a bit. This is not the best atmosphere to encourage any form of progress as the success rate will certainly be low. For right now just put up with the vagueness of the situation and keep in your mind that they can love you or leave you, you will be alright regardless! Remember that your someone special may just be having a bad day and it may not really be about you. It is also possible that you could be in for a big surprise, one you will certainly love.

Cancer: Right now is the time for you to be sure of the energy and emotions you are giving off. Regardless of status, it may be hard for someone to read you because you are going back and forth on the emotional spectrum. You have been through a lot, and have had certain hopes and expectations that never came to fruition but staying so jaded and guarded will only hurt any prospect your love life has. If you are attached, have a normal relaxed conversation with your sweetie and watch how positive you become about the relationship. If you are unattached, trust that someone with a similar mind and heart will pull towards you like a magnet. Today will serve as a reminder that all the good things come totally unexpectedly.

Leo: You are a Lion, king (or queen) of the jungle and damn it, you do not cower! Why are you so scared to do what must be done, what it takes to get what it is you so richly deserve? Stop doubting yourself and start making things happen, your love life will not just progress on its own now! For those of you unattached, being bold and bit brave will help you make a lasting impression on someone who will become quite special in your life. If you are attached you will have the courage to say all things you have needed to but with the diplomacy and consideration you need to make sure what you say can be constructive and helpful rather than sounding overly critical and insulting. Things will work out for you better than you had hoped.

Virgo: You know how sometimes you just see impending doom but know you cannot turn away, today may be like that for you. Some of you who are attached may be forced to deal with your unhealthy relationship and the dysfunction your love life has become. This means a lot of arguing and heartbreak but it is no longer working and it is taking its toll on you. For others, the arguing may lead to improving the connection you share with your lover. If given half a chance, it will grow even stronger. Those of you unattached and have someone you have fallen for, now could be the time to take that risk and make a date. He or she has been thinking about it as well but too afraid to make a move. Regardless of status, this will be a day of win not fail.

Libra: You are the king or queen of unconventional romantic and social situations. Lately is no different as you continue to make this type of connection with random strangers. Many of you that are unattached may meet someone that brings you a certain level of uncertainty and intrigue. Over the course of your first encounter you may be feeling one thing one minute and another the next. While this will prove to be exciting, it will also prove to be a challenge to your balance. So long as you rid yourself of any expectations, it will all come together the way it should. If you two managed to set up a date, look forward to rather than think about everything that could go wrong. If things are right, go on and jump in without hesitation or regret.

Scorpio: Some of you may be dealing with a level of ambiguity in your love life that has left your frustrated and mentally exhausted. You have no idea what you should do next following a series of events but now given a new chain of events, what you thought of doing has now changed.  Outside forces may be pushing you into a commitment you really aren’t ready for. Sure things are exciting and there is plenty more fun to be had you know it but part of you may feel as if you are slowing becoming someone you are not, your usual routine has been disrupted. This is the time to trust your instincts! If you feel positive about breaking free and embracing this new type of romance than do so. If not, then nip it in the bud now before it goes any further.

Sagittarius: There will be varying aspects of your love life that will intensify during this time. Your feelings for someone have significantly changed and have grown in desire and love. This new level of attraction forces you to deal with things differently. For some of you it will bring a new closeness to your relationship and for others this may be the start of something wonderful but for a few, this becomes an agonizing decision. The one you care for so deeply isn’t the one you are dating or live with. But a few of you may find that you are not the only one, you are unhappy and so is your partner. Maybe it is time to move on. You may now find out some things about your soon to be ex that you never thought they would do. This will make it easier on you.

Capricorn: For many if not all of you it has been an emotional roller coaster ride with ridiculous ups and downs. If this hasn’t taught you to go with the flow yet, it certainly will today. If you try to force the current state of your love life to be more than what it is, then it may just completely fall apart. Sure you can have your expectations and desire of how you feel things should be but you are not the only one involved here, it does take two to tango. So whether you have someone already or you are looking for someone to share your life with, right now you must trust that current events will lead you to where you need to be. Try not to focus on how things are not and focus on how good they are. Otherwise you will miss your blessings.

Aquarius: It is so very hard to predict the future and as much as you want a particular outcome, there are far too many possibilities to do so correctly. But there is a way to help you manipulate the outcome you are looking for in your love life to your favor. Keep your eyes open and observe the object of your desires’ actions. Body language can be a complicated but effective in your pursuits. All of your scheming could result to nothing if you cannot read people and adjust your plans. If they are going will see a much more positive demeanor with a lot of smiling and gentle touches. If they are not going well, the one who has your heart will be guarded and closed off. Keep this in mind and you will be able to get what you want.

Pisces: Arguments are not always bad and you may be experiencing that today. Many of you may find yourselves having a disagreements or differences of opinion with the one who has your heart. If you do, you will likely be speaking your mind in a way that challenges them as well as disconcert them. This leads them to open up about fears and worries that they hold secret. Some things may seem strange others are certainly understandable but don’t judge, just listen. Among this confessional of sorts, you may also find out their hopes and expectations for love and life which may prompt them to open up about what they love and respect you for. In the end this will bring you two closer to where you wanted to be in your relationship.

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