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Love Horoscopes – January 1, 2013

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Aries: You thrive when the energy surrounding you is this weird blend of mystery, impulsiveness and confusion. This is the find of frustration that gets your blood pumping and makes you feel alive. You can easily recognize when things aren’t always what they seem and that what you think is going on, especially in your love life, may not be happening. With that said, take nothing for granted in your love life but don’t relegate yourself to only what is trusted. You and the person who has your heart really do need to just embrace the crazy ups and downs this day brings as it will prove all the good you two can to together. Trust an Aries to take what is potentially negative and make something outstanding from it.

Taurus: Regardless if you are attached or unattached with prospect, you are feeling a significant discord in your intimate affairs. It is difficult for you to understand what is going on right now and to say you are distressed is the least of it. Things don’t seem quite as secure as they once had. And even though you can’t quite put your finger on what this is, you feel as if you are being challenged for something that isn’t normally up for grabs. Thankfully, whatever else is or was involved, is either just as baffled or wasn’t determined enough to carry out whatever their objective was. These feelings will quickly pass and you will feel that the relationship is back to normal. It would be wise not to force anything during this time, it may cause more harm than good.

Gemini: Things may be a bit unsettled in your love life and while you may have a few ideas as to why this is happening, it isn’t quite as clear as you would like it to be. You were looking towards enjoying some companionship and warmth with the person who has your heart but you are feeling more confused and frustrated than ever. Rather than get angry, focus on the details later. He or she may be concentrating on everyday tasks and while you would rather be concentrating on them, for some reason whatever it is has to be done now. It will soon work itself out and you two will be back to sharing and caring. If you are without prospect you may encounter someone you will be strongly attracted to. See, your heart hasn’t turned to stone!

Cancer: Some of you may feel pushed to the limit and need to get your grievances out in the open. Whether you are frustrated with your relationship or the one you would like to date, you are fed up with holding things in and the brooding you are doing. All of this passive aggression has left many of you thinking, “I need some time away”. If this is you, the energy surrounding you encourages this very thing. Take a break and take the opportunity before you to move about in new circles and make some different friends. If you are unattached and without any prospect at all, you really want to take advantage of the opportunities before you. As long as you remain positive during this excursion, things will go well and you will enjoy more success in love.

Leo: The good news is you feel like indulging in your more extravagant side. Those closest to you love when you are in this mood because they benefit as well. What many do not know unless they are intimate with you is that your extravagant side really opens you up to being more loving and sometimes more vulnerable. It isn’t about how much you can accumulate; it is about showing people you care or reminding yourself of your worth. With that said be careful, you always run the risk of someone taking advantage of your good nature and big heart. Never the less, continue showing those closest to you how much you care by giving inspiring gifts. Even if you are not dating this person just yet, it’s always nice to know someone thought about you.

Virgo: Many of you need a bit of a revival in your life so do what you can to welcome in this mysterious, fantasy like energy into it. Personal relationships and friendships may be or have been drawing more energy from you than you want to give and it is time to take some of it back. It’s likely you’re feeling as though there isn’t any time just for you. So leave any problems you have had behind you and focus on letting go. This calls for some self-indulgence, make some time to take care of your personal needs and intimate desires. If you are going out on a date for the first time, live in the moment. Enjoy the atmosphere of pure romance that is surrounding you both tonight and leave tomorrow to take care of itself.

Libra: The art of being mysterious, or at the very least – allusive, is a potent aphrodisiac. People are always drawn to what they do not know or feel compelled to control and today you have this type of energy working in your favor. If things have grown dull in your love life or you are looking to get back into one, tapping into this power will serve you well. Because your magnetism is heightened now, so are your sexual and romantic desires. There is intense urgency that you will feel compelled to satisfy, so if you are going to make move, now is the time to do so in order to achieve the maximum result desired. If you have no one in your sights, that may change before this evening over.

Scorpio: You can feel that things are not quite what they seem but you are not sure what is really affected. For some of you attached, your relationship with your partner may seem tense. They are trying to tell you something but you may be overly critical because you really do not understand what is going on. Though this is rather frustrating, you need to do what you can truly listen to your loved one. If this doesn’t help then maybe enlisting the help of someone close to you or even a professional, may help you two get through this. If you are unattached you meet someone that are drawn to but it is bugging you that you no idea why. Until you do, finding a way into this person’s heart will be more difficult than you imagine.

Sagittarius: For the first time in a long time you are at a loss. Usually you can think your way out of any situation or at the very least, talk your way out but right now you have no idea what to do when it comes to this romantic situation and it isn’t resolving itself. What is not helping matters is that your focus is likely to be split between issues in your love life and the goals you are working hard to achieve. Eliminating distractions may be the best idea for you at this time. Perhaps there is an attitude or a relationship that has been holding you back. The answer to this enigma is not at all obvious but if you trust your gut reactions, you may find yourself closer to, if not solving this mystery.

Capricorn: You like to form relationships with people based on mutual appreciation and a deep level of understanding. This is heightened today as the energy surrounding you has heightened your sensitivity and empathy. While this allows you to be in touch with your more spiritual side, for those of you with a date tonight, it also makes you nervous. You are worried about things you may not have ever thought about before and it is causing you to be overly critical of yourself and the evening ahead. You need to just try and enjoy the evening for what it has to offer on its own merits rather than on any of your expectations. If you are attached, you may be worried about where you stand in your relationship. Things are fine right now, relax.

Aquarius: Someone you thought was quite wonderful and definitely full of delightful promise turns out to be a little more basic than you could have imagined. The energy of the day is helping you to see where you have been making some fatal assumptions. There is no need to be rude, but you will probably feel the need to keep more of a distance in the future. Talking about your feelings and the feelings of those close to you comes easily at the moment. Use this time to not only resolve any lingering misunderstandings, but to create a better understanding of the emotional bonds you share with those you love. Time spent strengthening your relationships now will guarantee many fulfilling moments in the future.

Pisces: A series of events have brought out some unexpected emotions that have thrown you for a loop. What isn’t helping is that your imagination has also gotten away from you and left your thoughts in a faraway state. Part of you knows that what you think you see about this person may not be really there. Because your practical reasoning ability is slightly diminished, the thoughts of romance you have now developed are truly off kilter. Any decision you make today based on how you feel is likely to be a bit fuzzy at this time so you may wish to delay making important decisions. This same energy affects those who are attached as well. You may not be seeing what you think you are therefore do not trust the emotions you feel today.

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